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  1. I really hope we scoop up Kai Forbath before someone else does.
  2. It’s like you guys didn’t expect there to be some growing pains with Sam…overall he’s still off to a good start here.
  3. Players leaving the state is definitely an issue but recruiting is not the main issue Helton had three top-four classes and two top 10 classes in his 7 years. Most recent 2021 class was ranked 7th with the top player in CA going to USC and the gatorade national player of the year (QB Jaxson Dart) coming in from Utah. If Helton could recruit, a competent head coach can too. Donte Williams the interim head coach is regarded as a top recruiter on the west and poached Thibodeaux and Justin Flowe out of SoCal to come up to Oregon when he was there. So hopefully he's retained too. USC's donors and administration will give whoever comes in the resources to succeed. Just need someone who can actually coach (lol).
  4. I would love him at USC, but I also love him here . Not going to happen though. I think Matt Campbell, Luke Fickell, PJ Fleck, and Brent Brennan are more likely guys.
  5. My bad I mixed up draft classes. I thought he was in the DJ Moore 2018 draft in which he would have only 6 picks later and been the top OT prospect there, consistent with the Wirfs and Slater examples. I'm pointing out guys who were logical fits at the time for our draft slot. Also, it's spelled Kupp. Look I can be a smart*** too!
  6. Kai Forbath would be my pick. Never understood why he doesn't get more love from teams. 86.4% on his career with a long of 57. That's very respectable.
  7. I was more lamenting than trying to give you a "statistical compelling" case. We should probably consider drafting a LT in the first round for the first time post Jordan Gross retirement however. Pretty discouraging that we haven't made a real attempt at addressing the position when it single handedly lost us a super bowl. And given the state of our roster, I'd rather spend a top 10 pick on a LT for a young QB than spend it on a corner when we have a great pass rush. Horn should be a great player and CB is no doubt important with that said.
  8. The support there is unrelenting. No one breaks character it's truly amazing haha.
  9. Based on Super Bowl 50 (and SB 55, go Remmers!)
  10. It would be nice to spend a first on the position and at least pretend to care about it though. How do you go eight consecutive drafts after Jordan Gross retires and not spend one first rounder at tackle? There's no way to logically defend that. Ryan Ramczyk (RT, I know), Tristan Wirfs, and now Slater. Lots of talent that went shortly after us in recent years.
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