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  1. Agree. Baker is being overhyped and Sam over-hated around here.
  2. What I was implying is the ceiling of this franchise long term with Baker is not high. And if this trade isn't thinking long term then why throw away any chance at getting Stroud or Young..?
  3. desperation move. I don't mind the price of a 2024 conditional 5th, but doesn't feel like there's any sort of long term vision. What good does winning 8-9 games this year instead of 5-6 do?
  4. I think PFF summed it up best here: https://www.pff.com/news/draft-winners-2022-nfl-draft-monson "Later on, the team added some legitimate athletes with upside, but this draft is about the first two picks. Whether by luck or by design, the Panthers were able to come out of this draft with an elite player at No. 6 overall and a quarterback with starting potential. That’s not something that seemed possible heading into the event. "
  5. He always did say basketball was his first love so there's probably some truth to that. He's a great athlete and a late bloomer/raw at the position. Was underdeveloped at USC and on the Jets to the point where he's now almost certainly beyond repair (mentally) despite being just 24 years old. Combination of him not going the extra mile to learn the position and mismanagement likely. Maybe McAdoo can pull something out of him, I doubt it though.
  6. We won our only Rose Bowl since the Pete Carrol era his RS freshman year and he carried us the whole way. Followed it up with a Fiesta Bowl appearance and we promptly declined after. For a guy who came in as raw and as new to the position he did very very well. He was by no means perfect but he definitely did not underperform. That would be reserved for Max Browne and Ricky Town. Corral, Bryce Young, CJ Stroud etc didn’t want to stay home and be a partof SC’s program for good reason.
  7. You think he underperformed at USC? He beat out two five stars and single handedly turned the program around as a RS freshman. He went 20-4 as a starter at a very dysfunctional program. USC always had talent but was a mess under Helton. People like to downplay his college career and point out the turnovers because it’s the convenient thing to do now. I watched every game he played in college and to say he underperformed is so far from true.
  8. Everyone needs to come to terms what Sam is likely the week one starter. We are paying him so we may as well see what he can do healthy and with a new offense and o-line. Likely not much but he deserves a crack at it.
  9. “The problem is I'm not sure Rhule will ever get on board with it knowing he's coaching for his job this year, but it really is the way we should go, whether he's ready or not” You said it in your opening post yourself…Rhule is coaching for his job. But now you’re saying you’re afraid the coaches won’t play him even if Darnold sucks…
  10. If you’re worried about Corral not getting a shot this year, that means you’re worried Darnold wins the job and looks competent enough to keep the job the entire season. That’s not a bad outcome…
  11. Angry. And even more angry if I see posts justifying why this year wasn't the year to go that route (again). Prioritize the position finally, no excuses.
  12. Star. I never thought he would fall like he did. Was not excited about Shaq/Butler/Horn. Horn will be a good player but I wanted Slater or Fields.
  13. Out of USC. Was huge recruit out of high school.
  14. What's the end goal with getting Baker or Jimmy G? They are not going to get us where we ultimately want to go, and he would keep us out of contention for Stroud/Young. At least with Darnold you are more likely to tank (and you could argue he has more upside than Baker/Jimmy - even though we are very likely beyond repair).
  15. Would rather draft a tackle, tank and hope for Young or Stroud. Or even Caleb Williams the year after that.
  16. Freddie Freeman is about to be a Dodger. At least one of my teams can close.
  17. This is more underwhelming than when we signed David Moore last year and he didn't even end up playing a down for us.
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