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  1. Wow Mike Evans is only 27? Yeah he takes spot 3...
  2. The timing of the Louis the Child bass drop with the Brian Burns sack on Stafford
  3. Until proven otherwise I think LT and QB are the biggest needs.
  4. yeah as I've cooled off the pick has grown on me a bit lol. Still prefer Slater there though. Very much need to address LT next round. Need to give darnold a chance to succeed.
  5. disgusting. haven't had a legit LT in ages and we bring in a 23 year old to draft a fuging corner after an 11 loss season...
  6. 1) Sewell 2) Fields 3) He who must not be named.
  7. I'm terrified we take Mac Jones. I would be devastated lol.
  8. Can't get much worse than taking Mac Jones if Sewell is there. That would be disastrous.
  9. Falcons (Fields/Lance or Pitts) and Bengals (Chase vs Sewell) is going to determine everything. Ultimately, I think Lance goes to SF and Fields to ATL.
  10. Let alone south Orange County hahaha
  11. Sewell then Slater. Double down with interior OL round two. This franchise has taken 2 OL in the first round in the last 25 drafts. The one top 10 selection used on OT was Jordan Gross and he gave us stability for years. Make it a priority for once. You can add whatever weapons you want but if you don't give a young raw qb like Sam a LT it's not going to be pretty.
  12. He seems to be in that range as well don't know much about him though. I'm a USC fan so I just put St. Brown, and you're presumably a UNC fan and put Brown haha. Always have to throw one of your college guys in the mock.
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