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  1. I drove up last weekend from Portland last weekend to see Dodgers/Mariners (recent PNW transplant from LA), it's a cool city. Check out Elysian Fields before the game. If you have time to kill take a couple beers and a blanket/towel and check out Gas Works park which is about 5 miles north. Views of the lake, city skyline, Space Needle etc... Kerry Park is popular for Space Needle views and a bit more accessible from Pike Place Market (which is a given to visit) etc.
  2. We turned down two firsts and a second to pay Brian Burns 28-30m a year lol fantastic
  3. Bryce's dad is a counselor and therapist. Bryce's demeanor and way of thinking/speaking really seems to be a byproduct of that...
  4. After all of this speculation it’d be pretty funny if he still goes second.
  5. 1. Carolina Panthers - Bryce Young 2. Houston Texans - CJ Stroud 3. Arizona Cardinals - Will Anderson 4. Indianapolis Colts - Will Levis 5. Seattle Seahawks - Jalen Carter 6. Detroit Lions - Devon Witherspoon 7. Las Vegas Raiders - Tyree Wilson 8. Atlanta Falcons - Anthony Richardson 9. Chicago Bears - Peter Skoronski 10. Philadelphia Eagles - Bijan Robinson
  6. I really think someone will trade into the top 5 for Stroud.
  7. I wouldn't bother trading up unless its for Stroud or Young. Giving up future firsts for Levis or Richardson just seems like a lot.
  8. That’s our formula. Force a turnover or two and score every possession . +22 turnover margin going into today I believe.
  9. 418yd 5 TD early in the 4th and he’s not even at full health. Decent showing.
  10. Caleb is unreal. Crazy he’s only a true sophomore…
  11. We failed Darnold this game. Offensive line, coaching, defense…all of it. He wasn’t perfect but he did enough to where we should have won this game.
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