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  1. There was a bandwagon to begin with? What are you talking about?
  2. Darnold, Brady and OL all terrible today. They all deserve blame. Worst loss in recent memory.
  3. No point in trying to pinpoint the offensive woes to one area. It's just all around very bad.
  4. Just realized we are still in the third quarter. Feels like an eternity.
  5. Chuba gets wrapped up by the ankles every stiff arm. Feel like I've seen the exact play 5+ times.
  6. Would like to see more aggressiveness on first down.
  7. Darnold looks horrible, OL looks horrible, play calling is horrible.
  8. Based on how the Eagles look, I'd argue it's a pretty good day lol.
  9. Can't wait to get destroyed on another 3rd and long! Love watching this offense!
  10. We are really lucky the Eagles are this bad. We are playing not to lose and making things harder on ourselves than they need to be.
  11. If our OL wasn't already inept enough as it is. Horrible.
  12. Run-Run-Pass. Another disgusting set of calls. We are lucky our secondary showed up.
  13. Throw the ball on early downs please. We can't afford more 3rd and longs with this OL.
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