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  1. Someone may have said this (didn't read through all the pages) but Michael Sam was technically the star of the Missouri line and Ealy looks promising!
  2. you're gonna lose the superbowl *nationwide jingle*
  3. just checking in...WE ARE SO GOOD this is awesome!!!!
  4. how about you try scoring earlier so this situation never happens? what a fuging concept uggghh
  5. playing not to lose. throw the damn ball. don't stray from what's working.
  6. why does it have to be so difficult to keep the same level of intensity going for 4 quarters :/
  7. If we score here, we just need to control the clock by continuing to smash it down their throats, and avoid turnovers
  8. YESSSSIR. Can't do that against good teams though haha
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