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  1. Same missed him wide open at least twice tonight. DJ is just playing on another level right now so im not ready to fault Robbie for not getting more involved.
  2. Unfortunately we might as well get use to seeing this the rest of the season. They have been so dominant the refs are gonna let OL get away with it because they cant call it every single play. Thats why the blitzes have been so crucial in successful pressure.
  3. He really impressed me tonight. He stepped up when cmac went out and put the game away. The offensive line is still a poo show and needs to be retooled, he got hit way too much again. I said this before they wont be satisfied until he starts gimpin and then we will really be up poo creek.
  4. If wasnt for that bs pass interference call we get off the field and horn doesnt get hurt.
  6. Its insane what horrible officiating can do to your team.
  7. This is stupid, we deserve to lose relying on this trash o line with better players riding the bench.
  8. How can we be offsides that much and they missed that call that killed our drive??!
  9. Derrick brown just swallowed the RB. No homo.
  10. Overworking Cmac...and now he is hurt again.
  11. I really dont understand this concept of deactivating players because they cant play multiple positions. Especially when YOU DONT HAVE LEGIT STARTERS AT THAT POSITION TO BEGIN WITH. It really just shows you dont value the position that much at all.
  12. I knew there was no way he walked away unscathed after derrick brown buried him in the ground.
  13. He is right. Talent doesn't have anything to do with results. This team is just way more well built all around. 2013 and 2015 both had holes that were just masked by cam and others. Panthers are building a all around great team which is what i have always preferred.
  14. Absolutely....my favorite move in the off season. Shoutout to the cardinals for using him incorrectly for so long just for him to end up here. Stars align
  15. Probably shaq for me, but its just 2 games. I want see him put together a great season.
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