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  1. We wont, but we would be fools not to bring in competition next year.
  2. Heaven forbid you trust a number 1 overall pick to convert a 3rd and 8.
  3. Throw the damn ball, take a shot for god sakes.
  4. I have never seen so many wide receiver screens in my life.
  5. Okay thats the first impressive play i have seen from bryce.
  6. Stroud just makes big plays look so easy man.
  7. Bryce is changing the play every other call, he putting himself in position. Lol
  8. Dont need to push whats right in front of my eyes chief.
  9. Bryce should have already threw the ball on that play. The hold came from later.
  10. As much as the playcalling gets flak, bryce sure is changing the play a lot based off what im watching. If this is the case what do you expect frank to do? We dont know what he is really calling.
  11. Why couldn't we use chubba like this last week?
  12. I wonder what the bears would take for foreman. I miss that guy
  13. Okay bryce you got spotted 7, lets put together a good game today. Stroud just scored on a QB scramble but it was overturned.
  14. And I was just about to post something bad about franklin lol
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