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  1. A Qb that needs to be rebuilt went number 1 overall. How does that happen i still dont know.
  2. Bryce might be the greatest 7 on 7 Qb ever.
  3. What is it that you think bryce does well? And do you think it will be good enough to win 10+ games a year, beat good teams, or win in playoffs?
  4. First off...you missed the point of what I said. All I said was the offense could be setup to not have to rely on bryce in the same manner as other qbs if its working. And Yes the rest aren't proven commodities but NEITHER is bryce so I don't understand what you are getting at there. Lastly what is with this questioning of if bryce is liked? Liked how? Personal or football? See thats the problem with fans like you, you are so invested in a individual you respond to any critsicm with "do you like him". My opinion on bryce is strictly football....I DONT KNOW BRYCE PERSONALLY so I don't have anything against him in that regard. Far as football I said from the start I didn't see him as a top nfl Qb and he hasn't shown me anything so far to say I was wrong so based off your question...no. Just like everybody else on here, it's strictly football. Asking if he is liked in that regard, it's clearly no. He hasn't shown enough to be liked on the field.
  5. From what i see, Canales offense requires a QB that is willing to take chances to maximize the offense. XL is also the kind of receiver that needs a qb to be risky to bring out his full potential. Its just a matter of if Bryce is gonna be that QB.
  6. I think it needs to be put in perspective that all these analysts putting out these takes on Bryce is based off the fact that a lot of them finally got to sit down and watch all the tape from every game last season. Based off most of their reactions they didn't like what they saw. My thing is if they saw it then you gotta think the new staff saw it too. Im just very interested to see where this goes this season.
  7. I mean truthfully thats not out the question, its already be stated most elite Qbs dont need everything to be great around them to succeed. Let say hypothetically XL lives up to the hype, Sanders shows why he was top TE in draft, Brooks becomes one of the best RBs in the league and the O line is top 5 based off all the money spent. That could be good enough to get you to a Superbowl without needing a QB to carry the team. Plus its already been said we will be a run heavy team so they are trying to take as much pressure off bryce as possible not give him way more responsibility. That clearly didnt work out to well last year and led to another staff overhaul. As of right now, relying on Bryce could cost people their jobs so its understandable if the coaches and other players are the catalyst for any success.
  8. The agenda was so biased I remember there were people expecting Stroud to drop in the draft. Then the texans turned the card in before they even had enough time to talk about bryce after he was picked. That's when I got the big regret feeling about what just happened.
  9. I was so happy CJ showed how good he was in the Georgia game because I thought that sealed the deal as him being the no.1 pick and qb. Then the agenda came during pre draft and the rest is all disappointment.
  10. Simms was never that high on bryce, he made that real clear leading up to draft.
  11. I mean he has literally nowhere to go but up even if its small. You cant be any worse than last year.
  12. Didnt want to throw at the combine and was missing in his Pro day workout. Just too many red flags for me.
  13. Yes... he threw some beautiful deep balls to Williams 3 years ago.... but he didnt do it the next year at alabama or last year in the NFL. This has already been pointed out and serves hardly any purpose to be relevant now. Its the same as someone still posting his college highlights. Mingo couldnt make any adjustments because bryce flat out missed him. Mingo stat. Lost yards on uncatchable balls - Carolina Panthers - Carolina Huddle
  14. SO basically we spent almost 200 million to upgrade a O line that was middle of the pack last year outside of Ickeys struggles. So in hypotheticals this should be a top 10 O line this year along with improved skill players. I stand by the no excuses take, Bryce will show who he really is this season we should not have to wait until next year and after.
  15. They took a RB in the top 10 last year they barely used and this year they took a QB in the top 10 that wont play anytime soon. I fully approve Falcons wasting all their top picks for the foreseeable future.
  16. There is definitely nowhere to go to but up. I just get the feeling fans will try to overhypes that up. Bryce just being mediocre next year would technically be an improvement....but he just has so far to go from where he is now.
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