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  1. It doesn't matter if it's Baker, Jimmy, or Cam. Eventually Matt Corral will be the Panthers franchise quarterback.
  2. Matt Rhule and company need to surgically implant some real balls and start Matt Corral day 1. They had sugar balls when they went out and got the worst QB in the NFL in Sam Darnold. So that's only way Rhule can get out of this s h i t storm that he created. If he can't just resign, and go back to mid-level college football. I'm sick of this s h i t as a fan of the Carolina Panthers.
  3. F u ck Baker and Sam just start Matt Corral.
  4. NO.. Just get someone qualified like Mark Jackson.
  5. I seen enough of Sam Darnold to know that he is just not it. Even his body language on the field looks like he has no business being a Quarterback in the NFL. I have no idea what Matt Rhule was smoking when we got him from the Jets.
  6. If Baker does come to Carolina that week 1 game against the Browns would probably to biggest talked about game for that week. The NFL wants storylines so it's a good possibility he is coming to the Panthers. I'm not a Baker Mayfield fan but he is without a doubt an upgrade over Sam Darnold. And it would give Matt Corral more time to develop.
  7. Any player that can make the Panthers better I'm all for it.
  8. Robbie Anderson is a slightly below average NFL wide receiver. I hope he retires or leave the Panthers.
  9. Matt Corral is the future. I'm telling everybody. I just know it..
  10. Baker Mayfield will be a Panther. The Panthers will win 10 games. Get knock out of the playoffs. Next season Baker will get traded, The Panthers will acquire draft picks. Matt Corral will be the franchise quarterback next season. Sam Darnold will live a lavish life style in sunny California as an Ex-NFL football player. Selling sun tan lotions, boats and surfboards. The Boldest Prediction!!
  11. Their jerseys are horrible looking.
  12. We have one of the best uniforms in the league. Only changes I would make is maybe simplifying the helmet with maybe a "P" on it...
  13. 5 years? Matt Rhule has 5 games to win, if not he is good as gone.
  14. Matt Corral looks better than Sam Darnold already.. LMAO
  15. Matt Corral will beat out Sam Darnold and will be The Panthers starting QB.
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