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  1. I can't figure this out could somebody explain to me how a 1 inch difference in arm length can make a player a better or worst LT in the NFL?
  2. If we get Kyle Pitts, Penei Sewell, or Patrick Surtain I would be stoked.
  3. Kyle Pitts on this team would be insane. CMC, Dj Moore, Robbie Anderson, and Kyle Pitts...Come on man
  4. Kyle Pitts in the first round. An offensive lineman in the second round.
  5. As a fan I just don't want to see Teddy Bridgewater play for the Carolina Panthers. I don't like nothing about him as a NFL quarterback. He a cornball and the Panthers have to do something. I'm with any of the 3 (Minshew, Darold, or Jimmy G). Teddy has to get the f*ck up outta here.
  6. At this point it's better than having Teddy as our Quarterback.
  7. I swear I don't want to see Teddy Toiletwater play for the Panthers ever again. Even if that means that we draft Mac Jones. F u c k it we got get another QB now.
  8. Unfortunately nobody likes Teddy Bridgewater as a quarterback, including myself.
  9. Curtis Samuel will be back. The price is going down for wide receivers.
  10. We got to get a franchise Quarterback this upcoming season. Even if we roll with mediocre Teddy Sewerwater we probably won't be picking at #8 next year. More like #15. Matt Rhule and his staff will have a year under their belt, and they will improve. The Panthers have a better GM than dumbass Hurney so the talent on the team will be much better. The Panthers will win more games than last season. So the time is NOW to get a franchise QB.
  11. And as much as I love CMC as a football player. What was the Panthers record when CMC had his 1,000 yds rushing and receiving? And did the Panthers go to the playoffs?
  12. Teddy Bridgewater was last seen driving down I-77 in his mini-van packed with all his s h i t in it.
  13. When? I been a fan of the Panthers for a long long time. Hurney and J.R never been this aggressive in the off season.
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