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  1. He's not moving the team to St. Louis. But as far as the NFL fixing games that's been going on since it's inception. It's about creating storylines that will generate the most money for the league and it's owners. Vegas, the owners, the officials, the coaches, and a few key players on all 32 teams are in on the fix. The average players are just pawns in the game. The players are just like your typical worker. They go to work do there job with no actual clue of what's really going on with the company they work for.
  2. Derrick Brown has been invisible on the field. He is looking like a bust.
  3. His wife can make some mean ass meatballs. Marty and Dave like them molded s h i t s. They washed them down with a 40 oz. King Cobra. That damn Matt "Molded Meatballs" Rhule. The rest is history.....
  4. Wish David Tepper would choke the s h i t out of Joe Brady first then start at Matt Rhule.
  5. Matt Rhule is out of his league. And Sam Darnold never was good. He set this franchise up for failure.
  6. Robbie Anderson: "Inside that cap smells like s h i t because that's what you got for brains.." Sam Darnold: "ummm the aroma"
  7. Good because Sam Darnold, Joe Brady, and at this point Matt Rhule suck ass.
  8. Charlotte will sooner or later. It depends on when the NFL, and Vegas deem it would be beneficial to them ($$$$$$$$$$$$). Look all professional sports is scripted but it's great entertainment. Even though I know it's fake I will be elated when the Panthers when a Superbowl.
  9. As much as I can't stand Von Miller as a football player, the Rams look like superbowl contenders to me.
  10. Why not the NFL is all about story book endings and scripts. Fvck it bring him back tickets sells will go through the roof.
  11. Translation: "I'm actually worst than Teddy Bridgewater. And I know the fans are sick to their stomach of me. Fvck it I'm on Jimmy Clausen level. But I'm working on moving my feet faster next game."
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