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2014 World Cup: Group G


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It would have been better for Pepe to get red against us. They will have someone in the lineup for match 2, that person will still probably be better than our center backs. They have Nane and Ronaldo still. Portugal is not done but this is clearly a blow to them.

Martinez is talking about tanking the 2nd half right now, I agree. Take your talisman off conserve energy. This game is over.

Yep. Look how empty the stands are now.

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The path is clear now. Beat Ghana, beat Portugal. If we draw Ghana and beat Portugal the Portugese will be in full on collapse when Ghana laces up in the 3rd match. We don't want to ask the Portugese for help.

We have to beat Ghana...

Draw or Beat Portugal

Keep the goal differential at no where greater than -2 right now. Obviously that number could shrink or grow.

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