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GM Candidate Profiles

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Current Job: Assistant GM for College Scouting, New Orleans Saints (2016-Present)
Age: 50 (3/11/1970)
Hometown: Abilene, TX
College: Baylor University

· Director of College Scouting, New Orleans Saints (2015)
· Draft Consultant, Seattle Seahawks (2014)
· General Manager, Miami Dolphins (2008-2013)
· Vice President of College Scouting, Dallas Cowboys (2005-2007)
· National Scout, Dallas Cowboys (2001-2004)
· Scout, Kansas City Chiefs (1997-2000)
· Combine Scout, NFL (1994-1996)
Ireland is a friend of Panthers head coach Matt Rhule due to their connection through Baylor University (Ireland is a Baylor alumnus).
· The Saints 2017 draft, run by Ireland, produced what beat writer Jeff Duncan has called "the best draft class ever".
· In 2016, after a year as the Saints College Scouting Director, Ireland was given permission to overhaul the team’s scouting department, purging old faces and adding some new ones.
· Thanks to his grandfather being a scout for the Bears, a young Ireland became acquainted with legendary Bears Coach Mike Ditka.
· Ditka isn't the only NFL legend Ireland knows. He was in Dallas when Bill Parcells was in charge there (which is where he met Saints head coach Sean Payton).
· Ireland was Baylor football’s placekicker from 1988 to 1991. After graduating, he worked briefly as a special teams coach for the University of North Texas, so all together he’s seen football from the perspective of a player, a coach and an administrator.
· One source describes Ireland as a placekicker who was known to make tough field goals but miss easy ones.
· Ireland’s twin daughters Haley and Hannah suffer from autism. While in Miami, they worked with Dan Marino’s autism foundation, whom Ireland credits with helping them a great deal.
In an interview on WFNZ, CBS sports writer Jonathan Jones said Ireland’s name had been the one most frequently mentioned in league circles as a likely candidate for the Panthers GM job if it opened. Ian Rapoport, Albert Breer and Joe Person have also mentioned Ireland as a strong possibility due to his connection with Matt Rhule.


Believe it or not, Ireland’s scouting experience goes back to age 12.

Yes, you read right, 12.

Ireland’s grandfather was a football guy named Jim Parmer. You’ve probably never heard of him (I hadn’t either) but it turns out he’s the guy who scouted a couple of decent players for Mike Ditka’s Bears, including a young fella by the name of Walter Payton (him you’ve probably heard of).

Parmer took his grandson with him to Bears training camp where he got Ireland a job as a ball boy. Ireland recalls that his grandpa used to watch hours of game film using an old projector and a sheet hung on the wall. While 12 year old Ireland frequently fell asleep watching films with him, it was that experience that got him interested in football personnel evaluation. Colleagues describe Ireland as having “grown up in scouting”.

Unfortunately, Ireland has also been involved in a couple of rather…unfortunate stories.

While GM of the Dolphins, Ireland famously asked then draft prospect Dez Bryant if his mother was a prostitute. According to Dolphin sources, Bryant was asked what his father and mother did. He responded that his father was a pimp and his mother worked for his father. This was the genesis of Ireland’s question. Ireland has since apologized. Bryant denies saying this, but Bryant is also well known for being a tad out there. And it’s worth asking, why would someone ask such a question unprompted?

The other well publicized incident that occurred during Ireland’s Miami tenure was the Jonathan Martin - Richie Incognito story. Discussing the bullying that Martin was receiving at Incognito’s hand, Ireland suggested Martin should stand up to Incognito and even punch him if that’s what it took.  Honestly, that’s pretty stock advice (i.e. stand up to the bully) but things didn’t end up going well on that front. Both Martin and Incognito ultimately parted ways with the Dolphins (as did Ireland).

 It’s also worth remembering that while Ireland is friends with Panthers head coach Matt Rhule, he’s been friends with Saints head coach Sean Payton for a lot longer, going back to their days in Dallas under Bill Parcells. With that said, it’s also true that the Saints could be facing some cap issues related to the contract of aging quarterback drew Brees in coming years while the Panthers have a comparatively clean slate (Ian Rapoport called the Panthers GM spot a highly desirable job for that reason, among others).


Ireland’s time in New Orleans makes him a very strong candidate for any open GM job. His friendship with Matt Rhule certainly helps increase the odds he could land with the Panthers, but you can also expect the Saints to push to keep him, including potentially offering him their GM job by “promoting” current GM Mickey Loomis. Mind you, if David Tepper wants him, he'll likely offer pretty much everything it takes to get him, kitchen sink included.

“I’d always say, ‘Wow, you drafted Walter Payton,’ ” said Ireland, “and my grandfather would say ‘That was easy. He was the best player on the board.’ Then I’d say, ‘OK, but why’d you take Roland Harper?’ He made such a great living drafting fifths and sixths and eighths and ninths and 12th-round draft choices because they were great players and most likely good guys.

- Ireland, talking about his grandfather, Bears "Super Scout" Jim Parmer
(It) would be hard to say anything has affected the Saints’ success more than the hiring of Jeff Ireland.

- Saints Beat Writer Jeff Duncan    

“They didn’t go to 25 Pro Days back then. They didn’t have the Internet to follow. They had to go off more gut instinct, and that’s what I’ve really tried to grab from my experience with my grandfather. Trust what you see as football players because that’s ultimately what we’re playing here.”

- Ireland, discussing the experiences he had with his grandfather compared to today
Saints.com Bio
Saints can credit 2017 turnaround to improved scouting under Jeff Ireland
Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland had mentor in grandfather Jim Parmer
Ireland's logical follow-up question to Bryant not worthy of outrage
Dolphins GM suggested Martin punch Incognito
Former Bear kicker now NFL general manager
Ireland twins are an inspiration to their famous father




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Current Job: Vice President of Player Personnel, San Francisco 49ers (2017-Present)
Age: 40-41 (DOB Unknown)
Hometown: Cupertino, CA
College: UCLA


· Director of College Scouting, Denver Broncos (2016)
· Assistant Director of College Scouting, Denver Broncos (2014-2015)
· National Scout, Denver Broncos (2011-2013)
· Regional Scout, Denver Broncos (2009-2010)
· Area Scout, New England Patriots (2006-2008)
· Pro Scout, New England Patriots (2005)
· Scouting Assistant, New England Patriots (2003-2004)
· Graduate Assistant, UCLA (2002)


Peters played defensive end for UCLA in 2001 when Matt Rhule was a graduate assistant / defensive line coach for that team. Rhule isn't his only Panthers connection though. Peters was a college teammate of former Panthers runningback DeShaun Foster.


· Peters had a hand in both of the Panthers Super Bowl defeats, working with the Patriots in the Super Bowl 38 season (albeit in a minor role) and the Broncos for Super Bowl 50 (where Peters had a lot more influence).
· How much influence? Well, his 49ers bio credits him with being part of acquiring 27 players that were "vital" in the Broncos Super Bowl 50 victory.
· Peters got his scout in scouting by meeting then Patriot GM Scott Pioli and personnel guy (now Tampa GM) Jason Licht when they went to UCLA in 2002 to do some scouting   
· He's actually younger than Panthers Head Coach Matt Rhule by about five years and isn't in the media a lot because he prefers to stay in the background.


Albert Breer mentioned him as a candidate early, noting both his status as a hot name in the league and his connection to head coach Matt Rhule with whom he's remained friends since they met at UCLA in 2001. Ian Rapoport, Joe Person and Jonathan Jones have also acknowledged Peters as a likely candidate.


I guess if you can't beat 'em, hire 'em.

That could be the Panthers philosophy if they look to Adam Peters as their next GM. Peters played a part in both of the Panthers Super Bowl defeats, with the second of those roles being much larger than the first.
Another applicable quote in this case would be "youth must be served". While I haven't been able to nail down his date of birth, a March 2018 profile from The Athletic listed him as 38 years old. That'd make him about 40 or 41 right now, and thus four to five years younger than head coach Matt Rhule. Chances are Panthers owner David Tepper would love that, along with his energy and the fact that he cut his teeth in the Patriots organization that Tepper is said to admire.

How he went from a college graduate assistant in California one year to a junior member of the New England scouting staff the next is an interesting story. Then Pats GM Scott Pioli and personnel guy (now Tampa GM) Jason Licht came to UCLA in 2002 to do some scouting. UCLA's Director of Football Operations typically acted as a liaison for such visits but he was out of town, so Peters was called on to play host/guide for the visiting VIPs. In this capacity, Peters provided game tape and information regarding players in whom they were interested.

During that process, Pioli and Licht also became interested in Peters.

Per Athletic writer David Lombardi, Peters impressed the Patriots visitors so much with his knowledge of the game and the players that they decided to bring him in to the organization. Since then, he's steadily grown into larger and larger roles, now standing just a step away from going somewhere and running the whole show.

His friendship with Matt Rhule is certainly a big deal here too. As noted, Rhule is friends with Jeff Ireland, but it sounds like he might be even closer friends with Peters. Breer mentions that the two of them have stayed in contact since meeting at UCLA, a time frame which would put their relationship at nearly 20 years. Also noteworthy that while Rhule and Ireland are said to be friends, I've not seen anything that said they kept in regular contact all the time. With Peters, that is indeed the case.

There is one thing with a potential to make it difficult, though. Peters grew up in California and the 49ers were always his favorite team. He's currently living his childhood dream by working for them, so you'd have to have an attractive enough offer to lure him away from that.

One other thing: While his resume may not technically be as full as Jeff Ireland's, since joining the 49ers Peters has handled both college and pro personnel duties. Ireland did both in Miami, but in New Orleans he's been strictly on the college side of the fence.


As Albert Breer mentioned, this definitely sounds like one to keep an eye on. He doesn't have quite the resume of Ireland, but he also doesn't have any of Ireland's purported baggage. He's young, which means less experience but potentially more time on the job. Tepper said he wanted to hire Matt Rhule to coach the Panthers for the next 20 years. This could be a similar story. Those who dislike the idea of Ireland might want to latch on to this guy, and honestly even those who do like Ireland should probably give him a look-see.

Who knows? Maybe he could help us win a Super Bowl for a change.


“I think if one coach says, ‘oh, I didn’t like him, he wasn’t working hard’ — if you just take that for what it’s worth and leave, you’re not doing your job,” Peters said. “Find other sources, find other people, figure out what happened in Texas — why? Sometimes it’s for a reason. And in Adrian’s case, I think it was.”

- Peters, discussing his scouting of Miami DB Adrian Colbert

“Adam has been incredibly invaluable to me and our organization. He’s a hard worker, a very talented evaluator. He had been in the college world, so taking VP of player personnel and overseeing it all (both pro and college scouting) was a step up for him. But he was excellent last year making us better.”

- 49ers GM John Lynch, talking about Peters at the Combine

“He’s very good at what he does and I hate losing him."

- John Elway, asked about Peters departure to San Francisco

“It’s funny how things fall into place. Sometimes, when you do hard work, luck happens.”

- Peters, discussing his career in The Athletic


49ers.com Bio

Fast-rising Adam Peters, a key John Lynch lieutenant, is right in his element with the 49ers

Why Adam Peters is a big hire for the 49ers

Lynch confirms Adam Peters personally scouted Zach Wilson and Mac Jones





(unknown why the video links won't embed here; the board keeps giving me an "unsupported format" error)

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Current Job: Assistant GM, Indianapolis Colts (2018-Present)
Age: 40 (DOB Unknown)
Hometown: Kingsville, TX
College: Texas A&M Kingsville


· Vice President of Player Personnel, Indianapolis Colts (2017)
· Senior Personnel Executive, Seattle Seahawks (2015-2016)
· National Scout, Seattle Seahawks (2014)
· College Scout, Seattle Seahawks (2008-2013)
· Pro Personnel Scout, Seattle Seahawks (2007)
· Pro Personnel Intern, Oakland Raiders (2003-2006)


According to Joe Person, Dodds and Panthers coach Matt Rhule know each other in "league circles". You might see a familiar face in some of the interviews linked below as well, that of former Panthers reporter Carolina Cann. Also, in his previous job with Seattle, he'd have worked with former Panthers scout Trent Kirchner.


· Dodds ascended to the title of Assistant GM after only one season with the Colts.
· He was with the Seahawks for both of their most recent Super Bowl appearances.
· Saints GM Chris Ballard has called Dodds one of his most trusted advisors.
· In league circles, Dodds reputation is stellar. He's known to have a resume with connections to highly talented players at every stop of his career.
· The Cleveland Browns requested permission to interview Dodds for their GM job before hiring Andrew Berry, but Dodds declined.
· As a teenager, Dodds interned with both Texas A&M Kingsville and the Oakland Raiders, where he says he spent time "getting coffee, keeping his mouth shut" and trying not to piss off legendary Raider owner Al Davis.


Joe Person discussed him as a candidate with a connection to Matt Rhule. Other sources like Ian Rapoport have mentioned Dodds as a potential candidate as well.


Ed Dodds is not an easy man to find information on, but when you do get the chance to read up on him there are a couple of things you discover.

One, he's an impressive person with very high standards.

Two, a lot of his dialogue sounds like it was written by Quentin Tarantino.

Dodds is one of those guys who expects nothing but the best of himself...and everyone else. He's a straight shooter, admitting up front that if he doesn't like a player, he won't hold back. He'll tell them exactly why. At one point a few years back when everyone was raving about the Colts having gone on a win streak, Dodds ranted at his scouts about how (to put it politely) the team hadn't accomplished anything yet.

(can't help but wonder what conversations between he and former seminary student Frank Reich sound like)

To be honest, to hear him talk he sounds more like a coach than a personnel guy. The average personnel guy tends to be laid back and measured, but Dodds is full speed ahead. I can't find a record of him having coached anywhere, but he certainly has the mentality of a kick ass motivator.

If he has high standards though, he's justified in having them. Dodds has a trail of success everywhere he's been. And if you question how real all that is, it's worth noting that Dodds declined an offer to interview for the Browns GM job last year. You might think that's because it was the Browns, but per Dodds himself, he doesn't want to risk his first (and possibly only) chance at being a GM. His refusal of prior interviews was because he didn't feel like he was ready, and he'll likely continue to do so until he feels he's "overprepared" to take on the role.

So is he "overprepared" now?

We don't know.

But there's one way to find out...Ask him.

And in my opinion, the Panthers should.


Outside of being acquainted in "league circles", I don't know that Ed Dodds has any real connection with Matt Rhule or David Tepper. Will that prevent him from being asked to interview here? Unknown, but if the Panthers do choose to interview him, I have a strong feeling they'll come away impressed.


“You’re gonna get one chance to do it, and I don’t wanna do it until I’m overprepared.”

- Dodds on how he's preparing for a GM opportunity in The Athletic

"You gotta be relentless. You can't stop. I don't!"

- Dodds in The Athletic

“We ain’t done sh-t yet! We won a f--king wild-card game!”

- Dodds, yelling at his scouts because he felt they were being complacent after making the playoffs

"With Mr. Davis, you learned quickly that if you don’t know the answer to a question, just say you don’t know and take your ass beating right there. Don’t guess.”

- Dodds, talking to The Athletic about working under Al Davis

"For scouts, it just gives you that verification of what you saw during the year, or it makes you go back and look at something again. If somebody does something that you didn't think they were capable of, you just go back and take another look."

- Dodds, talking about scouting at the Senior Bowl

"Yeah, we see it every year. There's guys that come here, have a great week, and they held that rocket ship up the board. But really, we tell our guys just, "Hey, don't penalize a guy too much for a bad week, but give him a lot of credit for a good week."

- Dodds, also at the Senior Bowl

"We just want to make sure they're relentless competitors, and they have the mental toughness to handle it. It's a grind, our season, so they've just got to. They've got to have those traits or they're not going to be a Colt."

- Dodds at the Senior Bowl

"If I don’t like a guy, I tell him why.”

- Dodds in The Athletic, talking about scouting players


Colts Assistant GM Ed Dodds won't settle for mediocrity

Senior Bowl 2020: Ed Dodds Talks Prospect Evaluations, Standout Traits

One on one with Colts Vice President of Player Personnel Ed Dodds

Draft diaries with Colts Vice President of Player Personnel Ed Dodds

Ed Dodds '03 Named Assistant General Manager of Indianapolis Colts




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Current Job: Assistant GM, Buffalo Bills (2017-Present)
Age: 41 (7/11/1979)
Hometown: Elkhart, IN
College: DePauw University


· Director of Player Personnel, Miami Dolphins (2014-2016)
· Assistant Director of College Scouting, Miami Dolphins (2013)
· National Scout, Miami Dolphins (2008-2012)
· Area Scout, Carolina Panthers (2003-2007)
· Combine Scout, Carolina Panthers (2002)
· Scouting Assistant, Carolina Panthers (2001)


Schoen has very obvious connections to the Panthers, primarily through Brandon Beane, Dan Morgan and Sean McDermott, but those links are all with the former regime. One remaining link he has from his Panther days would be Executive Director of Player Personnel Jeff Morrow as well as possibly a few other scouting types. If he has any connection to Matt Rhule, David Tepper et al, I haven't seen it. Interestingly enough though, Schoen is acquainted with two other potential GM candidates; one being Morgan, the other being Jeff Ireland. Schoen worked for Ireland in Miami. Also like Ireland, Schoen had the chance to work with NFL legend Bill Parcells.


· In the infamous video of Brandon Beane and the Bills scouting department incredulously (and joyously) watching the Panthers take Greg Little over Cody Ford, Schoen can be seen working with Beane and Dan Morgan. After the Little pick is announced, Schoen shares celebratory hand slaps with Morgan, Beane and others.
· Schoen originally joined the Panthers as an intern in the ticket office. Former Pro Scouting Director Mark Koncz got his start in a similar role.
· One of his early Panthers experiences was having to retrieve footballs that were kicked over the Wofford practice field fence at training camp.
· He owes a good measure of credit for his career to Brandon Beane, who identified him early as someone with potential to be a good personnel guy.
· The departure of former Panthers scout Ryan Cowden helped Schoen "move up the ladder" thanks to Beane.
· As a youngster, Schoen participated in the NFL's Punt, Pass and Kick competition and did fairly well.
· Schoen's dad actually started a youth football league in his hometown just so his son could have the opportunity to play more.
· Later on, as a high school quarterback, Schoen broke several single game and single season passing records for his school. He switched to wide receiver his sophomore year at college.
· While in college at Depauw, Schoen was friends with current Boston Celtics head coach Brad Stevens.


Schoen has been mentioned as a potential GM candidate by Joe Person and Ian Rapoport, both noting that the Bills and Panthers have a sort of "back and forth" between them.


Try and picture challenging your boss to a hundred yard dash.

Sounds ridiculous, right?

Not for Joe Schoen, who not only challenged Bills GM Brandon Beane to a hundred yard dash but offered him a ten yard head start. According to Beane, he won the race by seven yards. Schoen admits he lost but points to the fact that he made up three yards of the initial head start as a positive.

You might say Joe Schoen is...competitive.

What you could also say most clearly about him is that he's a hard worker, with Beane specifically saying that "no one is going to outwork him". He had to be in order to work his way up the ladder from being an intern in a ticket office to becoming second in command of a successful NFL franchise.

Looking back at his time in Carolina, Schoen was credited with having helped scout a number of good players, including Thomas Davis, DeAngelo Williams, Charles Johnson. Since moving on to the Bills, he worked with GM Brandon Beane to build up what was a meager scouting operation into what they have now. He notes that he and Beane don't always agree, but they work it out.

Notable also in this discussion is that Schoen helped Beane create an analytics department in Buffalo. The Bills didn't have one prior to this, and in his role as Assistant GM Schoen works with the analytics guys as well as the scouts to try and put together a vision of the kind of guys they want on their roster.

That could be of interest to a certain guy whose lase name rhymes with "pepper".


Schoen's not necessarily the hottest candidate, and while he has definite roots in Carolina the lack of any connection to Rhule and Tepper likely doesn't help his chances. For those who are upset about the Panthers losing Brandon Beane though, Schoen is basically the same guy. And given how successful Beane has been in Buffalo, you could sure as heck do worse.


“Joe is the greatest intern I ever had. He was one of those guys that, he got penalized because he was good.We had a coach that, if coffee wasn’t made by 5:30 in the morning, he was bitching at training camp. So, a couple of times some interns were late getting there - it was like 5:45, and I’m hearing this coach grumble about it. So I finally said to Joe, ‘You go do it every day.’ Well, that wasn’t fair to him, but I didn’t want my ass chewed. I knew it was getting handled, so I gave it to Joe.”

- Brandon Beane, taking about Schoen as a Panthers intern

“I hated Beane for a while, because there was a coach that wanted coffee made at 5:30 every morning. Another intern and I were going to rotate. I got up and made the coffee the first day right at 5:30, and his first morning, he oversleeps. So Brandon says, ‘Joe, I'm going to need you to do this every morning.’ I remember calling my mom complaining, ‘He makes me get up at 5:30 every morning.’ She said, ‘Joe, sometimes you get punished for being good. You may look at it as a negative, but it’s actually a positive because he trusts you to do your job.”

- Schoen, telling the story from his perspective

“I gave the ol’, ‘I just want to get my foot in the door. I’ll do whatever. He’s like, ‘I don’t f--king want someone that just wants to get their foot in the door. I want someone that wants to f--king scout!' He was very hardcore."

- Schoen, describing an interview with Panthers front office guy Jack Bushofsky where he was asked if he wanted to be a scout

“He’s going to be a GM. The thing about him is that he’s smart enough to know that he’s still learning and growing, and he’s trying to get stronger at his craft. He wants to be totally ready when he gets in there. Instead of just rushing to the seat and then trying to figure it out, Joe’s that guy that he wants to have all the answers to the test before he goes and sits down. Very few people are like that. There’s so many people in this business that are just trying to get into that head coach seat, that GM seat, and maybe they’re not ready for it. I have no doubt he’s going to be ready for it. He’s a great communicator. He understands people. You’re not going to outwork him.”

- Beane, talking about Schoen's potential and preparation

"When you're around him, he’s always coaching. I was a national scout at the time, didn't know him from Adam, and we'd be in a meeting and he'd say, 'You know what Tom Landry used to tell me?' I’m like, 'Oh my God! Tom Landry, Bill Parcells, and he's about to tell me something that they talked about?' I was always typing stuff, writing stuff down. He gave so much information. It was just awesome to be around him. You know he's a Hall of Famer, you know he's one of the best ever, but then when you're around him, you see how genuine he is as a person. He treated us all the same, he enjoyed being around us."

- Schoen on Bill Parcells

"I try to handle a lot of the low-lying fruit, so it doesn't have to get to Brandon's desk because he is very busy. I work with the analytics department, I work with our personnel department, sometimes with football operations. I work with our communications. I touch a lot of different departments throughout the building. If it has to get to Brandon's desk, then it gets to Brandon's desk, but if it's something I don't think he needs to deal with, and I can squash it or take care of it or implement a policy or procedure, then I'll do it."

- Schoen on his role with the Bills

"A lot of my background is the personnel, so watching film – pro, college draft prospects, free agency, the waiver wire – that's a majority of my day. But when we got to the Bills, we had to hire a scouting staff. We didn't have an analytics department, we didn't have a scouting system so early on, Brandon and I did a lot of that together."

- Schoen on his start in Buffalo


The Athletic: How Joe Schoen became one of the most trusted voices in the Bills’ front office

Buffalo Bills Assistant GM Joe Schoen took Depauw internship to NFL career

One on One Coverage: Bills Assistant GM Joe Schoen on drafting for success

Four Facts about new Assistant GM Joe Schoen




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5 minutes ago, DaveThePanther2008 said:

I just hope that whoever it is, works well with Rhule.  I truly believe Rhule has a master plan and with the right GM he could set us up to be the Dynasty of the 20s.

Rhule is gonna be the guy leading the search. If he gets somebody that he clashes with, he'll have no one to blame but himself.

Mind you, I don't necessarily want my top football guys to agree on everything. A little back and forth makes everybody better.

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1 minute ago, Mr. Scot said:

Rhule is gonna be the guy leading the search. If he gets somebody that he clashes with, he'll have no one to blame but himself.

Mind you, I don't necessarily want my top football guys to agree on everything. A little back and forth makes everybody better.

Agreed,  Rhule seems to be a pretty smart guy and I am sure they'll pick someone who is not a YES MAN.  I don't think they'll want to be a YES MAN. 

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2 minutes ago, DaveThePanther2008 said:

Agreed,  Rhule seems to be a pretty smart guy and I am sure they'll pick someone who is not a YES MAN.  I don't think they'll want to be a YES MAN. 

I would have probably guessed Jeff Ireland...at least up till the point I researched Adam Peters.

I haven't discounted ireland, but I think Peters could be a really strong possibility.

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2 minutes ago, DaveThePanther2008 said:

I'll trust them as long as the name isn't Marty Hurney. :shades:

Fair point :)

Said it earlier today but I think it's still applies: For me, today was the day that the Jerry Richardson era of Panthers football truly, finally ended.

Granted, he does still have connections with the team (notably his grandson in the personnel department) but I won't be surprised if that changes, especially with Marty gone.

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15 minutes ago, Mr. Scot said:

Another video on Peters from a guy who covers the 49ers for SI...

Intriguing stuff. I honestly found the info about Lynch interesting too.

Interesting.  i found the most interesting point was at the end on General Manager's having huge egos.  I think that fit Hurney to a tee.  Picking players that he felt would fit regardless of the input other would give him.

This should be a huge trait that should not be overlooked.  We don't need someone that isn't going to listen to those that have to deal with the player a GM picks.

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10 minutes ago, DaveThePanther2008 said:

Interesting.  i found the most interesting point was at the end on General Manager's having huge egos.  I think that fit Hurney to a tee.  Picking players that he felt would fit regardless of the input other would give him.

This should be a huge trait that should not be overlooked.  We don't need someone that isn't going to listen to those that have to deal with the player a GM picks.

Also found this from around the time he was hired in San Francisco...

The Niners have actually kept him for four years, but might be on borrowed time now.

Won't lie, I'm really starting to like the sound of this guy.

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