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  1. Our situation has not been ideal. Coaching is easy when ya winning. Everybody feels good and playing well. Handling adversity builds strength. Take for instance Joe "wonder bread" Brady. Captain of top record setting offense at LSU and when hired thought to give us similar results in the NFL. I don't think it was a failure of coaching more Sam was not Burrow. Then instead of being daring and trusting your offense Joe had to play it safe and figuratively play with one hand tied behind his back. The oline sux. Therefore quick passes to alleviate pressure instead of deep passes that break the defense. Same with Rhule. I feel like he has been bailing water out of sinking ship and coaching scared instead of being aggressive. Have you never been in a situation where everything you do is not working and then you change your plan to not fail. Guess what you playing scared and the fear of failure is handicapping any chance of success.
  2. I get it. You right. Trust me I've been banging the drum for oline help for years. Paradis was not the best center but he had some decent games despite injuries and age. So that position was given a bandaid. Left tackle is what hurt the most. Honestly after the debacle that was our Superbowl appearance and how Von Miller singlehandedly destroyed the left side we should have already fixed the problem. The problems with QB and Oline were ignored. Cam was obviously not the same yet we kept trotting him out there. CMC was run into the ground but he was our only chance to be competitive. Olsen got hurt and yet we put him out there to reinjure himself. This franchise has been mismanaged for awhile it's just all coming to a head right now. Y'all act like this team was built to win when the current leadership took over. It was a sinking ship.
  3. Anywhere in my posts did I say I enjoyed this f#cked up season? I'm not gonna defend Rhule too much but I actually liked the philosophy of an all defense draft. I liked taking BPA despite inflated positional values. Horn, Brown, and Gross Matos were solid picks. The patchwork oline( that has been neglected for way too long) and the gamble on Sam and Cam doomed us. I am in a minority that I can almost see the process. We build the oline up, get lucky at QB, plug some holes with FA and with the defense improving we can win consistently. Point blank I have hope. Y'all stop pooing on my hope that this can turn around. Hell compare us the Lions and Browns. They kept supporting despite like a murderers row of failed QB's and idiot GM's.
  4. Whatever man. Considering for every thirty negative whiny posts there is one positive realistic one I'd say it's the negative Nancy's that need a pacifier to shut up. Don't like the HC, wah don't like the owner waah. Go away. I hear the Bengals, Rams and Bears are accepting bandwagon fans.
  5. Way to be positive my dude. This exactly the kind of posts I'm tired of seeing. I watched the same games you did. It was bad, but I prefer to look at the positives. What were they? Defense had some flashes. Luvu, Robinson, Shaq, Gross matos, Brown all had moments. On offense Chubba improved, DJ was solid again and it was nice seeing Cam back. We were held back by subpar QB and oline play. I get that was the front office and coaching that screwed the pooch on that but y'all act like qb's are easy to find. We gambled on Sam it did not work our, we will gamble again on a QB it hopefully works out. 4 more wins and we in different situation right now.
  6. That's kinda the vibe of the huddle recently stephen Ass Smith style hot takes. Just reactionary poo throwing. I give a HC three years before I throw in the towel. I was on here defending Rivera in 2014 so...
  7. It's me mick. Don't know Dave. I'm just getting bored of all the whining. Losing sucks and the rebuild seems a bit retarded ( not the mean word ) just kinda slow but... A quick turnaround is possible with the right QB ( not this year) and some luck in the draft.
  8. OMG y'all are some crybabies. I look at Indy and I see a legit Oline and old school running game. I'm not opposed to that. I'll do more research on this guy but at a glance he's preferable to Jay "QB killer" Gruden and McAdont.
  9. Crazy thought. What about moving Shaq to middle? Resign Luvu and put him at strong. We would still need a linebacker but we could ease him in at will. If we can trade down and come away with extra picks I'm onboard for a more highly regarded prospect. Just a thought.
  10. Why not both. Why can't we build the oline and take a QB? We need to be careful with our level of desperation for a QB. Philly is getting manhandled right now. It does not look like the Jalen Hurts experiment has worked. Then we have the Justin Fields gamble two future first round picks and an uneven season by the rookie is looking like snake eyes. Or the prior mistake the same bears made with Tribisky. How bout Daniel Jones who is on his way out of new York? As Trey Lance and Jordan Love warm benches they are learning but NO return on investment yet. TLDR the try and try again desperation move for QB can handicap a team. The oline is terrible. A second tier QB is headed for disaster if the oline is not addressed.
  11. My favorite lineman from last draft. Creed, Carman, and Trey. Trey at left guard, Creed in middle and Carman at right and we would fielded a young improved oline. Cam Erving would still be a weak link but upgrading him this draft would be a option. Instead we need an entire oline basically.
  12. Bills over pats. Bengals over Raiders. Chiefs over Steelers. Hate the Patriots. Raiders are a tough team of misfits that are easy to root for but pulling for the Bengals to not bungle this. Titans vs Chiefs in the AFC Championship game. Old school vs New school. The Eagles and Niners are hopefully gonna disappoint the BANDWAGON fans of the Buccs and Cowgirls. The Monday night game is what I'm affectionately calling the Charmin Bowl. The Rams and Cards are both soft. Just finesse against finesse. That said JJ Watt, AJ and Deandre Hopkins deserve some playoff success. So Cards over Rams. Packers vs Niners in NFC championship. Rodgers going for a ring. But I'm going for the Niners as a surprise team. So the Superbowl projection is not gonna excite some but Niners vs Titans would be cool for me. Nightmare scenario PATS vs BUCCS or COWBOYS vs CHIEFS.
  13. I really like our defense. There I said it. Two pieces from completion. Free safety and MLB. Carter, Luvu and Shaq are solid but adding a young field general in the middle is "chefs kiss". Then adding a safety with coverage skills to go with Chinn who is extremely talented at finding the ball in run situations and has blitzing capabilities is part of fielding the top defense we are capable of being. Sorry tangent. To the point of post yes we need to spend draft capitol and free agency monies on offense. The offense is more like seven pieces away. Center, Left tackle, two guards, tight end, running back and quarterback. I think BC, tremble, Elflien and a healthy CMC can only help the situation. CMC and Tremble need running partners to share the load. BC and Elflein just need a shot at a position till we can find a upgrade or someone younger. If BC and Pat can fill two of those spots then it leaves only five spots. Still reading? Here's a top 10 mock draft. 1. Jags ~ Evan Neal, Bama LT 2. Lions ~ Aiden Hutchinson, Michigan DE 3. Texans ~ Kayvon, Oregon DE 4. Jets ~ Kyle Hamilton, ND Safety 5. Giants ~ Ikem, NC St OL 6. Panthers ~ Cross, Miss St OL 7. Giants ~ Linderbaum, Iowa OL 8. Falcons ~ Strong, Nevada QB 9. Broncos ~ Pickett, Pitt QB 10. Jets ~ Stingley, LSU CB This is the QB crazy draft. This is actually what we hope the steelers, browns and Vikings think is gonna happen so they trade up. Fun lil extra where the qb's land in this scenario 11. Redskins ~ Howell UNC QB 18. Saints ~ Willis Liberty QB I'd rather wait on a QB till next year. Weak class is a misnomer cause these kids can play but the caveat is they need to be put in the right situation. We are not it right now till we invest in the offense better.
  14. Our play calling and offensive scheme was horrible this year. Just no identity. Not a Sam apologist but where was the play action and bootleg passes ( one of the few things I've seen Sambo do well) Also the play calling when Cam was in there was silly too. RPO with that exaggerated slow hand off Cam was doing. Jeezus. All our Qb's dinking and dunking. I thought last year the dink and dunk was cause Teddy liked that style. I now realise the coaches were pushing that. Either from lack of trust (Sam) or lack of arm (Cam) or injury gun shyness (Teddy) we seemed content to get 4 yards a pass. I do think they were hamstrung by the limitations of our QB's though. That said it seems little effort was put into developing a scheme and identity for the offense other than pre-emptive damage control (aka playing scared), college style rotation of qb's ( aka bush league B.S.) and a misery go round depth chart on the offensive line. The lack of creativity and balls by the offensive playcallers this year was embarrassing. I do actually feel we can turn this around quickly on offense. We just need to develop an offensive identity. The fact in the same draft we took a BIG but slowish mauler like Deonte Brown and a finesse zone gap undersized LT like BC was an indication we had no clue what we wanted the oline to look like. I actually think Elflien can play center for us. I also think BC is deserving of a chance at LT. That leaves our guards as the missing pieces. Along with QB, TE and another RB to add to the committee.
  15. My point was that the chargers oline has done a decent job keeping Herbert upright this year and have run blocked well for ekeler. A good QB will continue to be good behind a mediocre line to the point they will even make lines look better. But a rookie put behind a BAD oline will likely look worse and it could derail any future progress. Case in point Indianapolis had Luck ( franchise type) then failed to address the oline till too late. I mean if you think a couple free agents can bandaid this line well enough to place a rookie behind it cool. I disagree.
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