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  1. I wonder if we as fans will be able to tell who the Panthers are more interested in. With a streamlined pro day schedule and no combine the hints will be there. I'm intrigued to see which days we go-to.
  2. I think Marcus will be a lil cheaper but is also young and the ball hawking free safety to go with chinn ( who plays safety like a linebacker) JJIII is a prize of free agency. We get him I would be happy too.
  3. I hope Marcus Williams is on our radar if the "cap wizards" of the Taints can't get him back.
  4. Couple years ago would have jumped at the chance to sign Rudolph. Now not so much. Pairing him with Teddy Bridgewater would have made sense at the time. But with TB likely on his way out, I would rather pair our young QB of the future with his own TE running partner.
  5. This is awesome news. TD and Olsen are class act guys.
  6. This. I almost put him on the list. Mitchell has chops. He should not have been drafted so early but that was not his fault. I'd give him a shot.
  7. Looking over the list a couple guys pop. Targets I would like to see at different position groups are... A. Secondary Shaquill Griffin ~ this guy has ties to Fitterer. Young veteran. Ran a sub 4.40 forty, really athletic too. Pairing him across Jackson would greatly improve the secondary. Takes away the need to draft a corner real early. Instead we can try and find a sleeper in mid rounds. Something Fitterer has shown the ability to do. Free safety is deep in free agency too. The draft could be a option but with vets like Marcus Williams, Anthony Harris and John Jo
  8. I agree. Until it happens or doesn't I would support a moratorium on the whole thing. It's boring. It's insulting. The media is basically saying we are desperate for attention and relevance. It's also insinuating we can't build a winning franchise without overpaying for other franchises players.
  9. It's all speculations. It's all click bait. But I'm legitimately worried that Tepper is a knee jerk impatient twit like half of our fellow fans. Difference is they are ineffectual twats and Tepper actually signs the checks so he can make things happen (even if he shouldn't) I just feel they could wait two years into a rebuild before we start making drastic decisions. It's a slippery slope. Say we go big trade for the prize, off season hero's and everyone is talking bout how Carolina is ready for the spotlight. Then not surprisingly for me we fall short, say divisional playoff loss.. Th
  10. So the Watson talk is everywhere. This is a game changing, dramatic shuffling of the deck. The all in talk is deafening. I'm not on board. A website gave trade options if we are indeed "all in" and I got to say my piece on the cons of said options. In no particular order. Trade option A. Four 1st round picks. Robby, Teddy and Chinn. Cons - first, let's give up Chinn a DROY for us and arguably could have been for entire league. He is not easily replaceable. Teddy is obviously not the answer but he is a decent backup. Then there is Robby. He played like a number 1b. He s
  11. I don't see the value. A cheap rookie left tackle compared to giving up a first round pick plus giving a big time extension to Brown. Brown wants to get paid. I would explore an option where we trade up with the dolphins and do a swerve and take Sewell before I would bet it all on a Brown trade. Also this is a solid oline class. We could take Slater or Darrisaw at 8. Or take a chance on Eichenberg, Leatherwood or Walker Little in the second.
  12. I'm on that train too. Britt and Jabril are my favorites. Jabril was a mega watt star at North Dakota State. Then he went to LSU and played with the big boys. Him or Britt would be a nice addition. As far as free agency Hassan Reddick could bring some pass rush and veteran presence.
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