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  1. Mazi Smith of Michigan. does the dirty work. Michigan has a nice program with the Dline recently. Rashon Gary and Aiden Hutchinson have recently can out of there. Mazi is stupid strong. 326 lbs of fury. him and brown would be exciting. I also like Nolan Smith Jr of Georgia. him and Luvu playing at linebacker would cause issues for opposing QBs.
  2. that DT yelling at Russ did not look like he had given up. Players hate to lose. People just cashing checks don't care.
  3. Richardson. Pennix is damaged goods. if it's not a QB we need to look at Quinton. Also a top LB or CB shouldn't be overlooked.
  4. two scenarios picking 2nd overall Bryce Young or CJ Stround 2nd round. 34. Jahmyr Gibbs or a defensive end ( still doing research on the position) 54. Jordan Battle or Zay Flowers. A partner in crime for Chinn or a speedy finesse wr to supplement TMJ and Moore. 83. Mazi Smith or linebacker (again doing some homework on this position as well) SECOND scenerio picking third instead. 1st. Will Anderson Jr 2A. Hooker or McCall. another developmental QB to compete with a healthy FINGERS Crossed Corral. 2B. Zay again or a RB. either another bruiser like Foreman or a scat like back. 3rd. Mazi again or just defense in general LB,CB, or Safety.
  5. I agree. Seattle and Denver are suspect. if a darnold miracle happens or PJ comes back and plays well we could win those games.
  6. I knew bozeman would be good for us. hell I wanted him in that draft. the oline is the best we have had in years. I do kinda wonder if Brady can be upgraded and moved to swing tackle backup. no offense to him but I still think tackle is his natural position. I wouldn't do it super early but if the right draft pick is there.
  7. a decent young pass rusher is always making bank in FA. we have one. Miami traded for one then promptly paid him. Young pass rushers rarely even hit the market. I know a bunch of people don't think much of Burns but he is the best we got.
  8. if you tear it all down though the rebuild takes longer. a pass rusher and number 1 WR are part of the formula for a winning franchise. with Burns and Moore gone that is two more pieces we would have to replace likely with premium picks. picks we can use instead on other missing parts like QB, the other DE, and linebackers. moving CMC made sense because of injury concerns and that a committee of non premium picks can produce alongside Foreman. we will be greatly improved after this next draft if we hit on our picks. leaving this draft with either Young, Stround, or Anderson in the first will help nearly immediately. Hooker/Anderson or Young/ Gibbs makes us more dangerous.
  9. I see archetypes for the QB draft. there's the athlete, the game manager, the media favorite, then guys with talent who for whatever reason cant get out of their own way. Injuries do fall into this category. I propose the "breakfast club" QB class system. 1 .the Princess 2. the Criminal 3. the Basket case 4. the Brain 5. the Jock example recent class. Pickett is a princess. Willis is the Jock Bailey is the Brain. it's between corrall and rudder to prove me wrong neither will end up the basket case or criminal. My money is on Ridder as the Criminal. just look at the OP's handy chart and you can't tell me Lawrence was not the princess of his class. Have fun.
  10. Gabe Davis is a freak athlete in Buffalo. TMJ. is gonna develop into a very good WR. we just need patience. also Shenault is a big bodied guy Shi Smith has potential too. Not opposed to adding a big guy soon but not a priority IMO. I actually would prefer a sure handed smaller guy and scat back who can catch.
  11. I too like Young the best so far. CJ is likely more "ready" than Levis but Levi's has some interesting attributes. my dark horse favorites are Cam Ward and Hendon Hooker. Corrall injury worries me. That and a new regime is likely. He may be screwed from the start. If we go with a different position I feel Will Anderson from Bama is the guy. I know defense again? But him Burns, Chinn, and Horn would be a nice core for the defense.
  12. karmic justice says we draft a RB with that 2nd round pick from the 49rs. A offense revamp will be the plan.
  13. I don't see WR as a need. Crazy as that sounds. Moore, TMJ, Shi and Shenault all would improve with a competent QB. It's time to add a RB may be two. young RBs are available all through the draft. take one early and take one later. Listen to offers for CMC even on draft day.
  14. not enough. this could be painful. more so than the last couple games.
  15. I agree. Lots of folks are iffy on the edge but I like the depth. Burns, Barno, YGM and Hayes is decent. Tight end has questions according to some but I like the guys ok. I think Ricci has earned a spot and Sullivan has potential. Not many teams will carry three qbs so somebody will slip through the cracks that could help. With Darnold and Corral on the IR we might need to see who comes available. Kicker is the main priority.
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