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  1. I think they reach for JJ McCarthy. Cheap rookie contract etc etc. Just a QB away they might think. In other NFC South predictions. The saints take offensive lineman that we also coveted. Lastly the Buccs steal a WR to replace Evans that we also were looking at.
  2. We got to let the dominos fall. So many needs that BPA is the way. I'm not tied to WR as the pick. If a top OL, CB, or DL is there at 33 you do it. Honestly RB, Safety or ILB are the few positions I would be disappointed by. We need help everywhere almost.
  3. Not a bad situation for Caleb. Not really, the FO is killing every off season. Roster will be young and full of high picks. DJ Moore is legit and they can add another potential top tier WR at 9. He is being drafted into a solid rebuild.
  4. Craig Carton is not relevant, and never will be. Bald headed geek just like Tepper. Going after the low hanging fruit. In defense of Bryce our interior Oline consisted of backups at best because of injuries and the WR Corp underperformed. Yeah I'm coping LOL not really.
  5. Goal was to make the team more physical. Kingsley could fit either guard or maybe even LT. Sweat is a old school massive NT. Allen is a bruiser RB. I think a two headed monster running game could help Young. Then weapons. Coker has outside WR speed and size. Theo and Jackson could work the middle of the field.
  6. I vote crazy. We need to improve depth and upgrade. Shuffling the line makes sense. Try BC at LT, slide Iky over to guard and Center should be a target in the draft. If Jackson-Powers is there at 33 I would take him over WR even. I don't think he will be though. Dream scenario for me is a trade down from 33 to somewhere in between 40 to 48 gaining a pick around 69 and 76. With those picks and 65 adding say a Van Pran, Mahogany and WR. Then at 101 TE or double dip at WR. Offense needs a lot of help.
  7. Jones is a winner. Why would he want to come here and lose? Almighty dollar? Nah he got his pick of destination. One where can win and make money. Bengals, Ravens, Texans, and Bears etc. We need to draft our own Jones.
  8. This is win. Gordon never fit on the court and wasn't on it enough.
  9. It's a varied group of WR's. Their are several skill sets, strengths and styles. Also a couple athletic freaks. Pearsall seems like a Keenan Allen comparison. Or new school St Brown. We need to throw two darts at that draft board. Fingers crossed Tez and Pearsall would be a good combo.
  10. Nothing is written in stone. E is obviously an up and coming coach but after this past year I would not be surprised if he wants to jump ship. I'd like to keep him and keep Luvu and Brown long term. Sticking with the 3-4 and adding pieces to that. Luvu should be a pass rushing edge style linebacker instead of the inside he was forced into by injuries. Brown as a DE beside a legit NT also would be interesting. So NT and a DE that fits a 3-4 would be targets. I would not be opposed to going to a 4-3 if we lose Envero, Luvu and Burns in the off season actually. I don't know what coach would be available. If we switch defensive schemes (again) then the draft strategy switches to adding a MLB, a pass rushing DT beside Brown and a pass rusher at DE to replace Burns. I'd rather stay the course with E but...
  11. Watched a bit of the drills today. Oline is of particular interest. As well as sleeper WR prospects need to be watched. Stocks will rise and fall cause of these showcases. I just hope we have competent talent evaluators there to take notes.
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