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  1. Miller is not gonna be able to hang with a lot of SF that aren't too small actually. And he is gonna have to hang with faster or bigger shooting guards. There is gonna be adjustment for both prospects but Scoot can play PG or SG from day one.
  2. I said start I said. He is 6'9" and under 200 pounds. The average NBA SF gonna have 20 to 30 pounds on him.
  3. Can he really play multiple positions though? He is a lightweight at SF. He is tall at SG but not exactly a big SG. I prefer a prototype SG at like 6'6" 220. He has as much positional versatility as scoot. Scoot is a PG/$G and Miller is a SG/SF. Miller is gonna have to hit the gym to become a SF. He is playing SG his rookie season mostly. Scoot can play SG and PG from day one and with healthy minutes at either. As far as shooting the lights out. I think Miller is hot and cold. I don't see the consistent "lights out" you do. Scoot is a dawg. He gonna make things happen every night, whether he shooting lights out or not. Man, we can find a streaky SG/SF with height and length at 27. Hell, probably in the second round this year. He's gonna make a heck of a role player on a contending team but Scoot has star power. Agree to disagree but I don't trust Melo to stay healthy anymore and my plan is is make the combo in the backcourt of Melo and Scoot work and if Melo can't play we got a backup plan.
  4. Scoot is also taking pointers and working with the Premier 3 point sharpshooter in the biz Curry. That part of his game could develop quickly.
  5. Miller is the NBA draft version of Jalen Carter. Stock took a hit from off court stuff but still considered top talent. They both also reportedly had some bad interviews and workouts. Myself I'll take Scoot. Isn't he working with Curry to improve. That's a plus. Miller is battling mono and has lost 13 lbs. I had mono once it's no joke but it also would make a great excuse if you wanted to be lazy. Just saying I'll take the prospect who doesn't have to say "I can only refer you to my lawyer on that" three times a week. It's not going away. I'll take the Bryce Young of the class. Scoot has kept his nose clean and did a trail run in a NBA style junior league.
  6. I disagree. I think Scoot and Memo can coexist in the backcourt and we play our bigs in the front. Today's NBA is a lot of small ball. I want to see us being a transition fast offense with solid bigs and wing scoring off good passing. We likely not gonna really compete in the playoffs but let's be exciting fun ball.
  7. Which would be point guard or off ball shooting guard right? Athletic wings are a dime a dozen these days. The rare ones can defend and shoot the three. Which Miller sounds like but another Miller could fill that SF spot at 27. Leonard Miller is 6'10" with crazy wingspan and young and raw. Just saying. Go best available then fill needs.
  8. And a rookie or since we stuck with Hayward for one more year he fits. Good looking out. Reading is fundamental and some folks on here nearly illiterate.
  9. So close to a decent starting lineup. Basically short a small forward if Bridges is not resigned but PJ is. I feel like we can find a wing with that second 1st rounder.
  10. Watch scoot or Miller go number 1 and we get Victor only for him to be fragile and him and melo trade spots on bench all season. Lol. Shouldn't speak that evil but it reeks of Hornets luck. Personally I like scoot at PG and Melo at SG. It won't really be SG and PG really cause both will move the ball down court. Kinda like Monta and Curry it will be a small ball backcourt with a combination of our young bigs in the frontcourt. I see nothing wrong with it. Add a guy hopefully at SF in the later pick and hope he gets it quick.
  11. It's called accessory to murder. It's a thing. Amazing what being a star at a huge college in a backwards part of the country can get ya out of. The classic if he is guilty why he not in jail argument holds no water. Only poor people are in jail. The rich walk or if rich people are protecting you you good too. I'm done making assumptions about Miller but if two prospects are fairly equal I'm gonna take the one that didn't nearly derail his career with his choice of "friends"
  12. Of course we are miserable. Have you followed this team for long? Exited bout this pick but realistic that if we don't accompany it with a roster shake up and better coaching we are still doomed. With the $$$ that Bridges wants we should resign Nick, PJ and Dennis and go from there. I don't think anyone wants Hayward and his contract so we got one more year of that BS. After the dust settles this team needs to build around whoever we end up with at 2 and hopefully Melo but if a team offers young pieces and maybe a draft pick thia year we need to entertain it. Ball on a max deal and playing 50 games could happen. That would hurt.
  13. Ya think Orlando would give up the 6th pick for Melo? I doubt it but let's say they did. Scoot then at six take a forward. Jarace Walker or Hendrickson. Either of those guys could replace Hayward. Also why is everyone so adamant that Scoot and Melo can't coexist? Style of play is different and could actually mesh. Personally, I don't like the optics of Miller and his gun incident and Bridges going two rounds with a woman. We need a culture change. Clifford is boring and is like the John Fox of basketball. Avoid the Ja Morant guy and send the wife beater elsewhere. Hire Doc Rivers and draft Scoot.
  14. The edges that fit what we needed came off quick. Edge is also a position overstaffed often. Remember when we all were hoping Will McDonald would be there at 39? I admit I had DJ as a target but at 114 maybe 93. That said I get the trade up. The guy has some raw skills.
  15. Hence the comparison to Bennett. My hope is YGM can fill that role or another. He is only 25 and has untapped potential because of the era of retardation. That Chinn and Burns developed under those circumstances is amazing. I also hope Tremble and TMJ can finally reach their potential with better coaching.
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