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  1. I got excited just glancing at the ticker and not paying attention to the actual moves. Ok no bigs to two quality bigs. Woo hoo. NOPE. It's the NBA ya got to wheel and deal and do dumb schit. I'm just confused. We landed the top center and dealt him away?
  2. Always liked Funchess. He was way more likeable than Kelvin. Maybe we should have drafted Tyler Lockette instead. But we were obsessed with giving Cam big receivers who in theory he could not overthrow.
  3. Wow. So many folks were pounding the drum to bring Watson in and now crickets. I'm so glad it turned out this way for us. It feels good to say "I told ya so"
  4. Thank you. What if Rhule gets us into the playoffs? I'm not too optimistic because our schedule is gonna be brutal. AFC north and NFC west opponents is doing us no favors. That said I also realize if we fire the coach it will result in a blow up and rebuild with another two to three seasons of SUCK.
  5. He never reached his potential but is a solid player. Sign him up. That spot across from Burns is open as far as I can tell. I like Barno but he should play more of pass rush specialist.
  6. Stopping the run. Our pass rush has been strong but setting the edge and stuffing the middle has been a weakness. I think it will continue to be. I blame part of that on personnel and the other half on play calling. On offense our biggest weakness was the oline changing lineups every other week and a bust QB. Our new weakness will be inexperience playing together. Hopefully a lineup at oline will gel together in camp and continue to improve through the season. That and Matty Golden running away with the gig and excelling.
  7. If you count Darnold and Henderson as part of this haul you have to drop a letter grade. But I would start with a A-. Compare our draft to division rivals TB, ATL and NIO. We got better IMO none of our rivals had as solid of drafts. Ikem light years better than Penning. Atl added a linebacker I liked but we got better value with our linebacker pick. Tampa got a bunch of who? picks. We did well. If Corral provides a spark next yrar, we did great.
  8. Brilliant move. Corral has some overblown "character issues" and his size is not ideal but his ceiling is high. I'm just glad we didn't pass on Ikem for Kenny Pickett.
  9. I don't think Fitterer is gonna sit on his hands and do nothing. If a guy we really like is there at a spot attainable then... Whether that is a QB or another position I don't know.
  10. His little brothers are 5 and 7. Almost as tall as mom.
  11. I think the board landed in such a way that we passed on trading down more so than folks didn't want to play ball.
  12. Cross, Neal and Ikem will forever be linked. Did we get the best guy? I personally love the pick Ikem was my fave. Saints taking Willis? Maybe.
  13. Yes. We did not decide to ruin another QB.
  14. Sauce? Kayvon? Ikem, Neal or Cross? Jets and Giants will leave someone there for us to either take or dangle for trade bait.
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