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  1. Our oline is a rag tag group of veteran misfits ( excluding moton who is ) but they are doing the job. Do I wanna see a younger more talented LT and a center yep. But Daley, Christenson, Brown are young pieces that will develop with us. Rome was not built in a day. We got mad free agency next year and Scott "finesse" Fitterer wheeling and dealing in the draft. It's being built, progress is not often a instant gratification thing. It's slow.
  2. I'm predicting 10-7. Darnold is more of a gunslinger than ol teddy checkdown. That mentality will help to will us to some wins in close games. Having CMC back alone is good for a couple wins. Our defense is gelling nicely and will hurt feelings. The Saints could be swept. The Falcons and Buccs are possible splits. That's 4 wins right there. Our oline will hinder us but DJ, Robby, and Sam will hit it off and produce more TD's than last year. 10-7 get a wild card and yes surprise a team in that first round.
  3. With the weapons we got Sam gonna be fine. 4211 yards 31 tds 9 ints 69 completion percentage 11-6 win record 1132 yds rec and 9 tds for DJ 979 yards rec and 10 tds for Robby CMC gets 1096 yards rec and 6 tds
  4. It's gonna be a fun team to watch. Draft day was exciting too. Thor, Jones and Bouknight have potential. Plumlee is a better version of Zeller. Hornets are buzz worthy.
  5. I don't think it was a bad off season move but the second round trade down gave me pause. I love the Tommy Tremble and Terrace Marshall picks and they can make this trade work. But I did like Liam as a tackle. If the left tackle gambles in free agency don't pan out it could cause a whole avalanche of issues.
  6. Did y'all see what Justin Jefferson did last year as a rookie? T. Marshall is a bigger, better version of Jefferson.
  7. Add Odell to that short list. DJ is a top 10 to 15 WR in the League. The disrespect is... I hope Sam and our offense balls out this year. PFF are stat nerds that sometimes I wonder if even watch football.
  8. Bradberry is a workhorse. Steady and dull not flashy and erratic. That is likely why people forgot or underappreciated what he does. But that's the past. The future is Horn. The picking of Horn reminds me of the Derrick Brown pick. We took the top defensive player on our board. The top guy at his position. Horn is more athletic than anyone we have had at corner. The raw ability is off the charts.
  9. A QB having a Solid oline allows them to shine. Look at top Qb's and the tackle they had. Wilson - Brady Mac - Leatherwood Herbert - Sewell Lawrence - Carman Lance - Radnunz Without steady play from the oline, many qb's will not progress. Biggest impact rookie will be Harris. The Steelers are gonna feed him.
  10. We are building something. Watch for that assistant G.M. move soon. Another Off season and draft this regime will own the South.
  11. Maybe they liked Deonte and Moore more. Smith had medical flags. We are not privy to the actual inner workings of a draft. It's shitz and giggles for us, it's their job. Example of my silly mocks All trey draft. Trey lance, tre hill, Trey smith, then any player who is a third III. Or the tough to pronounce draft. Guys with like 8 vowels in their name. Believe it or not these strategies could have produced some decent drafts but silly. Coulda woulda shoulda second guessing is a game to play couple years from now.
  12. The Lions are having a nice draft. Hate the Falcons so much. Grant and Pitts are gonna be problems.
  13. Forgot bout Trill. There is a ton of talent still available.
  14. Favorite players on the board. Jabril Cox, Dylan Moses, Daviyon Nixon, Cisco, Ar'Darius Washington, Trey Smith,Trey Hill, Elerson Smith and Jonathon Marshall. We digging for gems.
  15. Fitterer has finesse. The ability to move up and down the draft without doing dumb moves. When compared to past trade moves ( Little, Kelvin, Everett, and Amanti Edwards) if it was not so painful it would be funny. This is what a competent GM looks like. Just to compare check out Giants and WFT to us after the draft.
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