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Second Round Big board

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MHS831 Panther Round 2 Board


1.      Elijah Moore, WR Miss.

Moore is an undersized slot receiver who excels at attacking the middle of the field against zone looks. He has the burst to separate in man coverage. He's a natural hands catcher who plucks the ball out of the air. Moore's ability to make defenders miss -- plus his top-end speed -- make him a threat after the catch. WHILE I FEEL WE HAVE TO GO T, THEY MAY FEEL THAT THEY HAVE ADDRESSED IT FOR NOW WITH SCOTT AND ERVING AND THEY CAN GRAB A SENIOR BOWL T LATER TO DEVELOP.  I HOPE NOT, BUT MOORE IS THE BEST PLAYER IN A NEED POSITION THAT REMAINS, IMO.

2.      Teven Jenkins, T Ok St.

Jenkins is a big and powerful run-blocker who can line up at either tackle spot or at guard. He has improved significantly in each of his three years as a starter. He has shorter arms and average agility for an offensive tackle, but he shows the ability to shoot his hands, has the wide frame to stay in front of his assignment and anchors well in pass protection. MY FAVORITE PLAYER STILL ON THE BOARD, I THINK HE CAN PLAY LT--JUST NOT AS WELL AS RT OR RG. 

3.      Trevon Moehrig S TCU

Moehrig excelled in a Cover 4 heavy scheme at TCU that frequently left him on an island working against slot receivers. He's a playmaker who shows good burst breaking on the ball and good timing breaking up passes. He's an above-average open-field tackler. Moehrig was voted TCU's Special Teams Most Valuable Player by his teammates in 2018. (NOTE:  I know, another defensive player…but he could make the secondary special and we could get off the field.  We need a FS who can free up Chinn, Horn, Jackson, etc.  IT BOTHERS ME, TO BE HONEST, BUT HE IS A PLAYER. 

4.      Dillion Radunz OT NDSU

Radunz is an excellent athlete with average length. He does a good job of staying in front of his assignments in pass protection. He has the foot speed to excel in a zone-heavy scheme and does a good job of climbing to the second level. He is tough but needs to get stronger.  (Maybe not right away, but he could be the next Gross)

5.      Samuel Cosmi, OT Tex

Cosmi has good size, is light on his feet and has experience playing on the left and right sides. He tends to get his hands inside. He has the upper-body strength to lock out and does an above-average job of mirroring in pass protection. Cosmi frequently drives defensive linemen off the ball in the run game.  TO BE HONEST, HE SCARES ME A BIT--THERE IS SOMETHING ABOUT HIM THAT I JUST DO NOT LIKE--BUT SINCE HE HAS ALL THE TOOLS AND I CAN'T VERBALIZE MY CONCERNS, HE IS #5.

6.      Creed Humphrey, C Ok

Humphrey is a former high school wrestler who locks on and locks out when he gets his hands inside in pass protection. He has excellent change-of-direction skill and anchors well. Humphrey is an effective zone blocker with outstanding foot speed, and he's smooth climbing to the second level in the run game. –(we are going to need a smart, effective C moving forward--Humphrey is probably my second favorite OL on the board behind Jenkins.

7.      Davis Mills, QB Stanford

Mills has a good frame, strong arm and adequate mobility. His mechanics are a little inconsistent, but he's accurate when he gets the ball out in rhythm and on time. He started just 11 games at the college level. He locks onto receivers at times and the consistency of his decision-making needs to improve.  (Develop behind Darnold for a season or 2--for those of you that think Darnold may not make it, why not bring in a developing QB?)

8.      Kellen Mond, QB Tex A&M

Mond has adequate size, excellent arm strength and good release quickness. He flashes the ability to lead receivers to yards after the catch on shorter throws, yet his accuracy and touch are streaky. Mond often appears mechanical inside the pocket, but he has good foot speed and shows the ability to extend plays.  I REALLY LIKE THIS KID--AND I THINK BRADY COULD WORK WONDERS WITH HIM...

9.      Nick Bolton, LB Missouri

Bolton plays even faster than his timed speed thanks to his instincts. He gets over the top of blockers and shoots gaps. He chases with great effort, and his open-field tackling is outstanding. He shows good range in underneath coverage and flashes the ability to find a crease as a pass-rusher.  We really need a stud we can count on.  Perryman looks good  on paper, but he looks natural on the exercise bike.

10. Walker Little, OT Stan

Little has the massive frame and quickness to develop into an effective run-blocker at the NFL level. He needs to play with better leverage and get stronger. He flashes some snap in his punch and has quick feet, but he has adequate length and speed rushers give him some problems in pass protection. He hasn't played a live game since Week 1 of the 2019 season (knee injury, then opted out of the 2020 season.  Little could be the steal of the draft--he really has some solid tools and mechanics.

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Wonder how they grade Barmore or the other DTs? Not my favorite position at this point, but if they see as a need, talent really drops quickly.

As a much as huddlers are screaming for offense, BPA is probably on the D side

JOK, Moehrig, Grant, Melifonwu or Campbell could all contribute on day one

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