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  1. So much QB talk, including 1st round pick talk on the board, I want to see who you think we should target in rounds 2 and 3 Assume we use our 1st rounder on a QB, whether its by draft or by trading for Watson.
  2. Only if as an organization we feel its worth the chance. If we feel that way, a 7th is a small price to pay to ensure you get a talented like him opposed to 30 other teams having a shot at him as well.
  3. Yes, and there is a big difference in tweaking your system compared to re-designing the entire system around one player. For example, you wouldn't draft a pure power blocking guard and insert him into a zone blocking system, then try to make the other 4 guys power scheme blockers.
  4. Obviously you want the best players possible, but you also absolutely want players that fit what you want to do. Matt Rhule has even talked about drafting players that fit into their system. Belichick and the Patriots dominated the league for a long time drafting players that fit into their system. The key is finding the most talented players that also fit what you want to do as a coaching staff. Understand, I am not against Lance, and I am not promoting Jones. Both possess NFL qualities with Jones being much more accurate and Lance being much more athletic. I honestly wouldn't pick eithe
  5. When I spoke of accuracy above, I was speaking of throws like this at the Senior Bowl. Most contribute Mac Jones success to wide open receivers, because that is exactly what he had at Alabama. Now, I am not jumping on a Mac Jones bandwagon or anything, but when you run a system that requires accurate ball placement, and you read an article about one QB having accuracy issues, then you hear about another QB displaying accuracy at the senior bowl, and an example below, you have to question which is best for your team. https://twitter.com/PFF_AustinGayle/status/1354547740429197317?ref
  6. Who said that Burrow wasn't mobile? However, that accuracy from Burrow is very nice.
  7. I don't know how long we will be able to keep Joe Brady around, but as long as he is around this us not the type of QB to be successful. I have said it before, if we are drafting a QB then we should be going for Zach Wilson. If we cannot get Wilson, then it is very POSSIBLE that Mac Jones is the next best choice. Brady came from the Sean Payton system where Drew Brees makes quick reads and delivers accurate passes just like Joe Burrow did for Brady at LSU.
  8. Speaking of kicker, for anybody that doesn't like Joey Slye, go check out Jose Borregales from Miami.
  9. Not going to set them up, and not going to let them off the hook. Right now they can build around Lawrence whole watching their division rival lose it all.
  10. No, I suggested a 7th rounder that COULD turn into a 4th if he became a starter and played a very high percentage of our snaps. If he doesn't work out you lose a 7th and move on. If he becomes a starter and nails down a starting spot I have no problem changing that to a 4th. Obviously there are concerns which is why he would have to prove himself and play his way to the pick switching. I don't feel that he is a starting tackle, but I believe he can be a dominate RG talent wise.
  11. Houston would be dumb enough to try and be stubborn even though it makes the situation worse for themselves.
  12. I 100% agree. I don't see him becoming a tackle in the NFL. He needs to be moved to Guard
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