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  1. Like who? I mean this firing someone talk is absolutely crazy at this point. Our coaching staff is only in year 2, and our GM is in his 1st year. People are so emotional because we started 3-0 and they thought we were going to the Super Bowl. This coaching staff inherited a really bad team, and that team has been just about remade in 2 years, and after this next offseason we will enter year 3 of the rebuild. Year 3 of a rebuild is when you really start accessing how things are looking. Fix the o-line this offseason and make a decision about Darnold. This team has a lot of talent, but really young talent, especially on defense. I do expect a jump into the playoffs next year.
  2. Most pressures where from the interior. Their edge guys got their pressures from stunts. Tackles picked the stunts up, IOL not so much.
  3. All the talk about tackles, but the IOL is horrendously bad! Though Brady wasn't spectacular, he did okay and remember the Eagles have a really good front, and it was his first start at RT. Also, Miller is just straight terrible. Put a competent RG beside him and let him grow and I think Brady will be good.
  4. I like what I see as a RB2, just need to catch the ball better and get stronger. He's just a rookie and I think he hits the weight room to get stronger, and hopefully works on the hands in practice
  5. We had 4 guys around the fumble in the end zone, should have recovered that for a TD instead of knocking out for a safety. Those points win the game
  6. Yep, and Georgia was missing their top 3 receiving threats on offense tonight. Pickens and Washington were out, while Jackson was only used for punt returns as he works himself back healthy. Heck, they were using RB's at receiver all night.
  7. Sorry if there is already a thread that I missed. I recently moved and I cannot get Direct TV (no Sunday Ticket), and I am not edible to get Direct TV streaming either. What are my other options to get all games? Obviously I want to watch all Panthers games, but also want to have ability to see all games or at least all Miami games. Panthers fan first, Dolphins fan before Panthers existed and still my secondary team
  8. Agree! I believed in Mac as well. Many are still sleeping on Mac, and will refuse to see that he 100% outplayed Cam throughout the preseason. These two guys, just like their names are going in different directions. To people talking about the vaccine, this isn't a case of not getting a shot in the arm, its about the arm being shot. As for his future, he needs to accept a backup role where he can be used as a short yardage and goal line QB somewhere.
  9. Derek Stingley, Tyler Linderbaum, and this 6'7" 360 lb monster.....
  10. This guy signed a new, healthy contract that has him as one of the highest paid corners in the league. Then proceeds to only play 5 games in 2019 (first year of contract), then gets arrested on domestic violence charges before the 2020 season, Dolphins stick by his side through all that, he has a great 2020 season, then turns his back on tge Dolphins because his teammates (Byron Jones) makes more than him. Yikes....I believe he should have at least 2 good seasons in a row before going this route.
  11. Lol.....it's CBS, you should expect dumb stuff like Little at LT
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