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  1. Absolutely not as a safety, guy is mediocre at best. If you bring him in as a nickle CB, which is his natural position, you get league average.
  2. My early favorites at potential positions of need. CB - Derek Stingley (LSU) - yes, I know we drafted Horn, but Stingley/Horn for the next 10+ years with Chinn has scary good potential. If given the opportunity, no way I pass on this guy! DE - Kayvon Thibodeaux (Oregon) S - Kyle Hamilton (Notre Dame) C - Tyler Linderbaum (Iowa) LT - Zion Nelson QB - Spencer Rattler WR - Chris Olave
  3. Its going to get worse for the Packers. Devante Adams becomes a free agent after this season, and Jaire Alexander one year later. If Rodgers is traded or retired, they better hope Love earns that draft pick or these guys will bounce too.
  4. This is a really bad idea. No worries though, if Rodgers is traded I don't think it will be to an NFC team.
  5. Not sure why they don't have it listed, but Penei Sewell is 33.25"
  6. I still say to call Richard Sherman and see if he will transition to Free Safety. Bring veteran leadership to the back end of the defense, and prolong his career like Rod Woodson did years ago. If Sherman declines, then go get Malik Hooker on a cheap prove it deal.
  7. Let's hope our new longsnapper makes a difference. Jason Saunders at Miami was 76% in 2019. Miami drafted a longsnapper in the 6th round last year. Saunders was at 93% last year (100% on PAT's), and he contributed the success to his new LS. Saunders said that having quicker, more accurate snaps led to quicker ball placement giving him that extra split second for accuracy. Having said that, I was all about drafting Jose Borregales with our last pick, or at least getting him as an UDFA. Kid is so accurate. Perfect on PAT'S in 2020, and 20-22 FG's with his only 2 misses between 40-49 where
  8. You hope Darnold works out, because if not you need to draft a QB next year. Let's assume Darnold does well. You make every reasonable attempt to get in position to draft Derek Stingley next year. You roll out with Horn/Stingley for the next 10+ years
  9. Miami did it last year, their kicker went from an average kicker to one of the best in the NFL. Saunders from Miami talked about it saying that it is so important to have the snap placement, the ball down as quick as possible, and giving him that extra split second.
  10. Hurney can do that in Washington from now on......lol
  11. I really wanted us to add Jose Borregales from Miami, that kid is so accurate. He doesn't just make his kicks, he centers almost all of them. Unfortunately Tampa Bay picked him up. Will be interesting to see if he can beat out Ryan Succop.
  12. Hoping we do the same for Shaun Jolly from App State that we did for Ramsey. Jolly could be a find as a nickle corner. If not, you lose nothing
  13. It is obvious, Rhule is really good at roster building. Last years draft turned in good results, and shows promise for the future. I thought the 2020 draft was one of our best. Now we bring in Fitt with Rhule, and I think we knocked this draft out of the park. If this group matches or exceeds the 2020 draft by having a few players produce right away, and a few more show flashes for the future, I can say I believe it would be our best back2back drafts ever.
  14. I am a fan of Tremble, maybe overdrafted a little bit, but this kid is a fierce blocker. He has that "dog" mentality to dominate his opponent. I also believe that Tremble will and can develop into a pass catching threat. He catches the ball with his hands nicely right now, just needs to work on route running. If he can add a little hip drop in/out of cuts watch out for his potential. Love the late round picks. Shi Smith that late is an A+ in my opinion. This kid will produce from the slot and as a potential punt return option. And oh my, we have a GM that understands adding some beef late
  15. If he would make the move, I could see Sherman extending his career with high level FS play much like Rod Woodson did back years ago. I think Sherman at FS solidifies the defense, and brings leadership to our young secondary.
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