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  1. So Miami/Ross gets more punishment for doing what teams do every offseason in free agency than the Patriots/Kraft got in total for TWO spygates and the Message Parlor scandal, which are each individually worse than what Miami did. Speaking of the Cheatriots, Belicheat (of all people) and his crony Flores initiated this as Miami has passed NE as a team, and Miami canned Flores. How does Miami receive a worse punishment than Watson? If Watson isn't suspended a minimum of one year, then this ruling against Miami is absolutely nuts. Not to mention the timing coming a day after that BS Watson ruling is a way to totally deflect the talking points in the media. You cannot attempt to do what teams do every free agency, to which you actually did not even sign said player/coach, but you can sexually assault as many women as you want? NFL wasted no time in coming down on Belicheats rival, but we are still waiting for them to take action against Dan Snyder! SMH... I am not defending what Miami and that POS Ross did, just pointing out the double standards in the league. It's been known for years that the Cheatriots get favoritism.
  2. Offense: T - Anthony Munoz, Jonathan Ogden G - John Hannah, Bruce Matthew's C - Mike Webster WR - Calvin Johnson, Randy Moss, Jerry Rice TE - Rob Gronkowski, Tony Gonzalez RB - Walter Payton, Barry Sanders FB (added) - Larry Csonka QB - Dan Marino Defense: DT - Warren Sapp, Aaron Donald DE - Reggie White, Bruce Smith LB - Luke Keuchly, Ray Lewis, Lawrence Taylor, Derrick Thomas CB - Charles Woodson, Rod Woodson S - Ronnie Lott, Ed Reed P - Johnny Hekker K - Justin Tucker KR/PR - Devin Hester
  3. Get it done, no reason for the Miles situation to prevent that trade. Lonzo a much better fit next to Melo
  4. If Mac had played here as a rookie, he would have been benched and already labeled as a complete bust. The difference in Belicheat/Rhule is enormous enough before you add in the fact that we had a bottom 3 Oline while Mac played in NE behind a possible top 3 Oline. He also had a running game to hide his deficiencies as an NFL QB. Driven by a narrative from the media, Mac is already very much overrated. Take him from NE and place him in Carolina, and that doesn't happen with the media and as stated above, the situation would not have been friendly to Mac.
  5. With Hecker and now Roberts added, our special teams have gotten a much needed boost.
  6. Says the GM after the owner chased Watson around for over a year with his tongue dragging the ground
  7. Chiefs picked Tennessee Guard Trey Smith in the 6th round last year, hopefully Mays is as productive as Smith
  8. Good pick, but being round 6 pick 199 I was low key hoping for Carson Strong, a slow footed QB with a big arm that is smart. Patriots drafted a guy just like that in round 6 at pick 199 years ago
  9. Freak athlete, just doesn't have LB instincts.
  10. Yes we made the correct pick. His footwork, balance, and hand usage is really really good
  11. Yep, and honestly we need rid of Sam and PJ, so drafting another QB at some point is not a bad idea.
  12. Perrion Winfrey from Oklahoma Neil Farrell Jr from LSU
  13. Would be a great pick, and would start at LG immediately and push BC into a swing backup role
  14. DE is very weak at this point, maybe Kingsley Enagbare or Michael Clemons, but thats about it Guard intrigues me because there are options that could potentially push Christensen to backup swing T.....Darian Kinnard, Jamaree Salyer are my two favorites ILB has a few interesting guys, Brandon Smith is a freak athlete but lacks the instincts that a Jeremiah Gemmell has
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