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  1. SQUIRREL!!! Focus on the topic, people. Charles Johnson and Greg Hardy both stepped it up during year 3.
  2. Sad. I did not realize the Huddle had so many medical doctors.
  3. I saw nothing to get excited about in 2021.
  4. Good defense and running game-OL is stout--is is a system QB
  5. Isn't Sheena wrong more than she is correct? It seems I have seen her aim and miss a lot.
  6. And I see your argument--Darnold has never had a line, and it shows. However, I see where people think Mayfield had more upside--we will probably see---but if Mayfield plays well-do you pay him $200m for 5 years? Baker Passer rating in 2021: 83 Darnold Passer rating in 2021: 72 So to support your point, even injured, Baker did better--but he did have a better OL. To me, the OL is the difference maker as much as the QB. We were HORRIBLE last year up the middle.
  7. I am not sure Baker gives us the best chance to win now. His 2021 play paralleled Darnold's. Darnold has been sharp and determined in camp (I know--the bullets aren't flying yet). And Corral is on deck. Baker gives Corral little to no hope of seeing the field in 2022--so if he does not play, how do we evaluate him entering the 2023 draft? In my opinion, you do not build by bringing in rentals that bury your developmental players.
  8. Before the draft, I was for it, but now? Not so much. While I am not a big fan of throwing a third round rookie under center, I am more inclined to do that than bring in this guy. I believe in team chemistry, something some do not value because it is not a Madden feature.
  9. As much as many of you want Ickey to be the LT, BC was playing pretty well there the last 3 games. But I will add that no NFL coach is going to crown a rookie the starter after a few weeks in t shirts and shorts.
  10. He'll be lucky to be the #3 WR
  11. And there will never be evidence for that because you will never know if a QB that busted would have prospered if he had more time to develop and you will never know if a QB who sat for a while would have been good on day 1. So if you are looking for evidence that way, it does not exist. I know this--a lot of first round QBs bust and a lot of them are thrown into the fire early. If you say "We had a first round grade" on Corral, then I would ask you, 'Why did we not draft him in the first round?" Its good bar stool debate though.
  12. There is a lot to learn transitioning from the offense he ran at Ole Miss to the NFL. The more you know, the higher the likelihood for success. It is not about whether he can play as much as it is how fast can he process. Put a rookie out there with all the skills (and they all can play) starting from day 1 just does not happen much with 3rd round draft picks. Having been a freshman on a college team, I can tell you that they struggled most of their freshman year before the light came on--and some were very talented. Can you name a third rounder who was successful in the NFL starting Day 1?
  13. While I know many of you want to start Corral game 1, I think the earlier you have to play him, the more you reduce his chances for success. He is developmental, and in this era of instant gratification, it is a tough concept for some.
  14. If he struggles at LT, that could happen--but I agree--I have no reason to speculate on this, but we have seen this done in other places.
  15. I am going to say something crazy here--just reading the tea leaves based on comments made during OTAs, so take that for what it is worth. I doubt this happens, but one never knows. They have commented on how good Brady C looks in camp so far. Since they are not hitting, this is based on his feet (great athlete, remember?) and technique. Another comment that I recall was about Ickey--and they said he has a ways to go (paraphrasing). What if they play this season with BC at LT and Ickey at LG?
  16. We spent 2 years to prove the coach needed developing-not the team. Rhule's adherence to college coaches and the way he allowed Baylor/Temple players to occupy 15% of the roster were red flags. Then when Brady got figured out and he had no answers... Now he has hired some NFL coaches and lost some of the control Tepper gave him--so if he is better by subtraction, I guess that is improvement.
  17. I mean, when has Darnold not hit the defender in the hands?
  18. There is nothing about growth or a five-year plan that says, "Hey, we need Cam Newton-now."
  19. The issue is not how many fans wanted Watson--unless you are petty. Fans have limited information. The issue is that four teams wanted Watson, including the Panthers. And since nothing has been resolved or proven, claiming victory is premature. It is not looking good for Cleveland, however, and that is all we know.
  20. The parts are there, now the chemistry is next.
  21. The Fvcked up situation was with Rivera, who used him like a QB/FB
  22. Here is the rub with Mayfield--if you trade a pick for him, he is likely gone in a year. If you keep him, he will demand $30-40 million and you have a QB that lacks the ability to make you great. So you prolong the inevitable. Meanwhile, your development of Corral goes to the back burner. To me, unless you trade Darnold for Mayfield in an even swap, there is little upside to bringing in Mayfield. And that is without getting into his locker room toxicity.
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