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  1. Looks like I will be saving about $384. this week.
  2. Thursday night games should only be for teams coming off a bye week. Week off + 4 days= game; then 3 days + week = next game. That is 2 games in 3 weeks. Instead, the NFL has 4 days between games and 14 days between games.
  3. 37-10 Burns and Co. get 5 more sacks. CMC for 100/100 Darnold for 4 TD passes Horn gets a pick. Chinn gets a pick. Thompson gets a pick. Lotta pickin and grinnin going on.
  4. Nixon looking like a steal. YGM? It's time, son. Roy is probably peaking. Fox ate all day.
  5. If I am confessing, as i grow older, I find Lovie Howell from Gilligan's Island reruns to be hot.
  6. I just want a win so we can have 10 days to rest up and prepare for Dallas at 3-0. This early schedule is where we need to get our wins. The end of the season is brutal.
  7. But wait, Cam New....nevermind. I see your point.
  8. The best thing I saw about Darnold....After throwing that STOOPID shovel pick thing to give NO an INT, he did not let it bother him. Don't do that again---Sam---but way to regroup and win the game.
  9. Sure, but if he is on the #1 WR...neither is he.
  10. Whitehead? We popped that zit. Pride? Swallowing it on IR. Weatherly? A warm front for opposing OL. Douglas? Or should we say, Dougless. Boston? Like eating baked beans that become wind turds. We did a lot of overhauling if you think about it. Brown and the secondary have been tremendous. 10 sacks is as much their doing as Burns and Reddick.
  11. Not necessarily. They got set up with good field position, and got a FG. Then there was another freak accident--like a long KO return or interference call that set them up for a second FG. Of course, there is a slight margin for error here.
  12. Carolina 34 Houston 6 Had to account for another Darnold shovel pass to a DT.
  13. Now we know what team Jabba's sister pulls for.
  14. The Panthers have yet to trail in any game so far. They have not had the need to be 1-dimensional, throwing every down. That will be the true test. LG is our biggest concern. Wonder about Jordan, Christensen, etc. When will either be ready?
  15. The best thing about this win: If you want to know how to beat those "W-eating" QBs---just pressure him. He was not really challenged vs. GB. They won easily and he barely had to pass the ball. Even he thought he was "back". So now, Peyton is not the QB genius he thought he was--he is only as good as his cheating and Drew Brees could carry him. Like Billichick, Rivera, etc. some coaches are only as good as their QBs. Take a coach like Joe Gibbs, however, who won titles without great QBs, and you have something. I love the power of positive thinking: saintlyn8: Our punting looks good tho. Thats something.
  16. The Saints have NEVER been screwed over by the re....nevermind.
  17. Were it not for about 10 years between them, we nearly had Rosario Dawson and Megan Fox on our team. Hubba Hubba.
  18. Nice photo. I am relieved. Although I look at this photo, and I see some positives and negatives. Cam's form is good. Christensen's feet are too close together--maybe because 320 lbs was on one them. Miller needs better arm extension and more knee bend and less waist bend. Paradis looks good--he gets in trouble when they bull rush him and he is in good shape vs. the bull rush.
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