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  1. People will give Brady credit for that Bucs comeback, but the real credit goes to the Rams.
  2. IF we could build the OL and Darnold were to take us to the playoffs, that would make it very hard to let Darnold walk. I do not see that as likely.
  3. How does Cooper get behind the safety in that situation? It was 10 seconds, not 13. 3 were on the clock when the field goal team came out. The Bengals give up 9 sacks and win.
  4. the thing about the KC Buffalo game--We knew it would be incredible before the game started--it had to be.
  5. These 4 games were epic--heart-breaking losses, walk-off wins. Great weekend-
  6. I think Elf can be released and it would save us some $$ (2.3 million)---not sure it would be worth it--same for Erving. Erving can play every OL position--and is valuable as a backup, I would think
  7. No coin flip should create an advantage for one team over the other.
  8. I do believe that we will sign a high-end free agent G---I worry that they will go with Elflein at C. Draft a LT, move BC to G, and that is what they will call "an investment."
  9. Brown is definitely a question mark at this point. How much of his bench riding was on the coaching staff and how much was on Brown? Still, players selected on day 3 should be considered developmental, so there is hope that he can play an IOL position. A lot of it will depend on his conditioning. OL are not subbed in and out like DL or TEs, so they have to be able to go the distance, as you know.
  10. But we punted for more than 177 yards in 2 minutes quite often. That has to count for something. Seriously---that umbrella, give up 20 yards underneath defense needs to be revisited.
  11. Not related, but Baker Mayfield and Sam Darnold were selected in the draft before Josh Allen.
  12. They were trying to eat the clock so that Brady could not come back in and drive for a late FG--so instead of going for a TD aggressively, they were conservative with a run to eat the clock--it backfired. Not blaming the coach--I think Stafford checked into it.
  13. Has he ever used a FB? We will need a TE or two.
  14. He really is--already playing that game with the media about his future-he feeds on attention more than anyone I have ever seen--so he will milk the offseason and hold the Packers hostage as long as he can get away with it--good player, but what an ego and a colossal ahole.
  15. We have good eastern NC BBQ, the NASCAR hall of fame, and mullets never went out of style here. Seriously? Hard pass.
  16. About the OBJ argument: He has not been great everywhere he has been. And since WRs do not take snaps, there has to be strategy involved to get him the ball. Of course, there will always be the argument that the player made the coach and not the other way around--but that can be said about every coach.
  17. I am hoping for the Rams and Bills....Do not want to see the Niners give the Bucs a home NFC championship game and Brady another Super Bowl appearance. I despise him---share the wealth. The Bills, if they keep playing like they did last week, are a tough out. The Bills / Chiefs game might be one for the ages.
  18. Jackson can't stay on the field--why would we pay him? Gilmore is old and will be hitting the wall at any time-but I would rather have him. Henderson, Bouye, Horn, Taylor, etc. CB is fine with pressure.
  19. ...Asked the anonymous person behind a Google stock image and fake name.
  20. Notice how he aligns himself with Tepper and makes light of the hire. At times he gets too cute..."We drafted (the RB from OK St-Hubbard) because my wife thought he had a good game vs. Baylor." (paraphrased). From there, he went into the longsnapper film room to study the next pick on his own.
  21. That is pretty racist if you consider the play on words.
  22. Rhule says he wants an OC with NFL play calling experience. He is widely criticized for the lack of NFL experience and nepotism involved in picking his staff. Here is a sentence from David Newton's press release to SI. See if you can spot the "SMH" phrase in this statement: "Rhule talked to eight or nine candidates, some from the college ranks, before settling on McAdoo."
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