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  1. He could be Evero's apprentice--should we lose him in 2024 to a HC position.
  2. I would spend a third on Hooker--for 2024. But that can't be your plan A.
  3. I have a hunch that Carr will get cut and sign with Washington.
  4. Slander is spoken. This is written. It would be libel, not slander--but its not. For it to be slander or libel there has to be damages. Fans on a discussion board are not causing Cam personal injury in any way. Anyhooo....there's that.
  5. The dropper will be AR, in my opinion. We are getting Levis or no QB, if you ask me. Young/Stroud are probably going in top 3 to 4 picks, and I do not see Carolina moving up that far--if Stroud or young falls to #6, they will move up. Just guessing.
  6. What amazes me about him is his confidence. Borderline cocky. I would be wearing a ski cap or headphones all the time--and praying for calm winds.
  7. I lived in the Baltimore area and the Charlotte area---my entire life. I have not been to Baltimore in several years, but I liked it. The Inner Harbor was being fixed up and was pretty nice--some of the streets around the nice areas are a bit dangerous--but that is true about Charlotte. I can say that the women in Baltimore (before I was married) were more aggressive and eager than in Charlotte...what was my point again?
  8. to me, he is like Jake Delhomme--I think he can win in the league, and he would make a perfect bridge qb.
  9. I think I posted somethng about Tune recently--like about 2 months ago--you are right
  10. Now you see why I was in tank mode, dipshits? Those Lions and Saints victories are not longer making me feel like a winner, as if the sweet nectar of the Lombardi is dripping into my vision of the future. Not sure that ended the way I designed it, but it is a bit poetic, so I am staying with it.
  11. No QB looks good without the OL doing its job--they were horrible.
  12. The ACL can tear with both contact and noncontact maneuvers. Approximately 70 percent of injuries are noncontact and occur when the athlete is trying to change directions, slow down or land from a jump. You made me Google--does that change your mind? I saw Thomas Davis (at OTAs) injure his ACL (the second one) I happened to be looking right at him--and he was doing agility/warmup drills. Full Disclosure: I am not a medical doctor.
  13. I don't know why or how, but I felt this was necessary.
  14. He needs to keep some buckets of cold water nearby on draft day--I think we are going to aggressively move up.
  15. I look at guys we just drafted--Barno and Brandon Smith--and see them as better fits in a 3-4. They are very athletic--Haynes should like it too.
  16. I see your thinking, but I think Shaq will be a cap casualty--unless they extend him.
  17. Good point--I think the cap situation will cost us Thompson, and that move will be made.
  18. Settle down, wrangler. Think it through first.
  19. This is a project that needs a QB, stud TE, and maybe a few holes filled on Defense. Get the QB and the TE, and I promise you, the offense is good enough to compete. Add a LB, Edge, and DB or two, and the defense is top 10. Six players will do it. Yes, more would be better, before some chime in with statements of the obvious. More better players is more better. We all get that concept.
  20. Right. If we draft a QB this year, he develops for a year on the bench, we'd have to re-sign Darnold (speculation) and how much better off are we? Then we have 4 years left on a rookie contract, and the franchise has to wait for these first rounders to develop. We might as well take Herndon in the third round or so--his numbers in college were better--and he would be ready the same time AR or Levis would.
  21. When people were bitching about Reich not being able to be here for 10 years, I posted stats that broke down the average career length for coaches who have won the super bowl and been in the super bowl and have not made the super bowl. The range was (going from memory) something like 4+ years for a Super Bowl coach and 3+ years for a non-super bowl coach. Found it--https://vikingsterritory.com/2020/general-news/the-nfl-head-coach-life-span-and-what-it-means-for-zimmer Other sites say the average length of time for an NFL coach before being removed is 3.2-3.3 years. Yikes.
  22. That guy is a troll. He comes to a discussion board and attacks points with no support. It all started when they allowed the mixing of prescription drugs and low-cost wi-fi.
  23. OK--here is how you specifically support your comment: Who in the current NFC South is better than Carr at QB?
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