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  1. I think on par--Beason had 10 picks in his career (10 years) and Shaq has 3 (8 years) and their tackle production was very similar. Beason seemed to hit the gaps better that Shaq, imo, wherein Shaq makes a lot of tackles in pursuit--basically, from the side vs. head on in the hole--I have no stats to prove that, however, so it is nothing more than a perception.
  2. Bryce Haters: Rookie stats John Elway: 47.5% completions, 7 TDs 14 Interceptions (Hall of Fame) Peyton Manning: 56.7 % completions, 26 TDs 28 Interceptions (Hall of Fame) Terry Bradshaw: 38.1% completions, 6 TDs 24 Interception (Hall of Fame) Baker Mayfield 63.8% completions, 27 TDs 14 Interceptions (NFL Journeyman)
  3. The OL has been fair to worse, the WRs are simply not getting open, and Bryce is getting toyed with by some strong DCs
  4. I personally think Shaq is a bit overpaid and overrated. Not strong in coverage and he gets lost at times. Some love him, I get that, but I have not visibly seen anything close to Beason, Morgan, Mills, or Luke-
  5. Aside from this, has anyone noticed how DB hustles? He makes a lot of tackles out wide (as with screen passes, for example) and the announcers seem rather oblivious to it. I love the player, and think he is worth the $$ to sign him to a long term deal.
  6. If we decide to keep the football while on offense this week, we should be able to win. I worry (as I did before the draft, during the summer, and throughout preseason) about our secondary. Let's hope Jackson can at least stay off IR until Horn returns. Too much to ask? Panthers 20 Saints 19
  7. That bothers me too, but then I think, "Zach Wilson, Trey Lance, Sam Darnold, Baker Mayfield...." and I don't feel so bad. They will undoubtedly (the way Fields is playing so far) be moving up to get a top 2 QB
  8. MEANWHILE, Patrick Surtain remains one of the dominant shut down CBs in the NFL. Curse of the black cat
  9. ANy word on who is playing LG? I am busy and could not read every thread---
  10. MHS831


    The think that bothered me is when he hesitated on a deep route-not his forte, I get that, but what is? Any WR knows that once you reveal your route to the DB, it is a sprint to gain separation. To me, that suggested he is not getting it mentally. Why hesitate on a deep route? He was not expecting the ball, maybe? Not the kind of thinking we need. Otherwise, he is very inconsistent. He flashes at times, but they all do. I would rather see the WR we just signed getting time, honestly.
  11. How this could benefit the Panthers in the long run: (Thank me later for being the voice of constant optimism and hope) 1. Zavala moves to LG, his "natural position." He never looks back. BC had a PFF score of 56 or so last year--weakest link. 2. Panthers can put Mays at RG, giving him valuable experience over the next 3 games until Corbett returns. Note: By week 5, we have 2 starting guards and a backup. Perhaps Christensen returns and there is no place for him. GOOD! 3. BC has the athleticism to play OT, so you play him as the backup swing T-focusing on the right side. 4. In 2024, Moton's contract swells to $30m. Maybe you can trade him this season before the trade deadline (risky, I know) and move BC to starting RT. Note: You saved $30m, upgraded at RG, and you have not lost a lot at RT if BC reaches his potential. With the $30m in savings, you could probably sign a pretty good CB (Jackson is walking in 2024 as well) and WR. While I like Moton, I do not see the logic behind giving him $30m when a team on a playoff run is likely to overpay before the trade deadline.
  12. I questioned the Sanders signing--any RB playing behind one of the best OLs in football....
  13. I thought it was an acl so I will take it. A Hamstring can take from 1-6 weeks, and there are different assessments of the severity--so I wonder if this is some reporter needing clicks or if they know for sure?
  14. In fairness, we have Henderson, a player who quietly leads the league in cushion allowed
  15. If he is healthy--this would be nice.
  16. Thanks. Funny how that was not newsworthy.
  17. They went after him twice--when there is 10 yards to go for a first down and the WR catches the pass at 12 yards, then the CB takes 2 steps before making contact, his cushion is way too large. CJ was out of position on the PI call-lost and had no chance to make a play. I see your point about the call, but if he were not penalized, he was still lost.
  18. Pay burns, build around him. Hats off the Zavala--not perfect, but a first game rookie vs some veteran talent.
  19. My only concern is the Horn injury. Yes, we gave up 17 points off turnovers, but they torched Henderson--and a TE beat him deep. No excuse for that. I would not be surprised to see us bring in (or up) someone. If you need proof of his heart, watch him when he has a chance to make a tackle--especially in a crowd. Nobody is that un-athletic.
  20. Panthers 28 (how many million they will have to pay Burns) Falcons 19 (the number of people headed to court in Fulton County)
  21. Pay no attention to it. However, pay attention to the fact that we will be "counting on" 3 rookies on the offensive side of the ball (I am guessing Zavala starts at RG, Young, and Mingo). On defense, there are a lot of new faces, but we did not see many of the difference makers. I think we are better than they think we are but not as good as we think we are.
  22. We have Brown, Tuttle, Williams, Thurman and Ray who play inside--I doubt Thurman and/or ray will be active. However, We can also bring Gross-Matos or Johnson in on obvious passing situations. I am not sure that we understand exactly how they are going to use the big fellas right now--but Atlanta has a pretty awesome RB, so we are going to find out.
  23. Some of you may be familiar with the book by Jim Collins entitled Good to Great. While his conclusions are not always consistent (Cherry picked), he makes a point that underlies his primary theme: Good is the enemy of Great because most people are satisfied with being good. There is less motivation to take that next step because you reached a status of being good at your job. In the NFL, the line between good and great is blurry. So much depends on your scheme, quality of teammates, random opportunity, etc. The difference between 10 sacks and 15 sacks, if you think about it, is 5 plays over the course of about 450 passing opportunities for each player. Some are awarded sacks when the defensive backs cover up the QBs options and the clock runs out, forcing him into the grasp of an otherwise stonewalled edge rusher. Other times middle pressure forces the QB to hold the ball etc etc. The better gauge of an edge rusher's worth might be to see how his presence impacts the offense--do they keep a RB or TE in to chip him? How many pressures does he get? Etc. I dunno. So I understand why this is problematic. Burns averages 9.5 sacks for his 4-year career. However,over the last 3 seasons, he has averaged about 33 solo tackles and 21 QB hits. He has averaged about 9.5 tackles for loss over the same period. His DB play has been erratic at best--so how does that stack up vs. Bosa? The biggest difference (he was injured his second year, so I am looking at his top 3 seasons) is in the area of QB hits--Bosa averaged about 33 hits per season, 12 more than Burns. Bosa averaged 38 solo tackles per season, compared to Burns 33. And in Bosa's top 3 seasons (rookie, 3 and 4) he averaged 14.33 sacks per season, vs. Burns' 9.5. In my estimation, Burns is good, Bosa is great. We shall see how much difference their paychecks reflect
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