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Canes vs Coyotes. 7pm

Panthers Fan 69

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2 hours ago, KillerKat said:

Losing faith in Rod. It always seemed to me we were riding talent a little more than coaching. The same mistakes happening in the playoffs over and over. That is on coaching. Now our plug and play system is no longer working and we may miss the playoffs. His seat should be hot if that happens.

I still have faith in Rod tha Bod... but he's gonna have to make some changes to his coaching staff. The PP is unacceptable and has been for a long time. I don't know who is responsible for special teams, but maybe start with them.

Brind'Amour seems to have a complete blind spot when it comes to the goalie position. Given the choice, he will pick the wrong goalie at least 7/10 times. It feels to me, as a dumbass fan, that our goalies are well coached. We don't have the best development program, but we seem to get the most out of the talent we have at the position.

Some of this mess falls on Wadell, too. I think he bought into the "plug and play" ability of our system as much as Rod. We have let a lot of talent walk out the door over the past 2 offseasons, and most of their replacements have proven inadequate or walked out the door themselves.

Overall, both men are among the top 5 in the world at their respective jobs. This season feels like they have rested on their laurels a bit. But, we are still in 2nd place in our division despite going 0fer our last 5.

NGL tho, if I was Dundon, and heard Rod tell a reporter postgame, "No, we don't need to change the way we play. We can't change the way we play. When you do that, that's how you lose games," I might've rage fired him on the spot...


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