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Antti Raanta’s Gear


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Some discussions as to whether Antti Raanta was wearing his old leg pads or new lighter gear in the game against Buffalo. I found a photo that proves he was wearing his custom Brian’s Iconik leg pads and not his reported lighter weight Baeur Vapor HyperLite leg pads. You can see the logos if you zoom in on the first photo.

Here is a link stating Raanta also uses the Baeur Vapor HyperLite leg Pads -


Of course both brands are customized for Raanta’s desired color scheme. 8940836A-2EBA-4DF9-9107-FD841F0765DB.thumb.jpeg.a3716e693d8b7b46e492aa441b1d7886.jpegCECE09B8-709E-42FD-8FEF-0F48B6F9F6F2.thumb.jpeg.3b543fdd518cf25fa1915365f605b691.jpeg6532CC0D-A9C0-4265-8B67-646383E46155.thumb.jpeg.8f7562ad846c8330c0ed93309c730edf.jpeg

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3 minutes ago, DavidEng said:

Correction - @Harbingersprovided this response in the Buffalo thread:

“Yes his old gear is his Brian’s. Which Tripp at least claims is his “lighter” gear.”

So I appear to have been mistaken as to which gear was lighter. Thanks Harbingers. 

Like I said. I’m just repeating what Tripp as said over the past few Raanta start games.

We all know how excitable Tripp is so no idea which set is lighter. But Tripp calls his old gear his “light” gear. 

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