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Six Bad Habits That Actually Make You Healthy


Smoking Grass

Yes, dudes, your weed habit has health benefits other than giving you your appetite back after chemo. Though, if you do have cancer, the nightly doobie will do more than just make you hungry. According to the American Association for Cancer Research, it will slow the growth of your tumor. Research further shows that smoking ganja relieves symptoms of diseases and disorders such as Crohn’s Disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and migraine headaches. It also prevents seizures and helps people with OCD and Tourette’s relax.

Perhaps most interestingly, a 2009 University of Southern California study found that smoking dope is good for—wait for it—ADD and ADHD. A daily dose works better than Ritalin, without the side effects. Also, anecdotal evidence suggests that giving your girlfriend weed will make her more tolerable during PMS.

Even the man seems to agree. To date, 16 states and DC have have enacted laws legalizing medical marijuana.

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I've got a big sausage with your name on it, Jbro

don't know what that has with to do with the wacki tobacki...just thought I'd throw it in there

I know I just jerked to your FB pic of it. Of course I photoshopped my face over yours though.

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