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Game Grades - Panthers at Bills

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This game has to be one of the biggest heart breakers in Panthers history. Considering the large number of heart beakers, that is saying something.


It may be quicker to say what looked good on offense. Greg Olsen and Steve Smith were worth watching. Tedd Ginn had some nice plays. The rest of the team was forgettable to terrible. Cam Newton had numerous overthrows including a quick out to Armanti Edwards that sailed 3 feet over his hands. That is a throw even Jake Delhomme would make at least 5 times a game. It is a real head scratcher. Byron Bell did not look like a legitimate right tackle as Mario Williams broke the Bills single game sack record while breezing right by him.

Still, they manages a couple of touchdowns and a few field goals, so it is not all bad news... just mostly.

Offensive Grade: D


They won the turnover battle but again got winded late in the game. After holding the Bills to three points in the first half, they gave up big yards and points in the second. I was hoping to see several blitz packages but with the Panthers secondary depleted they did not take that chance. The front 4 or "Monsterz Inc" failed to get any pressure on EJ Emanuel for most of the game. Big talk, small game.

Overall, a better performance than the offense, but not good enough.

Defensive Grade - C


It is hard to remember a worse coaching performance in a single game. Ron Rivera was out coached by a rookie head coach and lost to a team who repeatedly tried to lose the game themselves with dumb penalties. It was like Rivera was coaching against himself and still lost. Shutting down the Panthers offense with a minute to go has never won us a game, yet it continues to be his strategy.

Rivera is 2-14 in games that are decided within one score. Thats all you really need to know.

Coaching Grade - F

To those of you calling for coaching changes, don't get your hopes up. It won't happen this season.

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