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  1. The mental gymnastics Rhule displays sets him up to win Gold in the 2024 Olympics.
  2. I genuinely hope Thomas works out but there’s a long history of Rhule complimenting players right before we cut or trade them.
  3. Ian Thomas just got the kiss of death.
  4. If I get there 9 hours early do you think Matt Corral will just be finishing up his pregame warmups for me to get his autograph?
  5. Matt Corral 24 for 24, 8 TDS, 0 INTs 12 MILFs banged.
  6. Tom Brady screwing the Dolphins is a story old as time.
  7. It’s like the ending of St. Elsewhere with Jeremy as the kid shaking the snow globe (the Huddle).
  8. Right after he parked Smittyslawnguy’s car.
  9. There’s only like 3 active posters, all other accounts are just Jeremy playing with himself.
  10. Always sad to hear when two kids in a trench coat get Covid.
  11. It says 13” but that’s really small for arms.
  12. I used to be a great pitcher in High School, like probably would’ve made it to at least minor leagues even if I didn’t improve, took a line drive straight to the head and was unconscious for a while. Doctor said If I took another hit like that to the head I’d probably die or suffer worse memory loss than I got from the initial hit. Sucks not having a thick skull.
  13. He’s not only prepared to take the starting job, he’s preparing to bang all the women in the greater Charlotte metro area!
  14. Have you seen PJ’s knees? He’s definitely putting in the extra work to earn the position.
  15. Switching from Pepsi to coke.
  16. What if I told you one of these guys will win a Super Bowl in the next three years?
  17. Deonte Brown so fat his blood type is Ragu.
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