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  1. I really want us to hire Tommy Lee from Motley Crue for no other reason than he can play a three stick drum solo during halftime.
  2. There is at least one guarantee, NFL wants a Packers vs Bucs NFC championship game. Super Bowl is a combo of either Packers, Bucs, Chiefs or Patriots. NFL gets the high ratings of sending Brady off into the sunset and gets their gambling money.
  3. Hopefully we take a CB at #6 and just put the final nail in the coffin.
  4. I followed him this season, I thought he looked solid, especially on the left.
  5. At this point I don’t even care anymore. I wanted either Sewell or Slater and knew deep down we screwed up not taking him.
  6. Last years meltdown really came down to one decision that was only on the surface of the bigger issue. The choice to take Jaycee Horn over Slater was in hindsight a potential bad choice, bad in the sense our offensive line was probably our biggest weakness, maybe not the worst choice if Horn shows the promise he had in those few games he played. The bigger issue is that Rhule is so obsessed with making Snow work out at Defensive coordinator that it’s greatly hurting the offense. All this in an effort somehow prove Snow is a capable NFL defensive coordinator, which he is not.
  7. I played David Tepper on Madden and told him about our grievances.
  8. I mean if you flip the record we were 12-5…
  9. That moment you see your wife and your side piece walk in the restaurant together while you’re on a Tinder hookup date.
  10. This. Coaching and their bad choices are why this was a 5 win team. I’d honestly rather double down on offensive line by trading back than reach for a QB with this line. Make Darnold earn his paycheck the hard way next year but build an offensive line for the future QB.
  11. Pickett will be long gone by 6 and I’m not sure another QB goes that high. Idk, at this point I really don’t care, it’s not the players, it’s coaching that’s the issue.
  12. Sore back from carrying this team all year.
  13. Matt Rhule outed as “Goatsie Guy”.
  14. What if both Darnold and Rhule sucked on purpose just to get a franchise LT and proceed to go undefeated next season?
  15. I swear to God I know I died when the Panthers played in the Super Bowl in 2016 and everything since has been my punishment in Hell. Everything since that day has made absolutely no sense, almost comically counterintuitive.
  16. Comes out and dominates with a 100 PFF grade.
  17. I mean I’ve basically accepted the best thing that could happen is a comet kill off all life on Earth to avoid the embarrassment and agony of being a Panthers fan.
  18. Well I have tons of experience with guys putting their hands between my legs and playing with balls…
  19. For me it’s less about leaving the Panthers as much as it is leaving football. I’ve been a fan 25+ years since I was a kid, the Panthers are the only team I’ve known. I used to go to training camp at Wofford and get player signatures on Krispy Kreme napkins. I used to obsess over everything football, to this day I could tell you the majority of info of every player (school, position, draft spot) of anyone drafted before the 6th round from 2005-2020. That being said my love of the game is dead. I haven’t watched a game since week 5 and can honestly say I’ve been the happiest I’ve been in years. I really hope it brings joy to you guys but it’s just not the same.
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