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  1. My wish is to bang at least three of the topcats. Monkey paw curls.
  2. We're all pullout kings until the day we're not.
  3. Antonio Cromartie sitting back cashing in on all the sweet Father's day gifts.
  4. Imagine if we could keep him at 350 lbs but give him 4.3 speed...
  5. Let's hope he doesn't get the Trai Turner sickness.
  6. It's pretty clear cut you go with Fletcher. You don't spend a draft pick on a LS then turn around and roll with the 35 year old. I love what JJ has done for us but the writing is on the wall. Don't repeat the Gano vs. Butker mistake.
  7. What if Little has just sucked on purpose just to come out in 2021 and play at an All-Pro level?
  8. Glad that he takes Pride in what he does.
  9. Brown looks like he's about to tear the NFL a new bunghole.
  10. He got it on Craigslist, only slightly used.
  11. It's like they expected him to be Mahommes without a Hill, Kelce, offensive line or a real nfl head coach. Instead he had Crowder, Herndon, did get a stud in Becton but everyone else was below average and Adam Gase.
  12. When you watch tape on Darnold you just feel like he was trying to make too much happen without support or judgment. He needs to get better about not making things worse when they break down, alternatively the Jets did nothing to help the guy.
  13. I think the team is headed in the right direction. We have a good young core starting to form and if Darnold can step up we have a good chance to make some noise. Remember, Darnold just turned 24.
  14. This may sound insane, but why not bring back John Kasay? He's only 51.
  15. Their punishment is to be hit by a full speed Thomas Davis with no pads.
  16. Looks even worse when Baltimore basically bookended us with Orlando Brown and Mark Andrews.
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