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  1. Sucks to go from 3-0 to 0-3, wish him the best, seemed like a chill guy.
  2. IOL will likely be our 1st round pick. The OT class is very weak, lot of tweeners and guys like Evan Neal will be a top 10 pick and I don't even trust Neal is a LT. This draft will be very top heavy.
  3. To be fair I've been doing a lot of digging already into the 2022 draft and I firmly believe it'll be one of the least talented drafts in several years.I think that's one reason we're willing to give up picks in 2022 so easily.
  4. This is what scares me about losing Horn. His physicality off the line prevents teams from doing the old Drew Brees dink and dunk to beat our blitz. This defense depends on making those quick passes a turnover risk and keeping teams from having 3+ seconds to develop deep passes which we would be vulnerable to with our secondary playing tight.
  5. The fact we had 4 offsides vs. Houston's 0 says it all. I went back and watched the tape and only 2 were arguably offsides, the others might of had a beard hair on the line...lol... In comparison the Texans lined up in the neutral zone a couple times uncalled if we used the same measurement they used for Carolina. Throw in the false start on Daley when he reacted to the defender a good foot into the neutral zone and you get the feeling the NFL was trying to prove a point.
  6. It was bs. I know exactly what happened, NFL wanted to put the league on notice for being more strict on offsides and made an example of us. Texans probably whined before the game to nitpick us on it.
  7. You didn't get the reference to 2015 when the media consistently stated we were the worst undefeated team in NFL.
  8. Had it in fantasy this week, I'm up by 50 on my opponent already.
  9. Depends if it's partial or full. 4-6 weeks for partial, 7w-IR for surgery.
  10. Why not trade for him, but at the last second cross out his name and put Penei Sewell?
  11. I saw a video of a Stephen A Smith performing fellatio on a sex doll with Sam Darnold's face on it.
  12. PJ apparently pays her $200k a month in child support. Damn, I'd get a vasectomy the moment I became a successful athlete.
  13. Always wear your mask when you go raw doggin in South End.
  14. How convenient the one player exposed is someone already out...
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