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  1. You never tell me, 'good post'. Just kidding.
  2. Those highlights looked good. BUT, was the defense, of those teams, 2nd par or was the offense a top shelf group? Looking at highlights are in favor of whom ever it is highlighting. I wouuld like to read a scouting report on him.
  3. That will be the only way we get where we need to be.
  4. I think he's a little sour at this time. Might not be a good time to have him with the team. I hate it because I like him and wish he could be the DC.
  5. You need to kick someone's assss to get their attention. Maybe Jerome.
  6. Can't argue with that. He's a great one to listen to. Wish he would replace Tony Romo.
  7. I hope it's not the Panthers. I don't like the 'other country' games. That's not the NFL.
  8. I'm not going to like him being our coach (if that happens, don't think it will) but I'll still be a Panther Fan.
  9. I don't trust him as a coach. Remember Bounty Gate?
  10. I wouldn't give up anything for him. I don't trust him..
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