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  1. I honestly think this coaching staff will back off using CMC. Especially 30 touches per game.
  2. I totally agree and have said this the past 2 seasons. You can't continue to drive a person and expect him to perform at 100%. CMC has a lot left to give but I hope they game plan with less carries.
  3. He's not perfect but he has been up there in my opinion. I wouldn't be talking canning him.
  4. It'll come back around. Opposition is having to account for Robbie.
  5. I can't give anymore pie. The team stepped it up. I'm proud of them. I'll pie everyone tomorrow.
  6. I agree completely. Too soon after a hard game. Takes too much of a toll on a players body.
  7. That was a nice series. They needed it to be rough for the first few plays. They overcame.
  8. I long for the day when the Panthers dominate the league. Who knows, could have already started. I think I better slow down on the alcohol.
  9. Ok this is getting out of control - I should say so.
  10. I love that stuff! Trade you some left over cube steak and gravy.
  11. I woke up to some cube steak, gravy and biscuits. I'm set for the day (loved left overs). I'll have a Scotch during the game.
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