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  1. This team isn’t good enough up front on defense. Front 7 as a whole is a weak link
  2. With the game this Friday being the dress rehearsal - I’m extremely nervous with the actual starting 5 OL he rolls out there.
  3. Unrelated Just saw Malik Willis Titan highlights He would’ve been a pretty good second round pick for us - but oh wait , nvm cuz Sam D
  4. New owner / new coach wanting to win sooner rather than later. The amount of money and draft capital they’ve wasted on terrible QB play is straight up sick this team is going nowhere this year mainly imo because their front 7 on D as a whole isn’t good enough. Rhule might be a college program builder but he’s not a good enough coach in the big leagues.
  5. It feels like Rhule is viewing this entire deal as a college like evaluation - like seeing who in his recruiting class can actually play *cringe
  6. This dude is a scrub. Look at his career sack totals.
  7. Is there any bulk in the zipper area?
  8. This happened like 7 years ago. time to move on guys for real lol
  9. We are about to pay Sam $19 to ride the pine.
  10. Play in KC or Car … easy choice for Dunlap.
  11. I kinda cringe listening to him during his pressers.
  12. For being a top 10 pick - productivity hasn’t matched the draft slot. It is what it is.
  13. this team has gotten rocked the past 2 years with rhule as HC and Tepper picked rhule. Tepper is a bad owner until he proves otherwise. How can it be anything else ?
  14. Yeh but Jimmy G was serviceable for a few years I guess and Lance is the future feels like panthers throwing darts at a board. 49ers had a clear plan
  15. Baker has thrown a ton of INTs. For the number 1 pick - he’s in bust territory IMO
  16. Think about all the money spent and draft picks traded for: Teddy, Sam, Cam, Baker and Corral And we still don’t know what the long term answer is. Yikez
  17. Weren’t they trying to get Baker before the draft? It’s like they were hell bent on over spending resources to create a QB competition.
  18. It seems really expensive what they’ve done to create their QB room. I can’t recall any other team doing this unless someone can lay out another example. (amount of $ spent and draft picks traded away to bring in QBs)
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