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  1. Can a huddle doctor explain to me how you break your foot by running on a field non contact ?
  2. We ran the ball better with the zone stretch it seemed like in the second half
  3. Can’t believe I’m typing this but he was the difference in the game good for Sam. He’s doing it
  4. They gotta figure out how to block someone WTF
  5. I get ESB Darth Vader vibes watching our defense… it’s so good
  6. Toxicity that is the huddle fat shaming a lady…. but I approve
  7. Uhhh yeh Fitt has plenty of power. He was the drafting leader. The group looked like they worked well together in panthers confidential video on YouTube
  8. Ultimately their DLine vs our OLine is the difference in this one Bad guys 27 Good guys 21
  9. I’m over talking / reading about the OLine. its so bad and they have 2 rookies that can probably do well and it’s just a refusal to put them on the field Rhule is goofy to me as a coach
  10. Burns was wrecking havoc in the pocket and this dude is complaining lol
  11. I feel like I watched a 7-10 team narrowly fend off a 3-14 team. it was an ugly win against a bad team.
  12. You’re awful at trash talk lol you come at someone for discussing panther football on a panther football thread Are you really asking if I’m the one who’s confused ? you need help
  13. Pantherclaw with his standard lame hot take for attention. Slow Clap
  14. I’ve said it multiple times before - we’re gonna know if Darnold is the answer in the first few games. With that said Rhule needs to stop being so stubborn and put the guys out there that can give Darnold a chance. brown needs to start. He’s a rookie but he will not get pushed around in this league. Christensen needs to just be the LT. Erving sucks. Move Miller to LG - make these moves and let it ride.
  15. These Hurney drafts are a damn joke. And we are always complaining about injuries and depth on this team…good riddance
  16. The feeling would be justified if he came out and bombed. The reaction would be different today if that defender caught that gift of an easy INT and if the sack pass attempt was ruled a fumble … not trying to dump on him too much but a couple bounces the other way people would absolutely would be freaking out lol
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