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  1. What did people think would happen when you bring Temple + Baylor to the big leagues ?
  2. Darnold ain’t it i said it would only take a few games to know if he’s the guy. He’s not the guy. He’s a back up qb in this league
  3. It’s gonna be a blessing when Joe Brady is a head coach somewhere next year Goodbye Urban. Hello Joe.
  4. It’s time for ball coach to start the Bama behemoth - the pocket is getting destroyed every drop back. we have 0 strength in the interior of the line. It’s pretty head scratching
  5. Sam needs to be bridge QB until they find ‘the one’
  6. The game was lost when Robby dropped the third down pass.
  7. The first three weeks were a mirage unfortunately. The entire OLine playing like a JV line lol
  8. They let a bad team hang around all while giving them 3 terrible INT and a walk up blocked punt. OLine can’t block etc
  9. The ghost of Hurney is still here converting corners to Safety - wish we could let this go
  10. I’m glad you came to your senses sir
  11. They beat a bad team. You’re just proving my point
  12. So you’re saying they’re bad ? Panthers benefiting from a stretch of weak opponents. nothing wrong with saying that
  13. I think it’s more like Paradis is awful. Gregory moved him multiple times like he weighed 30 lbs
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