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  1. I hope every one of our players get vaccinated or they can be handed their release papers. Yeh I said it. I don’t care about your snowflake feelings
  2. He’s a bottom tier guy until he proves otherwise. You’ll know within a few games what he is, like I’ve always said. he’s got some tools and a good arm. Gotta make that stuff play though.
  3. Hasn’t this ship sailed with the Darnold acquisition ?
  4. You can make a lot of money with social media attention. I don’t blame him at all for being into his social media
  5. Little was 2nd rounder (trade up) ? lol I can’t fathom why hurney was allowed to make decisions for so long across 2 owners.
  6. I think we’re underestimating the effect of having an improved defense. Adding Bouye / Horn to the secondary mix is going to vastly improve what the secondary was from last season. And when you move Chinn back to his natural position…I just don’t see how he “slumps” Fewer tackles doesn’t = slump I get the OP’s point but I just don’t see it happening for Chinn. Brown is also getting a lot of help this off-season. More bodies up front and more pass rush. There is just too much talent/reinforcements added for these guys to go the opposite direction IMO
  7. Moton at LT. Brady C at RT you just vastly improved the OL situation if this is done. Don’t over think it Moton flips pancakes no matter where he lines up. He’s really good
  8. He’s an athletic specimen. He’s the most physically gifted WR on the roster already
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