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  1. This team has been suffering from bad hurney / GMan contracts for what seems like 20 years my god. Always strapped for cash with a mainly talent absent roster
  2. Rubi


    Who else is stoked for the Mortal Kombat movie ? April 16 can’t get here soon enough. Ready for a darker Rated R reboot version of this iconic franchise. Also ready to see this badass Kung Lao stack bodies. who’s everyone’s go to character?
  3. The group on the floor is just too small
  4. One of the martin twins guarding Dwight Howard in the paint & getting trucked. lololol
  5. Monk’s performance just slaps coach right in the face IMO.
  6. He’s just a below avg NBA player i think is what it boils down to. Combine that with off the court stuff...makes sense to me why other guys get more run
  7. Maybe we should stay in Charlotte to train...
  8. If Stewart goes down I'd say we are in trouble at the position. [emoji52]
  9. Funchess reminds me of a more muscular version of AJ Green after watching his highlights
  10. Looks like Cleveland University
  11. I wouldn't expect AJ Klein to start over Davis and Kuechly I wouldn't expect Kony Ealy to start over Charles Johnson / Greg Hardy or even Addison I don't hold having rookies earn their keep against GMan
  12. Other than Barner and Kugbila...his drafts have been pretty damn solid
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