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  1. Buffalo doesn't have any cap room. Neither do the Chiefs. Baltimore does though.
  2. This guy sure does exemplify the Keep Pounding mindset doesn’t he? He’s showed nothing, he’s a third round pick, and he’s apparently whiny and in his feelings. Talk to Thomas Davis to get some perspective on what it takes to persevere. Jesus.
  3. What’s so hard about it? If they played basketball at any level, you draft them. Simple.
  4. Colts new QB1. Introducing David Boston!
  5. I hope we’re not done signing WR’s. We need More than a Theilen.
  6. I think keeping it a mystery is just a good business decision. Speculation keeps the Panthers in the news. I also think it's better for the league overall to keep it a mystery. The draft is dimished if the first pick is confirmed by the team making it.
  7. The pizza alone is a second degree felony for child endangerment.
  8. We should think about drafting that Olave fella.
  9. Michael Vick and Tony Gonzalez nightmares returning..
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