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  1. Will Dannon yogurt drop Dak as a sponsor now as they dropped Cam over controversial comments?
  2. "On the phone this morning we have Matt Rhule, head coach of your own Carolina Panthers!" "Coach, the fans want to know if you believe you'll right the ship, bring a winner to the carolinas, and fulfill the entire 7 years of the contract you signed."
  3. We even had the benefit of a 17 game season to redeem our season and still ended up with the record. Unbelievable.
  4. Before wireless communication technology, I think he could have been the man monkey that follows the head coach around and gathers or lets out the slack of the headphone cables. He's proven he's capable of feeding us lines.
  5. Sweet merciful release. Let the abyss now take me.
  6. He just learned he can invoke offsides as an alternative to incurring and offsides.
  7. I hope there is room in the trophy case for this major award.
  8. It's still Hurney for me. Gangrene vs a current heavily bleeding wound.
  9. The more reps Brady can get, the quicker he will improve.
  10. My running game is from Canada. You wouldn't know her.
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