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  1. I know it might seem like the front office is making a series of dumb decisions and panic moves at the QB position. I think by and large they are taking calculated risks and giving themselves quick exits if things don't work out. Cutting Cam was a calculated risk. Hard to say if he would have outplayed Teddy B if he had stayed here. He was seen by pratically everyone as a huge medical risk. Had he shown any improvement from the previous two injury plagued years, we would have had pressure to sign him to a significant contract despite the spectre of a season ending injury to a high m
  2. I predict they are going to make an excuse for Teddy by saying his earlier leg injury prevented him from moving around in the pocket, driving the ball properly, etc. Unless PJ blows the doors off, Teddy's contract dictates he at least starts next season unless we bring in a vet like Wentz.
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