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  1. I am 100% on board bringing in Mayfield if it doesn't cost us too much draft or cap capital. Nobody on this roster is bringing us to the promised land. I'm a believer, but Corral needs time. If my team isn't contending, it needs to at least entertain me. All through camp and preseason we'll get Baker v Darnold. Baker v Anderson. Darnold road to redemption. Baker revenge tour. Rhule trying to explain how it all makes sense. Cam being brought back after week 4. Katie Porter brings in her whiteboard and grilling Rhule and Tepper. Let's goooooooo!!!!
  2. Are his arms long enough to get the ball back there on a shotgun snap?
  3. Since the Panthers don't pick tonight does that mean rounds 2 and 3 will be broadcast commercial free?
  4. He just needs a cool nickname. Like "Bollywood Robbie"
  5. You should get one and then sew on a FITTERER nameplate on the back to make your own GM jersey.
  6. More like 5. He ran Cam and PJ out there plenty.
  7. Second round pick got 8 carries for his entire career here.
  8. Not sure why Saints would be so hot to draft a rookie QB early out of this class. For the most part, Jameis wasn't playing all that bad before he got hurt.
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