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  1. Avero looking for the entrance of the coaching transfer portal.
  2. What personnel moves can the Carolina panthers make to win the nfc south division next season? ”To enhance their chances of winning the NFC South, the Carolina Panthers could focus on strategic player acquisitions through trades, free agency, and the draft. Strengthening key positions like quarterback, offensive line, and secondary, while addressing any roster gaps, will be crucial. Additionally, optimizing coaching staff and refining team strategies could contribute to a competitive edge within the division.”
  3. I hate to pie but "you know"....
  4. What’s the old saying? “Can’t throw for 4.9 ypa for the club in the tub.”
  5. “You miss 100% of the screens you don’t throw.” -Frank Gretzky
  6. A lot of holding going uncalled on the right side of the offensive line for the Chiefs. That right tackle keeps jumping early with no call too.
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