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  1. I bet Benwikere gets an int on Cruz. ;-)
  2. I expected I great year but then expectations dropped to maybe a decent year when Benji went down. Never expected this either. Makes me very giddy. ;-)
  3. Oh yes i remember that but didn't know that was him. I hate base now, last game I watched Steve Garvey was playing. Lol
  4. lol I had to google this and stopped after reading he likes to pee on his hands.
  5. Which statement are you questioning? Lol Every panthers players and coach talked to give them respect. Now if they was sinceresincere in that respect is another story. But to think the team took them lightly just because some fans did is silly. Other than the crowd yelling at games and Scp's helmet. Fans dont effect the team. No if you can show me any on team that said that I'll concede. ;-)
  6. Fans are not players. No players said that.
  7. It SHOULD have been Igo and Peter King. If not a fight, Igo could at least gave him an old fashion throat punch.
  8. Might just be me but I never see any of your tweets on the app just your comments and I can't use the browser site. Crashes my tab.
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