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  1. Doubt he saw it - he was likely on the sideline throwing things, including a tantrum, because something didn't go his way.
  2. Checked with some sources . . . Jesus won't be playing this year . . . working on some other stuff
  3. Sure will. We'll go from 38th to 34th, almost getting back into the NFL
  4. He's a crappy combination of hard nosed reporter who turns into sensitive diva whenever his takes get pointed out to be off base. If you post comments on PFT, the ones that point out his mistakes never get approved. It's just stuff that pats him on the back, is outrageous, or off point. He's the guy you grew up with who gives everybody a hard time but gets a huge case of butthurt if the tables are turned. Hasn't always been that way - used to be pretty funny, irreverent, and self deprecating. But after his NBC gig, he seems to have fallen deeply in love with himself.
  5. I think he should go with "Lobby", it's the only type pass he still has a chance of catching
  6. Not sure that I am fully tracking but I'm sensing a lack of appreciation for the losers with extra chins that lacked other body parts . . .
  7. And Tepper is requiring him to unbutton it down to his navel
  8. Can’t believe no one has mentioned the high quality upgrades via the Baylor-Temple pipeline.
  9. I think they lose most of the money any way you look at it and don't get much draft consideration. If they cut him, he can go anywhere, still gets his $18+ million, even if new team pays him minimum salary - trading allows them some control over where he goes - i doubt they want him at Pittsburgh, Cincy or baltimore, likely want him out of AFC and preferably not on a team they play this year.
  10. I think it was tied to his arrest in college. Police were called to take an assault report and ended up arresting him for drunk and disorderly, resisting arrest, etc. I think his girfriend was nearby but seems like the beef was him and another guy yelling at each other. Either way, no charges for assault and he was invited to the combine wihich bans players who have assault, violent conviction, etc. Not saying he's an angel, just no reason to pin something on someone they weren't charged with/accused of . . . https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2753441-baker-mayfield-eligible-for-2018-nfl-combine-despite-arrest-in-february-2017
  11. Non-Fan: So, how did the big game turn out? Duke Fan: Not too bad, we came in second Non-Fan: So, how did Carolina do? Duke Fan: Terrible, they came in next to last
  12. Elflein will move to MLB or CB - he's got one of the fastest backpedals on the team.
  13. Let's send them Darnold. He fits the culture of Mason Rudolph and Dwayne haskins. Never can accumulate too many former college stars/current NFL busts . .
  14. You know what is telling? When you give your grandson some Panthers gear, which he used to love, and he is genuinely disappointed. Even the elementary school kids get that the Panthers aren't cool any more. Doesn't matter how much Rhule says his process is working - 1st graders can tell it ain't so.
  15. Asking for a friend: Since there are going to be 8 USFL teams does this mean we don't have a NFL or USFL caliber starter?
  16. Used to love listening to Florio. He was snarky, funny, and had the old school type of reporting that went after everyone. For whatever reason, he is no longer very funny, contradicts himself constantly, and is locked in a contest with Peter King to see who can spout the best virtue signals. Switched to Rich Eisen - he's genuinely funny, has better sources, and a sense of getting to the bottom of every story - without any sense of political correctness.
  17. Don't think any of us care - but we won't be turning in the card with the name on it.
  18. Not sure how the thread got this far without someone asking "but how long are his arms"?
  19. I say give them 4 1st rounders Sam CJ Cam and Gilmore ( after re-signing)
  20. So, you’re either a cardiologist or manage the 5 minute oil change shop ?
  21. Rosinski was as good as Mixon was bad
  22. Not sure how these writers get to choose the All-Pro Team. It's obvious they just ignored his lack of ideal size . . .
  23. I think he could make the top 64 and secure a job doing this: Matt Rhule New Job
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