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  1. I really hope this works out because he seems like the best answer....I feels like they are just tossing tackles at a wall to see which one sticks.
  2. Just wait the other teams and injuries will create one....just when you think you are finish life will fix that
  3. I love to hear about sleepers...you have been batting 1000. lately on your sleepers
  4. Stephen Hill was cited as in he got a ticket? he wasnt arrested? I would hate for someone to lose their job over something so simple and dumb and he wasnt even high.
  5. it seems to be just a strange coincidence http://www.cleveland.com/browns/index.ssf/2014/04/florida_state_receiver_kelvin.html
  6. I would be curious to see who people dont like.
  7. fug her right in the pussy jameis...do it for all of us
  8. nothing like judging a mans parenting based off a 10 minute press conference
  9. The panthers v jags in 03' when Rodney peete got benched at halftime for delhomme and he led the team on a huge come back. I saw that game live and it always stuck with me. That was the start of the cardiac cats
  10. Even if he is cleared I don't expect him to come here....other than the chance to play almost immediately
  11. Not really a fan...it's a meh pick. I would have much rather given Cam more weapons. It feels like we stack the defense while duck taping the offense together and then call it BPA
  12. It's meh pick..not really a fan of a kid without a position that we have to find ways to use him. Luckily I don't have any say so
  13. Man they are killing me with all these commercials in the second half of the draft
  14. the punishment doesn't fit the crime. no one would argue that he was wrong but being suspended almost 2 years. its ridiculous
  15. who is the dude in the middle? do they share the same agent?
  16. Another one of my Canes, this kid can play he is a threat to take it to the house everytime he touches the ball. he is going to have to put on some weight but he reminds me alot of Giovani Bernard or a poor mans Mccoy.
  17. Big fan of Miami and he was majorly underutilized but the canes...this kid can play and he has elite speed but he is very undersized at 185 pounds
  18. Stevie Johnson is going to kill on the Chargers
  19. the raiders have a ton of money and no one to spend it on...expect Hardy to get majorly paid
  20. no no no nope...he has never been good at LT ever he as decent at RT. this is not how you protect your QB
  21. two dome teams and 3 warm weather teams....AP maybe hinting at something
  22. He came off as bitter and entitled and its not like he didnt know this was coming. he had to know! everyone knew
  23. if he is hurt he needs to let the look at it, maybe someone take him with that in mind...i think he is doing his self a disservice
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