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  1. im actually shocked ben Mcadoo signed up for this poo show. we could have done worse
  2. he got a head coaching job because of how well he did at OC and he has some head coaching exp. we could have done way way worse.
  3. because thats his homie and Rhule only goes to bat for his people.
  4. another coach of color bites the dust, the Texans werent very good but Culley was put in an impossible situation
  5. this is the guy you want making the football decisions.
  6. everytime I hear Rhule talk about his football choices I am less and less confident.
  7. something to be said for Pep being a local boy, in any other situation I would be all for it but right now im full fug Rhule
  8. the line between being the next Belichick and another Matt Rhule is super thin, you dont choose the right QB have the wrong injuries or pick the wrong staff and its a wrap.
  9. You dont need to understand football to know when something is not working out and its time to cut your losses. these ideas are universal, none us in this forum are analytical football people or hedge fund managers and we know this aint working out.
  10. I wouldnt expect much because of his cap number and the fact he has been hurt so much
  11. It seems odd to me a Hedge Fund manager a person who manages risk every fuging day, doesnt understand the risk in keeping Rhule around for another season.
  12. So just like most of us thought, Brady was not the problem
  13. Its two sides to every story
  14. megatron 32rd on the all time receiving yards list, him being in hall is purely based on the player he could have been. Where as, Steve smith 8th on the all time receiving list and everyone in front of him is in the hall outside of Fitz.
  15. So Steve smith doesn’t make the cut but Megatron is a first ballot? Bullshit
  16. Sam is the definition of privilege, he plays like trash over and over and people only want to give more chances.
  17. I rather you fail by making a choice than be blinded by indecision.
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