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  1. If that’s all you took from that entire episode then idk what to tell you dude....
  2. What’s good everyone! We recorded an amazing conversation with Zack Luttrell founder of the Roaring Riot last night and it’s live on all platforms! We talked Everything from trips this year to amazing behind the scenes Cam stories! Give it a listen! We appreciate all of you! #keeppounding spotify: https://open.spotify.com/episode/20UqdawiVju77lYRNcM8LE?si=yZ3ydZXcSV6ZXY2IGOleKg apple: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/704cast/id1557477166?i=1000522342951
  3. Marshon Lattimore is pretty damn good and seriously balled out as a Rookie
  4. Yo fellow Huddlers! The 704cast team will be hosting a live Draft Twitch stream tonight starting around 730 and running really as long as we feel like it lol! Join us for Draft discussion, virtual drinks and really whatever other tangents we decide to go off on! Should be a fun time! Link below and in all of our social media platform bios! twitch: https://twitch.tv/704cast
  5. That TE payout is juicy, that’s good gamble for the money and the possibility of Pitts falling with the QB shuffle
  6. As always the truth is always somewhere in the middle... I’m not going to fault the Panthers or any team for waiting until this all played out. I said it when this all started, moving ahead with Watson sent a message that the franchise simply didn’t care if he did or didn’t do the things he was accused of. The response raises some very questionable conduct on the behalf of the accusers. But if there was actual misconduct their actions shouldn’t minimize, what others may have went through. this is a crazy world we live in, but these matters deserve the attention and legitimate
  7. They have some questionable grading systems. Some positions are evaluated better than others. I like the work they do on WRs but not a big fan on how they evaluate QBs or OL. IMO you can find better eval for free.
  8. Ideally, in a perfect world Erving is a versatile backup who can literally fill in if needed at any spot on the OL. elf has some marginal upside and I could see a scenario where he starts, but again best case is a solid back up you feel comfortable plugging in if starter goes down. bottom line the additions gave us the flexibility to draft truly BPA. If Pitts falls we can take him without hesitation. If Sewell is there, great take him. It also allows a 2nd or 3rd day OL pick to not be faced with the immediate pressure of having to start day 1. im seriously stoked
  9. If you can’t find a trade partner(HIGHLY unlikely IMO) then I think they should simply cut bait at this point. I don’t doubt teddys professionalism and ability to coexist but bottom line is what do the Panthers gain from keeping him? If Sam goes down I would much rather see what we have in Grier if anything. They know and we know what teddy is and is not. Eat the dead money and move on.
  10. Tbh I’d rather draft a late round kicker then wasting another pick on a 2nd or 3rd day project QB. spend picks on players with an actual shot to contribute. If Sam isn’t the answer, which is a possibility, continue to build out the roster as a whole and trade up for “The Guy” in 2022 or 2023, once the roster as a whole is more playoff ready, a la the chiefs pre Patty
  11. This a great theory until you get into the playoffs. The Chiefs were a completely different team when their guys went down. playoff defenses have a way of exposing average to below OLs when it counts. It happens every single year. im of the opinion you should draft at least One OL in your first 4 picks every single year.
  12. Lol I’d kill to be on the poker table with Rhule, dude can’t help himself
  13. If we get Sewell/slater or trade back for Darrisaw then I think that’s about as sure a thing as you can guess.
  14. Good list there! moehrig is steadily rising, some think he doesn’t make it out of the first anymore. the only OL I’m not thrilled about is Dickerson, I’m just really really frightened by the list of injuries he complied in college But if he could remain healthy I think that’s a starting guard and eventual Paradis replacement
  15. This years Oline class is tooo deep not to at least look at taking 2 of 3 in the first three rounds.
  16. DJ should definitely get the option picked up, it’s a no brainer. honestly I think the 5th year option is a good tool for teams and has its place in regards to contract negotiations, but as we are seeing with Moton, I think more onus needs to be placed on extending players of this caliber before we get to this point. Unless DJ is just adamant on betting on himself and having a nationally recognized “break out season” then I’m trying to extend him now and save the team some money on the back end. Hopefully fitz is more forward thinking then previous Gms
  17. Depends on where we go at 8 or in the first in general with a trade back possibly but I’m a big fan of the 2nd tier OL Alex Leatherwood OL Alabama brings versatility, could play tackle or guard. Dillon Radunz OT NDSU another second round tackle who could be a steal Richie Grant safety UCf Rhule raves about this kid at the senior bowl and fills a position of need I would love any of these guys at 39.
  18. Get used to these head scratchers with Fittz, the hawks signed like 20 udfas a year while he was there. I expect to see a significant bump in that aspect this year post draft.
  19. I think aside from Watson (pre allegations) this is the best possible scenario for the team as a whole. Darnold brings some level of continued stability with way more upside than Teddy, and allows us to draft to make the team better. if Pitts or Sewell isn’t there at 8, likely, then I would like to see a trade back and attain even more assets to build the team with. Remember the chiefs built a dominate team around Alex smith before inserting Pat. Even if Darnold isn’t the long term answer, this move allows us to continue to build out the roster while remaining competitive.
  20. Happy Tuesday Panther nation! We hopped on the mics last night to give our in the moment reaction to the Sam Darnold trade news! We appreciate the listens and any comments or feed back! As always Keep Pounding! Apple: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/704cast/id1557477166#episodeGuid=5c18fbc1-f576-4334-8160-f67f8e677f73 spotify: https://open.spotify.com/episode/0fZfwbFIxdd7W1vMiykAOV?si=YnMqYkNlTk2Ur9w9S6FXFw
  21. Episode three is live! Join us on episode three as we discuss the first week of free agency and give our takes on the Deshaun controversy! Now streaming! Apple: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/704cast/id1557477166#episodeGuid=e36c43e9-d830-452b-90fc-f248c83e33cf Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/episode/3rp3scsULOKllqd1HuEU6F?si=95J47S-QRz2V8Lljyzy1fA
  22. Episode 2 is live! Join us as we remember TD and Greg! Breakdown Justin Fields and continue breaking the upcoming free agent class! Apple: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/704cast/id1557477166 Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/episode/34JYc5LRzjxNa9LvZ5ejiR?si=vGkBfLctTH6MUx8M_IEaMg As always feel free to reply with comments suggestions or topics you would like to hear discussed! Keep Poudning!
  23. Sorry for the shameless bump with all the news going on but we are finally live on Apple! https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/704cast/id1557477166?i=1000512239777
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