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  1. Nice mule mugs @Zod... mules are one of my favorite easy drinking time-to-get-drunk cocktails. I need to keep some proper hardware and accoutrement on hand for those.
  2. 1. Daily Drinker - Buffalo Trace (when I can get it) or Bulleit 2. Impress your guests - Elijah Craig 18 year (I was an early adopter and got a case in '09 before the bourbon boom, down to 2 unopened bottles) 3. Cheap Mixer - Woodford Reserve (also a daily drinker) 4. Friday Night Bourbon - Elijah Craig Barrel Proof 5. Special Occasion Bottle - I don't really have one of these on hand. I'm thinking the last 18-year EC bottle will take this role, it is good stuff and crazy expensive to replace.
  3. Name the other teams in the league that would kneel with 30 secs on the clock and 2 timeouts down 3 at the end of the first half...
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