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  1. I believe someone else on one of the pregames said Kamara would outperform CMC.
  2. Did they still do the keep pounding drum prior to the game?
  3. Feels good to be on this side of it for once.
  4. Interesting. Most seemed to think Fitterer was referring to DJ but sounds like maybe it was Anderson.
  5. Unreal how bad we’ve been at kicker since Kasay.
  6. This has to be Little’s biggest contribution to the team.
  7. Let the Watson to Carolina rumors start back up.
  8. Definitely this. Really hope we don’t trade up.
  9. I’m not buying Lance to SF at 3. I read earlier the NFL wants SF to keep the pick quiet. Likely just drumming up drama for the pick.
  10. Hope so. Would increase our chances at Sewell. Also, hope they give up a fortune.
  11. Agreed on taking one at 8. Also, unless something changed and I missed it Philly has the 12 pick so would be going down 4 spots instead of 2.
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