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  1. I agree. Think some of these guys are in for longer nights than many anticipate. At least I hope.
  2. Don’t sell yourself short. Jay-Z was Shawn Carter long before he was Jay-Z.
  3. I thought the same. Don’t think our selling points are good ones based on her tweet.
  4. Was there anything more to add to this?
  5. I’m a little behind reading today but do you have any updates from Houston media saying we’re leading? Only thing I’ve seen is national media saying Saints.
  6. This. Not giving me the warm and fuzzies about fixing the OL.
  7. Sony Michel was a 1st rounder (barely but still 1st round) for the Patriots who he won the SB with
  8. Saw this earlier and believe it was pointed out that some of these teams still had more expensive RB on the roster (Marshawn Lynch, Sea) but that they weren’t the leading rusher in the SB itself. Marshawn was obviously still a big part of getting them there and his contract was a good bit higher than those listed in this graphic (saw it was in the $9M range). While I still agree it’s not smart to put a ton into the position, I do think the graphic is a tad misleading. Also, I didn’t research other players that would have been left out for this same reason but there certainly could be others.
  9. We need a “what Saints fans are saying” segment right about now.
  10. Pass. Not interested in giving up future draft picks for a lame duck coach. Also, don’t see any teams parting with a 1st rounder this year for a 2 and 3 next year.
  11. Glad to hear Rhule understands the concept of tanking.
  12. Praying for you and Lady Cowboy Fan. Glad to see you posting.
  13. Going for it on 4th was the right call given how our defense played. If we punt it there we don’t get the ball back. My issue is not being prepared for that situation and burning a timeout. The other problem is then running a route short of the sticks. Overall a terrible sequence.
  14. Can only assume he’s played through this his entire nfl career
  15. Maybe they’re using the Panthers offer to get other teams to up theirs. So may not have anything to do with DW and more to do with getting everything they can for him.
  16. At least this is now being reported by those that actually cover the Panthers. I know people thoughts on Joe but would say this is more legitimate than what we’ve heard the last few weeks.
  17. I believe someone else on one of the pregames said Kamara would outperform CMC.
  18. Did they still do the keep pounding drum prior to the game?
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