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  1. I don’t believe that it isn’t just bud light at like 30 of the stadiums.
  2. That was rough. I kept waiting for something. He seemed extra small out there.
  3. Excellent analogy. It’s like I’ve got a Ferrari but it doesn’t have any gas and I just keep it under the cover all the time anyway but when I take it out, it’s just to wash it. And my neighbor has a Porsche. He probably has more fun and didn’t spend as much. But his wife cheats on him and he has a little dick. Our house has more sq ft though. know what I’m saying?
  4. Felt like Shula was calling plays at times. How about some quick routes for WRs?
  5. Or my brain hurt. Most sites are absolutely unusable.
  6. Joey Slye getting the start in houston
  7. We have to win this Luvu revenge game. Excitement has been building. The world will be watching the panthers and jets under a microscope. This is one of those moments where everyone will be able to remember exactly where they were sitting when Dan Arnold caught that 6 yard pass for a first down in the early first quarter, exactly what they were eating and drinking when Sam Franklin tackled Denzel Mims for a 7 yard gain late in the third quarter. We will be able hear Tiki Barber struggling to recall the names of 80% of our roster as we look back and reflect on the lasting importance of this game.
  8. Joe Biden is trying to take our football! From my cold dead hands, sleepy joe!
  9. XM? I think the upgraded package has a separate channel for every game.
  10. Bucs d turning it on. It’s Bowles that scares me not their offense.
  11. Agree. That’s a garbage time TD. Their TD is too. Defense is going to surprise some people this year.
  12. Panthers: 31 Jets: 14 TDs for CMC, Hubbard, Anderson and Arnold Sacks for Burns(2), Brown, Reddick (2)
  13. Always liked him. There weren’t many corners that were as good against the run as he was. I think he could contribute as a free safety but it doesn’t look like he is going to make that move this point.
  14. Sounds like some tongue in cheek sarcasm
  15. Guess maybe he should have been worrying about those dropped balls in camp after all.
  16. Not the right answer because of our line but man, prime Jenkins and Peppers w Brown and Burns would be real fun to watch.
  17. I thought the same about Moore and Brown. There must have been more to his situation that just talent because they didn’t even let him get a preseason snap before waiving him. Seems like that would have been a perfect candidate to develop on the practice squad. Would have been a good story. Oh well. Best of luck, big boy.
  18. poo, I’m not sure I wouldn’t rather have Gardner than Sam. Would have been a nice backup. Oh well.
  19. Wouldn’t even have been a pancake. Guy would have been deconstructed back to flour
  20. He didn’t even do a great job of getting his hands on the guy and still was a fuging brick wall.
  21. Clausen. dewayne Jarrett : on the field, he has fewer career TDs than he does DUIs. Everett brown.
  22. I thought Teddy’s dinking and dunking were just fine. Would have been even better with CMC. I like getting the ball out of the QB’s hands and into the hands of DJ, Robby, or CMC. The problem for me was the interceptions and the impotent red-zone offense. If you are throwing short, quick, safe passes, you better not be throwing interceptions ESPECIALLY in the god damn end-zone. Interceptions are something you live with when you are chucking it down field and taking risks; not throwing 6 yard passes over and over.
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