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  1. Honestly wish for an NC (even federal) amendment that restricts a bill to one topic.
  2. Hard disagree. Guard is the position they needed and got a guy projected third round. It was a huge reach for a position of need after the first 2 guards were taken. He's more of a tackle and was even claimed to be "a walking hold call." Hard to justify with the other talent on the board.
  3. Cowboys were pretty troll too. My dad is a Cowboys fan and was livid.
  4. It's a misdemeanor driving a dirtbike. Can everyone chill? It's not like he threw a woman on a pile of guns or killed someone.
  5. I would trade any of those except Chinn. Shaq is overpaid and underperformed.
  6. I've been through half a season with Darnold and they were the most boring games I've ever watched. At least with Cam or PJ I don't know what I'll get.
  7. Just came in from my shift to see that Sam Darnold is taking the majority of snaps. Why would anyone want to come in after work and waste their Sunday watching this bum?
  8. I got downvoted on reddit because I asked why he was on the team.
  9. I watch the Lions some, they're competitive every week. Things just don't bounce their way.
  10. The San Francisco game in 2013 was the game that made me think something fishy is going on. The super bowl cemented it.
  11. It goes both ways. They were definitely the darling story that specific year.
  12. I hate the Saints but they're continually screwed in the playoffs. It's blatant.
  13. Washington's stretch left ate Reddick alive. It was right to him.
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