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  1. Donte is finally that dude. Shout out to the guy that said he was a bad tackler earlier.
  2. Play around it then instead of calling a straight up the gut run.
  3. Erickson with the random cut inside(as always) into 3 defenders.
  4. Very impressed with Donte Jackson so far this year. Really picked it up, especially in run stop.
  5. Look at Christian's arms after being tackled. I always hated playing on turf because it tore my skin all to pieces. I hated it getting in my shoes too.
  6. It's bad when point returner has been bad for so long that the huddle is praising a guy just for catching the ball. This guy ain't it.
  7. Thomas Davis would have just smacked the poo outta Shaq.
  8. A name I haven't heard today is Jaycee Horn. That's a good thing.
  9. Darnold looked great on that drive. I'm most impressed by his ability to take a hit and still get the pass off.
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