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  1. Saints don't have the Golden boy to get away with that crap anymore.
  2. I'm not sure it has 2013 talent but they are playing fast.
  3. Remember when people were talking about how Winston was a MVP. Yeah...
  4. Yes and they did actually midgame. Its why they got a TD on him.
  5. I'm just surprised people use ESON anymore. They are dying by the second. Seriously no one would watch if not.for football games.
  6. Dear god... Ask yourself how much game film is avalible week 1?
  7. You don't understand football very much if you think its just one on one block the other guy. Teams use stunts, drops, overloads all the time to exploit offensive linemen. Its prob the most game planned position. Guess what your dual threat RB isn't going to do too well if the LT is blocking the 5 and the defense is blitzing the 3.
  8. A team can release a coach from his obligation like they did with Petrino but you really think tepper is that much of an idiot? All contracts are binding both ways. You don't need to see the legal documents to know that. More than likely USC would have to compensate Tepper a great deal before he released Rhule. Not to mention he's the 6th highest paid NFL coach and hasn't even had a winning season.
  9. They would have to buyout his entire contract with the Panthers. That's 5 more years and about 42 million.
  10. Lock down money how? Locking down the second guy isn't really more than average. I mean yes he deserves more than scrub money for sure but he doesn't deserve top 15 money either. If a team gives him that you have to pass.
  11. This is just another reason hurney should have been canned when Rhule was hired. New coach and new GM was needed.
  12. It is mind boggling how bad Hurney and Rivera was at spotting talent. I mean they were complete idiots.
  13. Talk to me after week 5 and defenses have game planned him.
  14. All you can do with a groin injury is rest it. They are nagging injuries but usually not to the point a player can't play.
  15. When have I ever said he wasn't a decent CB? Just not worth lock down money. But I guess you can die on your hill as well because I've proven my point and am now moving on.
  16. Snake


    He's always been good but he's always gotten hurt.
  17. Hurn dog gonna hurney. Why have either good kickers when you can dump them both and have no one.
  18. How are you so blind you can't see how terrible Daley is? He's been blown up every game.
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