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  1. Payton calls it quits and the Saints are in terrible shape with the Cap… If Brady retires, are the Panthers not in better shape then anybody in the division?
  2. Interested in hearing those who hate the hire tell us what they expected? Look at what the OC coming in has to work with. This job unfortunately isnt at top of many coaches lists!
  3. Scary Terry needs to quit shooting on nights like this! Give those shots to somebody else! When he is hot, I can understand, but you could tell early his shots weren’t gonna fall
  4. Anybody that watched that game and puts the blame on the QB is blind or an idiot… or both… we have the worse OL possibly of all time. QB has to shoulder some of the blame, but dropped passes and TERRIBLE OL play is the #1, #2 and #3 problem. Do not draft a QB until we get it figured out up front.
  5. Sorry I don't fit the veterans agenda on the all so popular Panthers Huddle... This is a message board, if you don't like what somebody posts, don't respond or don't read it.. That simple.. instead everybody says no to Caldwelll and gives no reason for it. And nobody has given one name of who they would like to hire, or who we think would actually take the job. Somebody said he wasnt good at WF? Really? I guess he wasn't good in Indy or Baltimore or Detroit? He was fired after 2 9-7 seasons with the friggin LIONS!!! I would love to be 9-7 right now... He demands respect, is offensive minded and is a good QB coach.. Now tell me why he wouldt work? I sure don't want to hear he's old. Belichick-68...Carroll-69...Arians-68...Zimmer-65...Fangio-62...Culley-65... I guess these guys are to old too? I'd take any of these guys right now! Either give your reason with substance as to why he wouldn't work, or just don't say anything.
  6. I guess yall want another college coach or a coordinator? Don't say no to Caldwell if you can't give a reason. Who are some guys yall think would take the job? I'm waiting....
  8. I have never seem a team that needs an all new OL!! Every position!
  9. McDaniels cost us dearly the last 2 mins of that half.
  10. Just thought I would put this back out there..... OL is what we need before we pay ANY QB!!!!
  11. It has been a perfect storm on offense. Our receivers cant catch the ball, our OL can't run block or pass block, and when Sam does throw the ball, unfortunately he is forgetting what color his team is!
  12. This is what I originally posted..."With that said, Darnold still cant continue to make the mistakes he has been making. So he definitely isn't the answer." I am not defending Darnold, my point is, we need help up front before we put anybody else back there to run for there life! Also, we average 3.9 yds a carry... That puts us in the bottom 7 or 8 teams in the NFL! It's really easy to put all the blame on the QB, and he deserves a ton of it. But we have a lot of problems on the offensive side of the ball. We are ranked 29th in pass and run blocking! THAT GROUP IS TERRIBLE! This team also has 3 guys in top 10 of dropped passes this year. #1-RA, #3-DM, and #9-CH.. so once again I will say we have to start at the OL. We can all just agree to disagree and I'm good with that.
  13. Suddenly we have everybody defending the OL? I stated in my post that Darnold wasn't the answer. So everybody goes from being pissed we haven't drafted OL help, to now defending the OL?
  14. The #1 issue to fix is the OL.... I don't care who you have behind this OL, they will not win! Darnold has been put in another unfortunate situtation. He has NO protection and they cant run the ball either, so it's a double edged sword. With that said, Darnold still cant continue to make the mistakes he has been making. So he definitely isn't the answer. But please for the LOVE of GOD don't draft a QB to play behind this horrible OL. WE HAVE NO BUSINESS PAYING OR DRAFTING ANY QB UNTIL THIS OL IS FIXED... POINT BLANK PERIOD!!!
  15. If we signed Ayton, we immediately become top 4 in the east...
  16. Do we have the cap space? And why would we not be interested?
  17. No way we should be dogs in this matchup.. The Panthers are the safest bet this week at this at the number!
  18. How is Blakeney even playing? Ain’t he out on bond for setting up a robbery?
  19. Slater will end up playing guard in the NFL. This will be a solid pick! We will get a starting LT with our 2nd Rd pick
  20. Lawrence Pitts Sewell Slater Chase Farley Parsons Lance
  21. Who's to say we dont trade again and get our 2nd back before next year? Now we can sure up the OLINE!
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