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  1. Wow, letting Rhule call the shots by himself for an OC and probably won’t re sign reddick, not looking good. How can you tell us you are serious about winning?
  2. Agreed. He said he wants an OC that has called plays in the NFL yet interviews a guy twice who has never called plays in the nfl.
  3. Bears fans were saying they heard his interview was horrendous.
  4. So much for quiet, if we hire that guy...
  5. Today is a holiday, maybe they have the day off?
  6. I don’t know, that’s why I asked. Bc I asked, a huddler answered the question said he was NOT one of them.
  7. Wait, wasn’t Tepper one of the group of owners who wanted to fire Tomlin?
  8. Oh this would be fantastic, unfortunately I think Rhule is here next year. I will remain positive and hope this happens though.
  9. Reports are saying he has a good shot at the Texans gig and McClain for Houston said no matter what, Watson isn’t playing for Houston next season.
  10. If he thinks football will end soon, he’s not bright. Have you seen the tv ratings for the football season? It’s insane how well it did, soccer has a looong way to go to get to that level in America.
  11. I swear it feels like he cares more about the soccer team than the panthers.
  12. That’s a HUGE part of it, but not of all it. We do have a big coaching problem. Game clock mismanagement, wasting timeouts constantly, when to go for it, when not to go for it, leading the league in penalties, DL not setting the edge, not putting the greatest rushing qb of all time in for a sneak with only inches to go, roster moves, lineup issues (who to start where) etc. Sure, we can fix the line, but until Rhule is gone, we will be average at best.
  13. His biggest mistake was not firing Hurney with Rivera. Then allowing Hurney to have a tremendous amount input on hiring Rhule.
  14. I can’t remember, but didn’t he lose every game against ranked opponents? He got smacked around in the bowl game though.
  15. Let’s do it, this is a better discussion topic than anything else associated with this team right now.
  16. Rhules coming back, this is horse poo.
  17. He already denied us, why would he come here? On top of that, why would anyone come here?
  18. That’s why that Glazer report is odd to me. Basically, Tepper has no clue.
  19. Oh he doesn’t like him, but let him suffer with Sam, he can ride that out.
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