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  1. I know it’s not pro, but thank goodness for the NC college teams.
  2. These last two off seasons have been rough, this off season, this is the least I’ve checked in on this board in an offseason.
  3. I apologize for my wording of worked up, I couldn’t think of a better way to phrase that sentence in regards to his post. I’m not very smart. Albright will always slant things to make him self look right.
  4. Ah I see, I’ve been following him since Watson was linked to us, the longer I follow, the more I see him make a fool of himself.
  5. I was just thinking a tad further than cam, Palmer had some good seasons, then after that, the mannings?
  6. I’m hoping he overcomes all this. Like I said last year, if he’s good we are good, but he’s got a lot to improve on.
  7. Not to pile on here, but I found these posts interesting
  8. Good lord they just pooed all over us
  9. Speculation on Twitter is that since Sanders chose 85 instead of 0 like he said, they are saving it for Gilmore. Does anyone know if Gilmore ever wore 0?
  10. Yeah they’ve been hinting at Gilmore all week, surely it will happen.
  11. Who were his top two? I’m No draft expert (not even close) but he was my second behind the Mich LB.
  12. This LB class is pretty weak, Mich LB and Kentucky LB, to me, were the best pure LBs in the class. As much as I like Gray and Wilson, they just weren’t close to those two. Wilson was getting tackles 10 yards down the field and get get off blocks. I’m sure I’m missing other pure LBs but Wallace is tough.
  13. This kid is good. We got a Dan Morgan “Dog” here.
  14. Has anyone said what we have up to move back up?
  15. Yeah I think it’s cool he went in there to shoot the poo about it and not be mean, BUT, you don’t ever put hands on someone let alone take their hat off, that’s bs
  16. I’m laughing now, but we probably will eff ourselves tomrw so I should probably stop.
  17. Still can’t believe Penix will be 28 when cousins deal is up…
  18. Oh yeah absolutely, but it’s still crazy. Benjamin Albright is saying Denver had Bo has qb3 on their board lol how???
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