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  1. Sean Payton has his cell phone clipped to his belt.
  2. There was an article by a NE best writer saying they aren’t much better this year...
  3. Is Billy Marshall still on there with him, billy is the shiz.
  4. Please don’t listen to this person, a ton of ppl love reading your draft rumors and inside info. Keep up the great work.
  5. As long as it helps with getting off blocks, go for it. Shaq wasnt bad last year, east great either. Hopefully he can take that next step.
  6. Would have been nice if he learned from them while he was here.
  7. Been listening to JT for a year now, I’ve learned a ton and it’s never boring. He does indeed know his stuff.
  8. Big fan of JTs channel good stuff.
  9. Cole Kmet was so good it’s hard for Kelly to play Tremble over him. So when he did play it was mostly for blocking. I also think NDs coaching staff outside of Kelly (tbh I think he’s a tad overrated) is weak. Book was also a factor bc he isn’t that great. Edit: I forgot to talk about Mayer the young TE. He’s going to be a future early draft pick and it was hard for tremble to play over him as well. Not a knock on Tremble, he was just never really given a good look.
  10. I think he will. The talent is there, he just needs a chance. ND has always had great TEs, he was sort of buried and now he won’t be.
  11. All the trade backs going on, my first thought was “I bet Billy is about to faint”
  12. Been watching every ND game for the last ten years, this kid didn’t get much attn, big reason why is Book isn’t good, but he was mainly used as a blocker...which he dominated at. His pass catching and route running is severely underrated. With Rhule and Brady, this kid will be solid. Great pick.
  13. Per Schefter lots of speculation about not picking up Darnolds, there is still time to do it after the draft though. Next few day are going to be wild.
  14. Well done! Last month you mentioned Shaq as well, any news on that?
  15. @Verge after I showed you that tweet Albright sent that said thinks we don’t have Sewell as our top tackle, do you think that’s true? If it is true who would the pick be at 8?
  16. https://twitter.com/allbrightnfl/status/1382094041358106626?s=21
  17. Albright alluded to this. He said something along the lines of Sewell not being the first OT on our board.
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