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  1. Il never forgive them for leg whipping Charles Johnson.
  2. We will be hearing Luvus name a ton this season.
  3. I didn’t really follow Bozeman before he wasn’t signed but I had read he was a pretty good center. Am I missing something, why is he not the starter, why is he still competing with Eflein?
  4. I’m sorry, but Rhule is not a good pro coach and is a fugging ignorant fool.
  5. Yup, to be expected though, just joining the team and missing out on reps bc Rhule loves Sam probably doesn’t help him much. We’ve all said it, but he needs all the reps he can get. Rhule and his love fest for Sam, is hurting the team.
  6. Agreed. It’s also the same with Baker and Sam. Clearly Baker is better, yet Rhule is putting on this show almost as if he’s begging for people to notice him as a head coach. It’s very weird.
  7. A lot of ppl claim Rhule really knows ball...but does he?
  8. Baker should have been taking snaps with the 1s all along. They are wasting precious time on this bs. Everyone knows he is clearly better than Sam.
  9. Kid looks legit. Anxious to see how he does with pressure and real game situations.
  10. I wonder if they will look at Ford or Barr, isn’t he still a FA?
  11. We suck at run support, so I’m all for this.
  12. This feels eerily similar to trading for Darnold. Both instances coaches watched tape and talked them selves into getting him. Obviously Mayfield is better than Darnold, but reading that feels kind of similar.
  13. He did. Some wise acre on twitter edited it to where it was Robbie that said it. Adams saying Carr is a HOFer is a huge stretch though.
  14. Right that’s why I said if I’m not mistaken because I couldn’t recall and why I formed it as a question.
  15. Also, if I’m not mistaken, wasnt Darnold horrible in OTAs? So bad that some writers said that’d be the last time we see him taking starter reps?
  16. Dang only one game, should be the whole year. Still awesome though
  17. All I ever hear about Baker is his passion and desire to win and not about how good of a qb he is. This isn’t a knock on him or anything, it’s just odd that’s all anyone says about him.
  18. What did cam say about Russel to set him off?
  19. Texans have some cool red helmets too.
  20. That movie was a trip
  21. Nothing wrong with being positive, it can be infectious.
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