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  1. That’s on Tepper. Ever since 2018 we’ve been ass, it’s no coincidence that that’s when Tepper got the team.
  2. He’s ours forever my dude, once that trade up happened, he became ours forever.
  3. I can’t remember, did Dalton have this issue last week?
  4. I like to see Bryce improvise more. He’s fast, use it more
  5. I’m here for this the trashing of Tepper not us losing f that.
  6. All the Indy fans were laughing at me at my place of work and telling me this all off-season.
  7. We need to use him in the passing game. Very talented pass catching back but very disappointed in his running ability.
  8. Cmon O don’t just stand there and pack your pants, respond.
  9. Agree.Bozeman should have taken that guys head off
  10. I think I it was Person on twitter said there was a ton of Purple there
  11. Tepper needs to see how many Vikings fans are here, this is so stupid.
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