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  1. I could probably get close, but I assume even some casual fans would know players who scored multiple TDs for us last year.
  2. You didn’t watch the team play last season?
  3. I didn’t know whether to poo the post for horrible takes, or give pie for being on theme for the thread.
  4. There are two videos. The bottom one shows it multiple times.
  5. Being "special" is not a requirement to win the NFCS (last year & this year).
  6. Wouldn't that be something. This place would be a madhouse if we make the playoffs in Bryce's rookie year and have a WR win ROTY.
  7. I'd say WR. Theilen is the only WR who has an established floor that should be league average at worst. Chark (health), TMJ & Mingo (inexperience) and others like Shenault give us potential to creep up into the top 10 as a unit. If those factors go sideways, we also could be bottom 5 at the WR position. Definition of boom or bust imo.
  8. We won't lose Thomas Brown unless Bryce is a stud in Year 1 and, if that's the case, we'll have a plethora of OCs to choose from moving forward. Similar situation setting up with our young core on defense too.
  9. Such a cool coincidence that we get to watch our QB coach break down our #1 pick's game: Hopefully, we'll look back on this video in 15 years as a special look into the beginning of the Panthers most successful decade+.
  10. I think it's a positive to play a divisional opponent Week 1 before they have film of our new look schemes.
  11. You posted an image with his stats but your comment only addressed one game, his worst. Why do that unless you have an agenda to push? Darnold wasn’t a bad QB last year.
  12. The poster was referring to all the games Darnold played last year. Not one.
  13. Statistically, he was a middle of the pack starting QB over the 2022 season when healthy. I wouldn't bet against him looking good to great this year under one of the game's best offensive coaches and surrounded by an abundance of talent.
  14. YGM is going to force some Huddlers to like him this year.
  15. We’re well aware of your worries. Your post could be seen as a legitimate concern, but when you’ve spent the majority of the discussions expressing one concern after another, a potentially valid point gets watered down. Surely you agree the decision wasn’t solely based on social skills at dinner, even if that was the confirmation for ONE of the decision makers. Try to see the upside.
  16. I'd agree with you for a typical WR, which Shenault is not. He's repped at RB before and is more of a hybrid player in the mold of Deebo or C Patterson. I trust our coaching staff could get him up to speed since he's both bigger and more physical than our other backs. I think you're downplaying the role those two traits play in pass pro.
  17. I hadn't thought about the Bears. That's definitely one to consider too. DJ vs Panthers Bryce Young vs. Justin Fields (should the Bears have traded Fields?) Bears can help their own draft pick compensation with a win
  18. Frankly, Shenault struggling to pick up pass pro is something you've invented in your own mind. Could he struggle with it? I suppose that's a possibility, but he's shown to be more physical with the ball in his hands than any of our other backs. That gives him a leg up already. Add that he has more mass and he may be our best back at pass pro on the roster this year.
  19. Shenault is 10-15lbs heavier than our other RBs. I think he can handle the job as adequately as our other RBs.
  20. Similar to our failures at QB in the Rhule era, I'm glad our front office wasn't afraid to scrap it all when they saw our lack of proficiency on offense. At least we have hope now.
  21. I'm with you on the edit. I don't think that would be intriguing enough for a "game of the week," but it would be a juicy match up for both fan bases and will add talking points.
  22. Yea, the NFL does this whether we think they need eyeballs Week 1 or not. Last year, Week 1 included these match ups: Baker vs. Browns Wilson vs. Seahawks If the Packers and Jets were set to play in 2023, I guarantee that would be a Week 1 game.
  23. I've made this point before in favor of Shenault at RB. Below is the ranking of "yards after catch per reception" leaders in 2022. You'll notice most of the top 20 are RBs, and the first true WR (Deebo plays everywhere) was Rondale Moore at #24. Shenault had 12.2 YAC/R last year which would put him first above all the elite RBs you see listed. I'm not sure why he isn't listed as he had 27 receptions last year, and Henry (33) and Etienne (35) only had a few more. At a minimum, I believe this suggests Shenault could be a proficient 3rd down back.
  24. The NFL tries to create matchups week 1 that best incorporate drama from last year or the offseason. What other match up would be better? Some have mentioned the Texans which I can see. That's pretty much it.
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