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  1. Cardinals need Kyler Murray not to throw picks.
  2. Honestly not that surprised the Cardinals are imploding. After all, they lost to a Matt Rhule Panthers team led by PJ Walker.
  3. Yep. Mayock's gone. Wonder if we'll be hearing him again for this year's draft... https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2022/01/17/raiders-fire-mike-mayock/
  4. Probably the only time of the year I'll tolerate Stephen A Smith:
  5. Unfortunately, my recollection of McAdoo is UrinatingTree and what might as well be our new fight song:
  6. I will say this. At that point in the game, the Cowboys options were limited. One look at the 49ers defense on that play (a great vantage point below) and you can tell trying any route going towards the sidelines would be well defended, something they hadn't done up until that point. Even so, this is where some creative playcalling would've been a better option, something the Cowboys had shown they could do in this very game. I personally would've taken my end zone shot here since that defensive formation would've been more favorable to exploit or draw a penalty. Also, McCarthy was correct in that there should had been no issues spotting the ball. Except he glosses over the fact that they were the ones that made the mistake by trying to do it themselves. That's something that shouldn't even require practice - and I wonder that was even practiced - because it's such a fundamental part of the game. The closest equivalent I could think of is when Kirk Cousins took a knee instead of spiking the ball and cost his team a chance to kick a field goal.
  7. Wouldn't surprise me if Jerry demands that rule to be changed. That and no one calling out Dak for that comment.
  8. ...at least the Steelers can say they led this game at one point.
  9. This may be the best season ever for Uglies scoring touchdowns.
  10. Hmm. Maybe the Steelers should've covered this Kelce guy a bit better.
  11. That type of call makes more sense if going for a field goal and even then, I'd go down five yards earlier. Otherwise, you'd need five more seconds on the clock.
  12. Really think 49ers should've gone for it there. All that momentum on their side.
  13. Wow, the Twitch broadcast is well ahead of what I'm getting on cable.
  14. Panthers: We're the worst in the 3rd quarter Eagles: Hold our beer... because we can't even hold onto the ball.
  15. It Hurts to watch these high throws... and that interception.
  16. Let's keep this in mind. When we got Darnold, this staff said they were going to treat him like a rookie. In that regard, we already have an idea on training and development for anyone we might draft and it doesn't look good in the slightest. Trying to get a new QB now would feel like a waste because we're not good enough to make them better. Or even provide them some modicum of protection.
  17. This game feels like it's going to be over rather quickly.
  18. This is the season of Big Guy Touchdowns.
  19. I don't think too many mind a blowout here
  20. Glad I was wrong. Really through Boger was going to call something there.
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