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  1. There is $230 million reasons (plus multiple 1sts) why there was nothing rational about it. And before anyone wants to bring up the Rams, that team was stacked with talent to where they reached the Super Bowl with Jared Goff. This franchise and the current roster is far from being one guy away and yet, we continue this delusion that we are despite guys like Stafford and Wilson flat out rejecting us.
  2. There's the part of me that is utterly thrilled this deal fell apart. Then I think about the fact that this franchise was willing to do something incredibly stupid because of an owner I have no confidence in making rational decisions.
  3. ...and that's why you can't get away having a franchise QB if you don't have adequate protection.
  4. Ok, that one was an actual flag.
  5. The Bengals suddenly forgot they could run the ball.
  6. McVay trying to be too cute yet again.
  7. In Ramsey's defense, his facemask got totally twisted around and it wasn't called.
  8. Feels old school which I suppose makes sense given current demographics but probably anyone not born last millenium are yawning right now.
  9. I actually got to fly into Munich twice. Only got to walk around the airport but had my first experience with German food and beer there at one of the restaurants. Not much of a beer drinker tbh but damn, one of the best meals I've ever had. Definitely would recommend going just for the experience.
  10. Don't know what's more surprising. The fact the record hasn't been broken by now or that Moose and not Smitty has it. And yes, Jake was such a gunslinger which was why his career was effectively over that day in Atlanta. I often wonder what could've been in 2008 with a healthy elbow.
  11. Just need a player doing this during a game... https://youtu.be/rUw8cN6R8o0
  12. The Sports Bribery Act may have something to say about that. A congressional investigation is all but guaranteed and I can see the possibility of invoking the act as the mechanism to pry right into the operations of the NFL. Whether that will hold up is up for debate but just the possibility that the Feds could be coming cannot be sitting well with the owners right now.
  13. So just heard Hue Jackson's interview on Sportscenter. Obviously, every word he said is going to be scrutinized for validity but given he provided some substance to what he is claiming, we're well past the point of no return. I'll keep repeating this but there is a huge difference when money is involved because in essence, that is bribery. Even worse, bribery that Hue supposedly brought to the league's attention and did nothing about it. The odds of the Feds getting involved in all of this are only getting higher now.
  14. What happened between the Chiefs and the Bengals didn't change my opinion one bit; OT rules have to change. People are too focused on the game's outcome when it's more about the process getting there.
  15. One thing to point out. It's not like the 49ers are unaware that Garoppolo is a limiting factor. They did, after all, draft Trey Lance. The fact that Lance hadn't already taken over the starting role by now, however, is very concerning. If we find out that Lance is not the guy, then it's the harsh reality that we could be stuck trying to find ours for a long time just like the bulk of the league that doesn't have one.
  16. Burrow certainly was a factor but don't deny how well that Bengals defense played. Limiting the Chiefs at their own place to 3 points after the half? And two critical turnovers? That's a winning formula.
  17. Credit to the Bengals for tying it up.
  18. You can't deny Brady's skills and competitiveness. Easily one of the best QBs of this era. But I still can't stand his guts.
  19. If we have to be in Hard Knocks, they'll have to change the genre to comedy, then.
  20. It's not so much that the Rams wouldn't be able to challenge them but the Rams also did just about everything in their power to give that game away today. I doubt they can get away with that with Mahomes.
  21. Great? Absolutely. Rodgers and Brady being knocked out made it even greater. Honestly, the only blemish is the Bills being eliminated which likely means another SB win for the Chiefs but even that isn't something I'll complain about.
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