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  1. WOOOOOOOOOO. STEVIE! Reminders me of Staal's goal in the playoffs.
  2. Box score shows Yung Tro with an additional 2 minutes for Unsportsmanlike Conduct.
  3. yea. Whats up with the extra 2 minutes?
  4. Did a stick break? What was that hand pass....
  5. KK out here catching passes better than Robby Anderson.
  6. Really liked how quickly Slavin got that puck back into the zone after the fumble.
  7. Can't help but think of Austin Powers whenever I see KK...
  8. Jarvis has some silky mitts. He can dangle in a phone booth (giggity).
  9. YEEEEEEEEEEHAW! Feels good to beat Vaseline.
  10. That one touch pass from Svech to Aho was PURTY.
  11. I didn’t have sound… anyone know what RBA was incensed at after the call on Brendan Smith? I’d assume it was a reaction to the absolutely atrocious Interference call?
  12. If memory serves...I think the Panthers organization (Under JR) was buying all unsold tickets. And then reselling them. So the "sell out" streaks were never real to begin with. Just ... fluff.
  13. This isn't the point of your post, but I am pretty sure the sell out announcements have stopped. At least I don't recall hearing them this season.
  14. 10 Year PSL owner here. PSST. The "opposing fans" issue in Bank of America stadium? It's not because PSL Owners are selling their tickets. It's because Panthers' "fans" aren't buying them. The choice to sell a ticket is objective. Ticketmaster is a platform without allegiances or fandom. Instead of trying to figure out how so many opposing fans got tickets, you need to start asking why Panthers fans aren't the ones buying those same tickets. If you say to yourself "I'm not spending any money to go see the Panthers", THEN YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM. If you are one of those people who say "If I had Panthers' PSLs...". STOP RIGHT THERE. The Panthers are actively selling PSLs. I believe there was/is an advertisement for PSLs as low as $20/month. Go sign up. Are you hesitant to sign up because the Panthers suck right now? Fair. But don't complain about the number of opposing fans in the stadium then. The product on the field, and the lack of perennial success (the Panthers still have not had back to back winning seasons. Ever.) combined with the fact that the Panthers have only been around for ~25 years all contribute to the current situation.
  15. Yea. I edited my last thought. Was an overreaction.
  16. Oh well. Canes weren’t going 82-0. Would have been nice to beat the other unbeaten (in regulation) team, though. I’d rather they lose against the perceived best in the league than drop a trap game to end the streak. Aho hasn’t scored a full strength goal in 5 games now. Svech can’t stay out of the box. Need these 2 to carry on nights like tonight if the Canes are going to contend.
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