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  1. Aho trying to pass to Turbo, when he has a clean shot, while Turbo has 2 Rangers players whacking at his stick. wtf.
  2. Rangers getting goals off helmets ripped off and sticks ripped out of hands.
  3. Unbelievable. No one there for a follow up, puck is just spinning.
  4. How is Shitstirkin able to dump the puck the length of the ice without icing? Is that a rule I am unaware of?
  5. Canes are going to have to do what no one has done in 2+ years. Exit the Lightning from the playoffs. Thanks for nothing Leafs and Panthers.
  6. DeAngelo wanted that one so bad. Left his stick with purpose.
  7. Need to kill this and then flip the game with momentum.
  8. Stupid. Inability to clear the puck. Soft, embarrassing zone play.
  9. Are you saying that the lines were constructed to wear them down early and then open it up in the 3rd?
  10. took me a second to realize the bear heads were photoshopped.
  11. Say what you want but the Canes stole this one. But you gotta steal a couple to go all the way.
  12. I don’t know what team I’m watching but its not the Hurricanes. This is awful.
  13. Round 2. Let’s go. Someone punch Marchand in the face on the way out.
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