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  1. She’s on TV! Not sure I have ever seen her wear the same thing twice…..82 outfits! Really like her to be honest, very knowledgeable and great at her job
  2. Didn’t know that, feel a bit better about game now. Just settling down with a beer to watch!
  3. Tough one tonight after a tough loss last night, let’s see how we respond. Some of our stars need to star.
  4. We will know a lot more about this team in 7 days. See you tomorrow gents
  5. Apparently Hart saved 4.56 expected goals tonight. My eyes confirm that stat.
  6. This is a Matt Rhule 3rd quarter performance in the 3rd
  7. Understandable mate, hope family is staying strong. Much love
  8. It’s good news if available. Wondered if we may go with Freddie again if he wasn’t available as we are home against a great team.
  9. Intermission topic….who’s in goal tomorrow? Think Freddie back to back?
  10. I have no idea how you keep up with that in game. I’m useless
  11. Moving the puck well on the PP but need more net front
  12. Oh my he has two of the craziest first goals of any NHL career if this stands
  13. Two good goaltenders tonight, special teams or one fug up will decide it
  14. If we had an O line I would be all in on thinking we are going to playoffs……but if we had an O line Cam would probably not be back. i fuging love this dude and hope to hell he makes us relevant again
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