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  1. Saints absolutely wanted Horn, and with Surtain going at 9 right after Horn showed me, atleast, that if we were to have traded back with the thought of still getting 1 of those CBs, would not have been there.
  2. CMC has got to be thrilled. This guy and Tremble blocking for him.
  3. Could've taken the best safety in the draft. Hope the Darnold fans are happy.
  4. We could have had grant or ucf safety and built a dynasty type D but we settled for a tackle
  5. We gave up a 2, 4 and 6 for Darnold. I was never in the camp to draft Fields. Despite not getting an OL to help Sam in round 1, the weapons we have around him are already better then what he ever had with NYJ. I'm willing to see what we have in Sam while building a great defense bc of those 3rd down numbers. A great D can be a QBs friend as well. Field position, time clock management/possession, holding an opponent to 3 instead of 6 after a turnover just to name a few.
  6. It was extremely disappointing that coverage went to commercial before and after we pick. But he's right. I heard more about so called experts whining that we should have gotten someone else rather then focusing on Horn and his abilities. Let's not kid ourselves. If Horn were to go to Dallas, they would be articles and stories everywhere about Horn.
  7. Exactly. I get it that we also need OL help, but we were horrid last year on 3rd downs. We filled one major need.
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