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  1. Love it. 25 mil a year for him is a steal IMO. I like him bc he can shoot, score, and play some point if needed as well. MJ and Kupchak are doing fine work!
  2. LOVE it. He struggled shooting out of the gate last year but he is going to be instant offense off of the bench. Its setting up nicely to be Ball, Rozier, Hayward, Washington, Plumlee with Smith, Bouknight, Oubre, Bridges, and one of our bigs in Jones, Carey, Richards as the backup. Martin twins, Thor, Lewis as well. Good young team that will compete and you throw in Markennen(sp?) and we will be a very good team.
  3. I agree. Was just a hypothetical question. I see fans all the time not wanting guys like him on their respective teams, but wondered what the reaction would be if said player was acquired and team won it all. That's why honestly if Watson was acquired id not be happy but at end of day he'd be a Panther and i would hope for the best.
  4. What if Panthers get Watson and win the Super Bowl? This isn't my answer to the poll question but just a general question.
  5. Meh Decent 3rd option PG I guess. 1st move we've made that I question if it's backup role but would love as 3rd option.
  6. Yes this was the right move. Give the keys fully to LaMelo and save that money. What I'll be interested in is what we do at the backup PG spot. As of now our starting 5 will probably be, and I could be wrong but for depth purposes.. Ball, Rozier, Hayward, Washington, Plumlee Backups we have Bouknight, Martin twins, Bridges, McDaniels, Jones, Thor, Lewis, Richards, Carey That's 15 so will be interested to see what Mitch does from here, but I like letting Graham walk and getting a mid to late first for him.
  7. Gotta say, we got a steal here. Absolute steal. Kid can really score the ball. Watch out for the Hornets. Still need bigs but this pick allows us to move on from Monk and possibly Rozier. A++++ move
  8. Saints absolutely wanted Horn, and with Surtain going at 9 right after Horn showed me, atleast, that if we were to have traded back with the thought of still getting 1 of those CBs, would not have been there.
  9. CMC has got to be thrilled. This guy and Tremble blocking for him.
  10. Could've taken the best safety in the draft. Hope the Darnold fans are happy.
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