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  1. Oops we missed out on a potential franchise LT
  2. This guy stood out in the preseason but not in a good way.
  3. OK now pay for the new stadium instead of leeching off of tax payers.
  4. It's a long 17 game season. Seems wise to me. They'll get reps in the next two preseason games along with having multiple joint practices.
  5. I use a dark theme everywhere I can. This is great.
  6. Did anyone find it amusing that this game was so over that CBS was letting Cam do a vlog on the sideline?
  7. Really embarrassed that Rivera fielded a team tonight that looks this unprepared. It doesn't matter that it's preseason, that goes both ways. If you look this bad, you're fuging up.
  8. Wouldn't be the least bit surprised to see it happen. I love Stewart but he's been unhealthy nearly every single season. Until he proves otherwise I'm not banking my hopes on the season on him. CAP is fuging good and should have been drafted in the 2nd or 3rd. If Stewart gets hurt and CAP starts a game he could end up being a really good feature back.
  9. Good thing we have a decent backup if he doesn't work out. Oh wait. =(
  10. ​If Tolbert was going to get cut it would have been a long time ago.
  11. Not really sure how he gets a roster spot on the 53.
  12. How am I supposed to act like a gentleman when you post pictures like that?
  13. fug. Everyone I wanted is pretty much gone. If we can't get Humpries or MAYBEEEEE Perriman I'd rather just trade the hell out of this poo. I see a DE coming.
  14. Is he the type to sign to be a backup? Because that's the only role he should have at this point in his career. If not he'll tear his triceps in week 3 and be good veteran leadership the rest of the year.
  15. Meh, whatever. As long as the rarely sees the field I'm ok with it.
  16. Didn't Igo swear up and down Richardson stayed out of all football personnel affairs? Yeah I remember hearing about how hands off he was on football operations.
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