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  1. I really doubt the raiders are gonna let him go after the success he's had taking over...
  2. Why doesn't this clown of a coach get it? Our other options at LT are worse. Rashawn Slater's arms are less than an inch longer. poo doesn't matter.
  3. The Canes section barely has more posts than the Charlotte FC one. What does that tell you?
  4. yeah but no one wants to watch hockey so
  5. Can someone get this man a microphone that hasn't been dunked underwater after being ran over? Lol.
  6. yeah ok but it's way cooler to make my own thread to complain in
  7. While everyone is excited have we forgotten about the oline?
  8. The only people who are upset about an ankle tackle are panthers fans and it's sad. It was nothing.
  9. Year 2035 Panthers fans: "sign cam"
  10. Oops we missed out on a potential franchise LT
  11. OK now pay for the new stadium instead of leeching off of tax payers.
  12. It's a long 17 game season. Seems wise to me. They'll get reps in the next two preseason games along with having multiple joint practices.
  13. I use a dark theme everywhere I can. This is great.
  14. Did anyone find it amusing that this game was so over that CBS was letting Cam do a vlog on the sideline?
  15. Really embarrassed that Rivera fielded a team tonight that looks this unprepared. It doesn't matter that it's preseason, that goes both ways. If you look this bad, you're fuging up.
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