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  1. Borat


    That’s the key point everyone’s missing. Deebo is uber-valuable only when he plays the jack-of-all-trades role, but he wants 1) to quit playing it yet 2) be paid based on his output in it.
  2. Atlanta fan – I attended the game. Actually entered the Benz with with CFC fans, who were out in surprising force and lively throughout (drums, banners, chants, etc.). Kahlina put in a MOTM performance – fantastic showing. Entire stadium was buzzing after a few of those saves. Fuchs is obviously (still) a classy player, but he doesn't have the pace to play out wide in the MLS anymore.
  3. I think this is the right play. Too much execution risk on Watson.
  4. I mean that sounds about right. Darnold and Cam (at this point) are probably above-average backups at this point.
  5. The top, maybe, but his sideburns are grey. Plus, he's got a big white patch on the lower left, which seems hard to miss if he were getting it colored.
  6. Who do you think is dyeing his hair? Olsen? McCaffrey and Kuechly are a bit young to be grey, and Kalil is grey on the sideburns and beard.
  7. Especially true when you're paying a top ~3 QB $9mm due to the rookie wage scale...
  8. He's got Burrow, though.
  9. It's turning into an Atlanta / Mike Vick-esque dynamic.
  10. Picked the next triple crown winner. Super cool.
  11. He was pretty suspect passing (pretty much the same output as Zach Wilson his first year), but he was a rushing force right off the bat – so much so that his QBR was actually pretty close to average. Guy basically did a Cam Newton impression – 12 games, 631 yards, 8 TDs, 7.1 YPA – as a rook.
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