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  1. It would only work if Darnold is an All-Pro this year.
  2. Remind me to hit you up for top notch crack next time in Dallas.
  3. Huh? Do you think he's going to the CFL or something? He hasn't been a top QB for half a decade.
  4. He didn’t give up enough for this to, in isolation, put him in the hot seat, but it’d definitely figure into the calculus.
  5. I liked how he got cheap-shotted, finished his celebration, then stomped over to the fracas to punk Malcolm Jenkins
  6. Should be in, but it’s tough for WRs for some reason. His attitude will do him no favors as well. His end zone fight with Harper and Jenkins is one of my favorite plays in league history.
  7. Big A better hope the FBI isn’t on to him, lol
  8. It’s going to be funny as hell IMO. Maybe she and Rosie O’Donnell can take down the drug cartels?
  9. Boring game. Chiefs were flat and any prayer they had of staying in it was crushed by terrible refereeing in the first half.
  10. This is investigation-worthy levels of bad officiating. Holy poo.
  11. These calls are just insane.
  12. Can’t ever count out Mahomes but good lord the Chiefs look flat. Questionable reffing too.
  13. Drops are just killing KC
  14. I dunno, that arm is the definition of athletic. But yeah, he’s not running away from anyone downfield.
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