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  1. I think it's suspect already given how basically all the 1) currently good QBs who 2) were drafted in the past 5 years were all pretty darn good as rooks / first-year starters. But yeah, if he turns into a Herbert, good trade. And agree that this weekend will be compelling to say the least.
  2. It's baffling. He's been an above average for the past 3 years. And people think they'd take Darnold in return.
  3. Some highlights from a recent Cam thread.
  4. Jimmy G is more than $5.4mm better than Darnold. Plus, there's no way they'd want a $19mm backup if they're indeed moving on from Jimmy G. And why would they trade him for someone with zero value when they could get picks or a serviceable player at another position?
  5. Trashy statement from the QB of one of the trashiest fanbases. This is so dead-on. Did you come up with this quip?
  6. The Cowboys fans I’m watching this with are all arguing either or both of 1) “the NFL is rigged” or 2) “but that didn’t effect the play.” LOL
  7. Tbh a lot of posts like this on this board are really just tacit defense of (the current version of) Cam.
  8. No but it sure papers over a lot of cracks. Look at Burrow.
  9. Joe Burrow got sacked 51 times this year. Their OL isn't great. But he's risen above, and then some. Excited to see what he does in the next round(s).
  10. Love to see the Pats getting stomped. 20 years of frustration unleashed in that game.
  11. Definitely. Burrow looks like an All-Pro, and the rest of their team is pretty good too.
  12. Super Wildcard AFC: (3) Bills over (6) Patriots (2) Chiefs over (7) Steelers (4) Bengals over (5) Raiders NFC (2) Bucs lose to (7) Eagles (3) Cowboys lose to (6) 49ers (4) Rams lose to (5) Cardinals Divisional AFC: (1) Titans over (4) Bengals (2) Chiefs over (3) Bills NFC: (5) Cardinals over (6) 49ers (1) Packers over (7) Eagles Championships Chiefs over Titans Packers over Cardinals SB Chiefs over Packers
  13. In order of rooting interest: 1) Chief – I'm friendly with the Butkers 2) Bills – snakebit to the extreme, love their fanbase 3) Bengals – again, like seeing SB virgins (other than the Saints) finally win one. Gives me hope... 4) Cardinals – I'm a fan of Murray 5) Titans – would be cool to see Julio get one. Could be cool to see Henry return and run over everyone, too 6) Packers – I think Rodgers is the best QB ever (and demonstrably better than Brady), and even though I don't really like him or the Packers, I wouldn't mind him getting another to round out the resume 7) Rams – meh. Wouldn't mind Stafford getting one 8] Eagles – fans are assholes, don't mind the team 9) Raiders – see [8] 10) Steelers – see [8] 11) 49ers – yuck 12) Cowboys – blech 13) Bucs – barf 14) Pats – fug them and their 'fans.' Half are probably cheering for the Bucs, anyways
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