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  1. Nice to see/hear the young CB's impressed.
  2. Is be on board with this pick. It's very possible that's he's coming to Charlotte.
  3. In all seriousness, this happens quite often. Don't bring opposing team banners, flags etc to another teams home stadium and not expect to get messed with. My dad grew up in Erie and is a Steeler fan. He told me about the time he and a couple of buddies went to a game in Cleveland. When they pulled into the parking lot, car got pelted with snow balls and someone set their car flag on fire with a lighter in front of them. They then were pelted with more snow balls walking to the stadium.
  4. I like this. Just everything about this. Oher doing a solid job, not backing down, Remmers coming in. Good stuff
  5. I feel so bad for Kelvin. He was having such a great camp and was primed to have a monster year. It will be interesting to see if we bring in a vet or not.
  6. Well this is a swift kick to the stomach.. I hope it isnt serious.
  7. Not trying to panic yet.. Hopefully he bounces back.. Like many others have said in this thread, he does not have to be a pro bowler, just serviceable.
  8. I mean, every other article has us pegged in the same category. Why would this one be any different?
  9. The Batman Vs Superman trailer was awesome. Really psyched to see this movie. The red capes are coming!!
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