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  1. Do not agree with that whole deal. Letting a fruit basket like Suh near Cam is stupid.
  2. We might not be the most talented offense, but between Norwell, Turner, Ward, Stewart, Tolbert, Newton, Benjamin, Funchess, & Olsen we are the biggest offense and are gonna punch people right in the mouth.
  3. Oher struggled? Oh, yeah? Well that's just, like, your opinion, man.
  4. As long as Oher can stay upright and keep his man in front of him I'll be happy. He doesn't have to be Orlando Pace for our offense to thrive. I can't take anther year of watching our LT get knocked down, pushed on top of Cam, or spinning like a ballerina as the end zooms by.
  5. Security! Security! They are being obnoxiously loud and blocking my view!
  6. This is the year Cam emerges as the future of the NFL. His rookie year he banged on the front door and got everyone's attention. Second year he slipped and fell off the porch. Third year he walked back up the porch and started banging again. Fourth year he was leaning against the door with crutches. This year he's gonna kick down the door and yell "GTFO THIS IS MY HOUSE NOW."
  7. "Look Stephen, we've gotta let you go. You're gonna have to pick yourself up by the nippleshorts and carry on." -DG
  8. Neither do I, but if this is true he is now a confirmed fuging moron. He's a fringe practice squad player who is two days away from starting the most important audition of his football career. He's fighting to save his career and this was likely his last shot. And everyone is well aware that weed is against the law, but more importantly that it's banned by the NFL and they are on overdrive with PC damage control. And he's driving around town with frigging weed and drug paraphernalia in his car. Certified dumb ass.
  9. That "pussy" could snap you and everyone else on this forum in half.
  10. Saw a hilarious mock movie poster relating to this but I can't find it now. It had a picture of LeBron crying and the faces of Curry, Dirk, Popovich, Duncan, & Leonard photoshopped onto the Monstarz. And it was titled Space Jam 2-4. Lol
  11. Sports are fun. It's something children should do because they love the game and get to run around playing with friends. But sports are also one of the absolute best tools for teaching children. Unfortunately, that happens very rarely. There are two ways it usually goes. A; retarded adults living out their failed athletic ability through their children and taking kiddie leagues way too seriously. B; overprotective parents who want everyone to be equal and everyone gets a big trophy. Both of those approaches can have very harmful effects on the development of children.
  12. Back in my day the losing team got cursed out and ran suicide sprints, hills, etc until everyone puked.
  13. If he were to come to Asheville I could name 200 better things to do than visit Biltmore.
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