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  1. If we're going to beat the Saints it'll b this year. They are that one team that seems to have our number every year. We HAVE to atleast split the series. Iirc we havent beat that team in almost 3 years. And the last time we did, Bridgewater was the QB unless I'm mistaken. Gotta get that win on Sunday. Only two teams I feel this way about: Saints and Seahawks.
  2. He has hands I see. Impressive grab. I thought I heard the announcers say he was next to McCaffrey on the hands team for that last punt vs. Jets. I'm just waiting for Jaycee's 1st INT as a Panther... Would be cool to see it happen against a division rival & his father's ex-Team. I know it's on his mind. Last week Darnold, Robby and Luvu had that game circled. This week I'm guessing Marshall and our top two Cbs have it circled..Jackson is from NO, Marshall with the LSU ties and Jaycee's family history. I'm predicting all three of these boys having an extra gear on Sunday.
  3. Would be incredibly difficult. The only way I think its remotely even possible without the screen prompt would be double sided signs held up on both sides ... one for the keep..one for the pounding. Only thing I could logically think of that would get it cut would be Covid. The plosives and sibilance...The amount of spit flying from "K" and "P". In a crowded space with that many mouths opening in unison might be problematic considering the current situation.
  4. If Moton cant go for any amount of time we're in trouble. Speaking of which, it just baffles me at the lack of urgency from the staff in trying to fix this line. Atleast that's the general consensus among most fans. Surely Irving didnt look better on the left than Moton. Then again only the coaches know that answer. Glad to hear he'll be playing.
  5. Actually, I'd call it on Donte. Technically he was last db to run an interception back. Sadly it was on an 2pt conversion so it doesnt count. And ironically it was against the same team we're playing Sunday.
  6. This. Dont know the exact traits but with every passing off season I see more. Athleticism plays a major role. Evidence: As a whole unit on average I'd wager we're top 10 maybe 5 of athletically gifted DT's in the league. Could probably say the same at DE. Not so much at Oline. Also: The ones that are average are more than likely multi position guys. If you think of our defense, every one of our starters can play more than one position or interchangeable. The exception would be Horn.
  7. Agreed but I think he just needs more time to adjust. Although he missed on a couple big plays(Mims sticks out). He also prevented two additional touchdowns. Firmly believe that if that was Tre Boston from last season, the score would have ended around 28-19 in the Jets favor. P.S. How is McCaffrey not one of the highest rated offensive players when he basically was the offense?
  8. Small sample size but to do that vs. Young is impressive. Wait until we bring out Brady C with the short arms. All jokes aside, Idunno what the plan is BUT Erving isn't our long term solution.
  9. He got hit so hard he bounced a few centimeters. I've rewatched that sack atleast 20 times. Love the stunt ...the execution. And Derrick Brown is a MONSTER. He did well yesterday too...clogged the middle, stuffed the run, recorded a sack, even think I saw him tip a couple passes.
  10. More like signed C/D level players with the hope the coaching staff and scheme could turn atleast 1 into a C+/B-.
  11. He has a bright future ... I was thoroughly impressed by dude. He was all over the field Sunday. And preseason also. He's a nickel, running back, and safety. Honestly wasn't expecting much but kudos to the scouts for finding him. Still too early BUT in one game he's lifted the bar for me. Hope he can play up to expectations. Eight weeks...atleast he'll be fresh for the back half of the schedule.
  12. I'm not mad at that. Dude was literally our third highest rated defensive player last year (Iirc). Beyond the pff though, he really showed some flashes last season. Inject him in this current defense and he should be even better. Hartfield has a higher ceiling but Corn as depth/occasional starter would not be a bad idea in any case (didnt think I'd be saying that AT ALL his first couple years).
  13. For God's sake just let this man rush the passer. It's not rocket science. Position flexibility...Position flexibility..yeah I get what we're trying to do but this guy has a different talent and it's very specific...pressure the QB. Hope I don't see him dropping in coverage 45% of the time.
  14. Give him time. Russell Wilson says hi....hell we had a SB with Jimmy G and Mahomes. Hell, Mahomes is older than Darnold. You did say "most" so I'll give u that. I will say people said that same thing about CB. But discredit guys like Bradberry. People said the same about WR. But forget about DJ. Personally as long as dude can read the playbook and the opposing teams defense correctly we should be in every game...I'm much more invested in hoping he maximizes his decision making. If the line holds up and he does the above at a high enough level it wont matter if he's an alpha, beta, delta or whatever ...he'll be a champion. Division, conference or SB...hopefully all three simultaneously by the top of 2022.
  15. Iirc I saw that foot movement at the start of the preseason game last week. I just thought he wasn't settled in. Nm
  16. Honestly, he could have kept going. 6. Jones Inside.. vs Van Roten 7. Reddick of the edge 8. Chinn at safety/everywhere on the field. 9. Summerize Donte Jackson's second half of last season assuming he plays at that same level or even further develops...i.e as he did with Derrick Brown. 10. Terrance Marshall - If two day 3 rookies end up being their #2... not only do you have to worry about Anderson but also Marshall. Specifically vertical and in the red zone game. I could continue ... a two TE set with Arnold and Tremble w/ McCaffrey on the field. Sam Darnold knowing most of their roster and tendencies... Shaq on the blitz. The intel we're probably getting from that Qb we signed. All of which will create mismatches. That's either common sense for us or homerism.
  17. Q. Williams just seems like a nightmare for the interior line. That is atleast until he meets Brown. I'm guessing Pat gets pulled by the 3rd series.
  18. If this man ends up on the Saints ... smdh
  19. Only ones that stick out to me were both Vikings. Moss and Jefferson...particularly Moss. Oddly enough, I think Marshall is better than Jefferson was in college. I just had no idea he's as fast as he is. I didnt see it on his college reels. Atleast noy often. I actually thought Samuel leaving would hurt us...esp on 3rd down. I no longer have this feeling. Jesus how to you defend DJ Moore, Robby Anderson, Terrace Marshall, CMC and Dan Arnold/Tremble(who has Kittle potential imo). The only answer is blitz and hope you can rattle Sam, but at that point Christian will make you pay. We honestly need to do whatever we have to to keep that pocket clean for Darnold. Iirc we were still in the hunt last year up until week 12 or so with Bridgewater. We've easily upgraded both sides. I like Baldy as he's one if the few Ive seen give Carolina the fair shake..showcasing Burns, Chinn, Brown, and even YGM and Obada I think. After week 1, his next target will be Defensive. Either the front 7 or the dbs. Side note: Who the hell is our punt n kick returner?
  20. 2016 was indeed awful but last night I was looking at '17 and '18 draft class...the hit rate is crazy. 2017: CMC, Samuel, Moton, Elder, Armah, Butker .... The bad pick: Daeshon Hall.. Marty saw that draft and put together: 2018: DJ Moore, Donte Jackson, Ian Thomas, Marquis Haynes, Jermaine Carter. Didnt pan out: Gaulden, Andre Smith, Norton. '19 Hurney regressed...awful draft except Burns and Daley. In comes Rhule to assist Marty.. 20: Brown, Matos, Chinn, Pride, Stanley Thomas Oliver, Kenny Robinson and Roy. I forget what they "say" you would consider a good draft. Two starters and possible??. If thats the case we killed 17, 18 and 20. '16 not so much. Funny thing is, as good as those 3 drafts were Fitterer could have potentially drafted 5-7 key players in his first draft. Its just too early to tell. I do think this class has ALOT of potential.
  21. And thats a FACT!!!. 5 points should be added to each grade off that alone. Respectfully.
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