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  1. I think they're positioning Baker to start under the assumption he looks good today. Then they'd place Darnold with the 1s at Caspers house under the assumption he's going to be shook... Competition over. And I think we have a joint practice lined up with the Patriots so both of them might sit out the game like we did last season after joint practice. I think they've always known who the starter was they just played into the competition storyline to enforce the "every job is earned" and the "QB transparency and fair shake" narrative they've been trying to drill into our heads every presser.
  2. So Baker's throwing to Higgins/Zlystra and Anderson? ...with Bozeman at center. And Sam is throwing to Zlystra/Higgins and TMJ ?? (Injured).. with Elfien at center. PJ to Shi Smith, Kirkwood and Saunders?? (Injured).. Which leaves Corral to throw to Andre Robert's, Derek Wright, Henry and Rambo. Prediction: Shi Smith and Henry impress.
  3. Partially agree but go back and watch the conversation right b4 the Corral pick. Camp Confidential I iirc and In particular right around the Patriots trade call. I think Fitterer wanted to stay put but Rhule got antsy after the phone conversation. I think he still has final say but its limited if that makes any sense. And in hindsight, all our drafts under Rhule seem to mirror each other. Athletically gifted players with high upside to coached up. With a slight trend of guys that have shown flashes of early round talent that were projected as such the prior year. And as far as the draft... while this one was pretty good, I still think the 2021 class is hard to beat although the final results are still pending. Horn, TMJ, Christensen, Tremble, Chubba, Nixon, Keith Taylor Jr, etc... thats a tough line up IF they live up to expectation.
  4. Wtf.... dude is an alien. He really went 7 years out ?? That's crazy. We need a player on the roster with this cheat code. That's some Kuechly level memory. Very impressed. Makes me wonder how Rhule would fair with a similar set of questions ....lmaoo
  5. Yea CMC is too good not to be on the field. Legitimately a top 10 NFL talent when healthy. Even if your not force feeding him, the defense HAS to account for him. When he's on the field he enhances the passing and run game, not to mention his skills at blitz pickup. And now we got Foreman and Chubba in the mix too. I just hope we have enough sense to run the right one in short yardage and goal line situations. No, they don't have to baby CMC but just use him to his strengths. Besides that we did sign a 6'1 236lb powerback this offseason. One would think he'd excel in those situations.
  6. Camp Confidential usually drops after the first preseason game... that should be far better. Not must see content but bearable at the least. Whatever that was.. it was a waste of time lol.. However, I'm really becoming a fan of Luvu.
  7. Bozeman probably has to b a 2nd so him and Baker can get chemistry. Chinn actually played alot of Safety his rookie year also.. I think the snap count was something like 51% LB - 49% S. I dont recall if he was SS or FS but I do remember looking at the count and being surprised at how it was brokedown. I do wish he was placed at SS. I like Luvu starting ... that should help our run defense. The Dline is underwhelming "on paper". Burns, Brown, and YGM should all be improved from last year(hopefully) and I'm still holding out hope that Brown and YGM can have a Greg Hardy/KK-esque 3rd year leap. I've been doing my DD on Ioannidis.. Up until tonight I thought our scouting dept had been using there resources to find us this gem...and he very well might be. He looks pretty good at pushing the interior (in a limited action role). But I gotta admit I was little surprised to see he went to school at Temple. Although I really shouldn't have been.
  8. I'd wait for preseason cuts to make a move. We had it covered last season this time but we cut him. They probably didn't think he'd be durable enough. He goes to the Pro Bowl, we're still looking for an answer. Atleast Whitehead isn't back there still. And Wilson should be an upgrade to Carter Jr. Not a MASSIVE upgrade but a step up nonetheless. And he can play all three spots. Even with Wilson, Littleton and Smith, I wouldn't stop looking for alternatives.
  9. Is KC watching every Panther feed for moves or is this coincidence? Every FA we get rumored with ends up going to KC shortly after lol.
  10. Speaking of Washington(not the team), the other Washington... Eric Washington. What ever happened to that guy? Iirc he was pretty bad at DC but pretty good at Dline coaching.
  11. Yea I was under the impression Fitts had the last say despite the Rhule's contract rumour. Right up until that Panther's draft video of Corral. Look closely after the Patriots call. Rhule cut off Fitts mid sentence "Let's just see here wh..." and Rhule basically says we've waiting long enough, we're taking the trade and ends it with a giggle then proceeds to tell Fitts what picks we gave up. Then again, who the hell knows how this org is being run.
  12. Lol So I'm guessing this is what happens when you replace a college professor with a pre kindergarten teacher. An article came across this man's desk last season and I know he probably read it more than one time. He still hasn't got the memo. High school tactics.
  13. And to think, I was under the impression that was the goal.
  14. After game presser: Media: Coach any real reasoning behind the exotic stunts and the endless blitz packages you sent at Sam to start the game? BB: We knew who we were up against, just wanted to to see if we still had it before the season starts. Media: Why did you stop as soon as Sam came out? BB: We wanted to get a good look at our other depth using our basic packages. ------ Media: Did you prepare for what the Patriots pulled off when Sam was in the game. Rhule: Yea we just have to get better. I'd have to go look back at the film. I dont know what exactly Sam was seeing (?Ghosts?). One receiver ran a wrong route, a protection was blown. We just have to do a better job protecting the football but again I have to go look back at the film. We were only willing to go vanilla. We got the whole neapolitan from NE. We still have faith in Sam but I thought it was real cool how we rallied back after the first quarter.
  15. WE ALL KNOW how Sam will fair against New England. Coach wont have any other choice but to start Mayfield from that point after Darnold throws 3 Ints his first three series. Kinda feels like every other team is playing chess vs our checkers.
  16. I wanted him gone last season but I knew he wasn't going anywhere. He was brought in for his reputation of building up bad teams... it's always been a three year process for Rhule coached teams. I think at minimum Tepper was going to allow Rhule to coach here for three seasons. No matter the record or projected trajectory of the teams we've fielded these first two years. Literally zero chance Rhule didn't get to year just based off his past trends in college. Now next season could be a very different story if we dont atleast get to .500. Makes me wonder who would be the scapegoat by mid point if we're still underperforming this season.
  17. Side note: If you need to see the potential of Hartsfield... go back and rewatch the first game of last season. Iirc it's the first...could have been the 2nd or 3rd..I just remember him jumping out a few times and me saying "who the hell is this guy?". Not sure what happened near seasons end(maybe injuries) but the talent is there. Smdh..we have came a looooong way from Sanchez and Worley. Talent wise we might be in one of the best positions we've been at in years at db (minus last year w/ Gilmore).... Athletically... without a doubt top 3 (you could argue 1 if you include traits from our non starters). The problem with my evaluation is the point that its based purely on each db maximizing his potential. For example...CJ Henderson. He still has the ability he had coming out of Florida, he just hasn't found a way to bring it to the table at the next level. He has the speed and length, the agility, the instincts, the ball skills, etc.. Imho, once the game finally slows down for 'em and he locks in with the playbook comfortably he literally has Bradberry esque potential. Add in Wilks and it's highly likely this will be his best season. If even half of Horn's aggressiveness can rub off on him... we will have two potential monsters in press man. Going back to college my only knock on him was his run defense/support. And his physicality "at times". Needed just a few tweaks to his technique. I'll reserve some of my optimism for now until the season gets underway. I do know Rhule and this FO have definitely keyed in on elite athleticism. If it looks familiar it's because it's exactly what he did at Temple and Baylor imo. And here we are in the "third year" of the Rhule effect. Hopefully that 3rd year trend continues. I really need to see an above .500 season. It's been a few.
  18. I agree that Baker needs to earn it BUT damn atleast let him get some meaningful snaps with DJ and Robbie to build some Chemistry. Neither of them are my ideal starter but I've actually seen Baker in and win a playoff game. Sam's been in the league the same amount of time and hasn't led a team to a winning season yet. One guy has 17 career wins vs 30. 54 vs 92 tds thrown... and it's not like either of them played for a stable organization. The INTs are going to be there regardless but atleast I feel like Baker gives us a fighting chance. Imo, Baker is the unofficial starter and Darnold is the backup. A role which he should be alot more suited for. It just hasn't been announced yet. I just don't see Baker not being the starter week 1. But I could be wrong. Hell it wouldn't suprise me if we waited until Week 5 to ensure Cleveland we only give'em a fifth and not a fourth in return. All that said, he needs to take the front seat ASAP. It's just a matter of when. And Sam hasn't been healthy enough to play a full season in his career anyway. But I do think he could potentially be a pretty good backup in the league.
  19. Didn't Smitty predict Keith Taylor was going to be a good one with growth last offseason and preseason. Pretty sure I remember him saying something like that atleast a couple of times. If CJ and Horn are playing to thier potential that would make our secondary pretty damn good. Add in DJax + Taylor, STO, Dawson and Hartsfield being coached up by Wilks and that Bouye cut starts to makes sense.
  20. If it's one thing I can salute Robbie Anderson for it's this. Yeah he's dropped alot of balls but he's also been the recipient of quite a few hospital balls the last two seasons. Dude has gotten absolutely drilled. Mind you he looks like he weighs about 112 lbs so that might just make it look a certain way.
  21. Strongest Unit .... you could technically make a case for 5 positions. The Rb's are top heavy but fall off significantly. The other 4 = WRs, Secondary, Defensive and Offensive lines. When you account for those units it becomes more of a 2 nickels to 1 dime argument. Tier 1: (Top 20 talent at position).. Rb: Cmc, Foreman (back half play) Wr: DJ Oline: Moton, Bozeman Dline: Burns DB: Jeremy Chinn Tier 2: (Talent to get into Tier 1 by the end of season) Rb: None Dline: Brown Oline: Corbett, Ickey (??) WR: TMJ CB: Horn, Donte Tier 3 (Talent to get into Tier 2 by the end of the season) Rb: none WR: Anderson Dline: YGM, Haynes Oline: BC DB: CJ Henderson, Woods Tier 4: Wildcards (reliable..some anyway.. and can jump a tier at anytime. Have flashed but also struggled at times) ... Rb: Chubba WR: Higgins, Zlystra, Shi Smith.. Dline: Nixon, Ionnidis, Hoskins Oline: Brown, Elifien, Daley, Cade DB: Keith Taylor Jr, Myles, Westry, Burris and possibly Robinson(Want to see what Wilks can do with him. Reminds me of the safety version of Norman.) Tier 5: Everyone else ...fighting for a roster spot. Except a couple exemptions i.e Andre Robert's (KR/PR) The above is just all my opinion off the top of my head. With the talent level of a healthy McCaffrey, I could see how RB jumps the list. It's the amount of depth at the other positions that make the running back position get overlooked. That and the fact 50% of the fanbase is thinking CMC wont stay healthy enough to contribute substantially.
  22. I actually think BC is a straight up tackle. A swing tackle who I believe can grow into an above average player. I wouldn't want to see him at Guard "unless" he is able to show a lot more in the strength department. That said, I still think he'd be an upgrade from Jordan and Elfien. Again I'm just excited we were able to grab up Campen. Honestly thinking even if we had to work with the same Oline from last year we'd look much improved under his guidance. A guy that people are down on but I think Campen will do wonders for is Daley. He'll also up the technique and overall skill level of guys like Cade and Deonte. I'm not too worried about the other starting four tbh: Moton, Ikem, Bozeman, Corbett. Just curious as to who gets tha other starting G spot.
  23. I'd do it if : A: He didn't demand outrageous ass $$$ B: We put him at FS and Woods at SS. Which would leave our LB's as Shaq-Wilson/Littleton-Chinn. Being that we signed Xavier for three years and Wilks along with Snow pushed for Chinn to stay at safety, I wouldn't put money on us even picking up the phone for Bates. It would be a nice addition on paper.
  24. Looking for more info on Baker I went back to the last time we played the Browns. Which I believe was Keek's last year. I walked away saying DAMN Luke was a MONSTER. THAT is what we lack and miss on D. He created two turnovers that game. One of which might be my fav Luke FF. He went in for the tackle and knocked the ball out at the same time of impact. After the ball is loose Luke ragdoll spin the dude to the turf and damn near out of bounds. Reminded that atleast a half dozen times. Damn I miss that man!!!!!
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