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  1. Darrian Beavers in the 4th-5th. Get familiar if don't know the kid. A little development needed but I forsee a star. 3 defensive players in this draft that I'd LOVE to have. Darrian Beavers (MLB), Drake Jackson (DE), and Brandon Joseph (FS)....a real true fs. Beavers would be an immediate upgrade to Carter whether he plays middle or outside. Ideally, Id like to see him on the inside. We may be in a 3-4 though...who knows
  2. If we cant sign Brown, Armstead, etc .. that makes things interesting. Do you trust Brady at LT enough to pass on Neal? Do you pick Neal and move Brady to LG? Or pick Linderbaum and let Brady develop? Sadly I dont think they have enough game tape of Brady playing LT here to fully come to a solid conclusion either way (and without an attribute bias). Alot of situations for Rhule & Fitterer... I just have an extreme lack of faith in their Oline evaluation skills (Rhule atleast).
  3. It's pretty simple. Eliminate the doubts. No gambles: Free Agent Top Priorities Ben Jones at Center Duane Brown at Left Tackle 2 proven commodities. Armstead isn't coming here. Brown is older but his overall production the last 3 years is better than anything we can field by far. If Reddick cant resigned because of these two so be it... Center & LT DONE. No growing pains on the blind side. Round 1: Trade back .... Pick after 15-20. We'd swap 1sts, pick up a 2nd and 3rd via value. Select Kenyon Green with the first pick. Second Round grab Drake Johnson (Replaces Reddick) ...see above. I think his ceiling is actually higher than Reddick's. Brown-Christensen-Jones-Green-Moton Also, as good as these 5 are as-is, they'll look even better playing next to each other. Oline problem solved and instantly becomes a strength... and with 1 trade we'd leave the draft with around 8 picks. At which point Rhule could go BPA crazy if he wants to idc. Just solidify that line. I've said that scenario before and will continue. Our solution is easy assuming the players are willing to come here. We have Samir which means I'm not too worried about the cap. So ofcourse I'ma keep touching on it like a blind reader. Just don't draft a QB early. That answer is not in this draft. Christensen needs to find his spot and STAY in that spot.
  4. Ima need a first, second and third for Burns, maybe a little more. As I said in another thread. Trade back into 3rd and draft Drake Jackson out of USC. He reminds me of Burns mixed with YGM. IMO...His ceiling is equals to Burns. As for which to keep. Reddick is pretty much a finished product. His production fell as the season went on but he's still a nightmare. Both leave much to be desired in the run game at this point. If we plan on keeping both then we should move to a 3-4. I think our personnel matches better that way anymore. Going to a 3-4 would make Luvu a must sign. I'd also look to bring back Haynes for cheap if possible. Has Snow ever ran a 3-4 as a base formation is my question.
  5. Linderbaum is hard to get a feel for. Typically centers don't go in the top 10 but I think he has a shot at it. He's that talented. I thought I saw him rated 7 or 8 overall on SI's big board so it is possible especially since the Qb class is lack. What I would do, would be overkill BUT: Free Agency: Find a way to get Ben Jones at center. Also target Duane Brown for LT incase BC doesnt pan out. Older but still producing at an above average level. I'd target Philly and trade for one of their firsts. With our #6 the value should net us 15, 51, 83. Pick 15: Kenyon Green ...... Just those moves VASTLY improve our line and leave us flexible for the rest of the draft. Duane Brown-Christensen-Jones-Green-Moton.. BC and Green can play all over line incase of injury. Deonte Brown plugs in if that happens. Pick 51: Drake Jackson (DE) ... reminds me of YGM mixed with Burns but if insisted on going Qb with the pick...Carson Strong (QB). Pick 83: Brandon Joseph (FS) .. we finally get a true FS...instincts, ballhawk, range immediate starter imo + he can PR. Let's Chinn either move back to LB or up in the box SS. Pick 105: Lucas Abraham (OT) .. too much upside IMO. Pick 148: Darrian Beavers (LB) ...beast..Phil Snow type of player. Pick 156: Dameon Pierce (RB) ...tough runner, looks for contact, good vision... but if you want more finesse Max Borghi...the lite lite version of McCaffrey. Pick 199: Isiah Likely (TE)... Tremble is our blocking TE ..THIS will be our better version of Dan Arnold. Pick 248: Devonnsha Maxwell (DT)
  6. He actually looked impressive his first couple of games b4 injury. Flashed a couple times since then but for the most part he was getting abused.
  7. Lol, the mlb we needed and still do. Our coach decides to release him, only to watch him perform at a Pro bowl level. Sounds about right for Rhule. Him & Shaq would have been a nightmare though. Now we're left with probably one of the "softest" #2 Defenses in history and an anemic offense led by a turnover prone QB. Somewhere around 30 mil in cap space I think, 1 draft pick in the top 100 and as of now the worst coach and staff in the league. Yet I'm still trying to be optimistic about our future.
  8. I caught that also. Slight the man then give him his flowers. Its damn near comical, he can't seem to stop digging himself further in that hole. In this same interview, he also stated he's not one for throwing his players under the bus. This guy is a narcissist as well as a habitual liar. AND he has full personnel control. Sobering for our future. Tepper paid this idiot 60+ million dollars to come here. That's an extremely expensive 10-23 record. I honestly think at minimum a quarter of this board could have done similar if not better in the same span. The only press we get in Carolina is due to incompetency. If his character was different, I'd feel sorry for the guy. Clearly he's in over his head. P.S. Everything he says to the media will now be dissected x10. He's be spiraling downwards since the Joe Person peice. I FULLY expect this to continue.
  9. Not necessarily. If BY THE GRACE OF GOD, we truly address the Oline, get some coaches who actually coach up positions, an OC who can adjust on the fly, CMC for the whole season and perhaps a receiving threat at TE... I could see us doing ok(This may be me attempting to convince myself). We won 5 games this season. We lost by 3 to the Eagles, 6 to the Vikings, Falcons, and Redskins and 8 to the Cowboys, Falcons and Saints. Even with our extremely disappointing offense this was the case. I don't think the FO has given much thought to the domino effect that solidifying the line would do. Just addressing the line correctly should benefit RB, WR ,QB and the playcalling. Play calling effects the opposing teams defense. "Hopefully" no more predictive calls and enough time for the deep routes to develop enough to opens up the underneath. Not saying we'll get 10 wins next season by any means but damn bro if I gotta sit through Rhule and Sam another year I HAVE to find a silver lining for my own sanity. Now....all that said I still dont believe one season of SOLID Oline work will erase 4 seasons of Sam seeing ghosts so I fully expect turnovers but if he can simplify that to maybe none to 1 a game we might have a chance. My gut is telling me even with a all star line and OC he'll march down the field but stall or regress in the redzone. Passing game atleast. I think with time in the redzone Sam would still freak actually. To me imo, he just never looks comfortable in the pocket, clean or otherwise. Very noticeable difference when Cam was behind that line. Sam does have the stronger arm but he rarely comes off his first read unless he's scrambling. We'll see ...lol what else do we have to hold on to. That's probably best case scenario. But after seeing our schedule next season smdh ...we're more than likely top 5-10 pick in next year's draft. But we should at least look semi competent on both sides of the ball.
  10. Move Chinn bk to LB and play Luvu more. Get Carter off the field ... Play YGM-Nixon-Brown-Fox on obvious rushing downs. That alone improves our Run D a couple notches.
  11. Everybody can go for the right price. BUT from an NFL realistic perspective.... + how hard it would be to find alternative production. + Your workers, your grinders, that winning mentality certain players have Defense: Chinn(LB), Shaq(Heartbeat), Burns(Still in development. Loses contain but his upside is ridiculous), Reddick (Beast), Horn (Beast), Gilmore(Still a top 15 corner IMO + guidance). You keep those 6 alone and surround them with template players and you'll still field a top 20 defense imo. Sadly 2 of those may never wear a Panthers uni again. Offense: DJ(consistent production no matter the QB), Moton(consistent protection), CMC (been injury plagued these last two seasons but IF healthy he's more times the not the best player on field including the opponents roster) But that's just me attempting to talk myself away from the cliff.
  12. That incredibly comical until you remember this ass clown is coming back... both of 'em. To be fair though, Sam didn't ask for this ....its just the hand he was dealt. And the craziest thing his, he really has all the tools except the mental aspect. He has his moments throwing on the run but under duress he's consistently horrible.. I'm not so sure that's something that one can fix. Even with an upgraded line, "if" we managed to sneak into the playoffs in any form next season I have no doubt in mind he'd crumble. He's a good enough to have on a roster just not as your Plan A. He's a backup at best. That said, he'll go out next year and put us in prime position for our next coach to get his QB in the 23 draft. Atleast by then we should finally have the proper protection in place. Or... Sam gets his Oline and he finally balls out. Only thing sobering about that are the turnovers he's had in even a decent pocket. I really dont know where we go from here. I do know, that was stupid af to pick up that option. Rhule thought he was getting Tannehill..in actuality he may have picked us up the semi improved version of Clausen.
  13. Aside from equipment manager. Nothing...literally nothing. Honestly wouldn't trust him with the water.
  14. Lol, Rhule knows whoever he brings in we'll probably be his midseason replacement. With that in mind, ladies and gentlemen... Get more familiar with Nixon.
  15. Correction: We're still good in yards per game, mainly due to our passing defense. Run Defense were 19th. Rushing Td's we're in a 7 way tie for 12th. Points allowed by D (7th)..go back our last 3 and that changes to 18.
  16. The way we play on the first drive is what I expect the majority of the game. Same goes for the offense. The first 3 games really threw us off schedule. As soon as I heard "playoffs" coming from our FO I knew it was a red flag. It literally gave me taking out ads in the paper talking Superbowl before the season started vibes again. It hurts to say but yea we are a little soft on both sides. Watch the games. We never dictate to the opposing team. We get trashed upfront. We're not disciplined. Our players cant handle criticism. We cant adjust. Left side runs all season. And when we do get to tackle...wrong angles, whiffs or we get thrown to the side. We have grit on our team, just not enough. From my POV about 40% of our players shy away or are scared of contact. Imo. The power run game will always be our achilles heel. But that's to be expected when you only try to get faster. That said on defense: Shaq, Robinson(limited action), Bouye, Chinn (who needs to go back to lb), Reddick, Luvu and Horn(limited) all play pretty hard. Burns has effort but loses contain too much. Lol it can be coached up but I have zero faith in our coaches. I'd assume if you looked at the last 6 weeks our defense is nowhere near #2 in yards or points allowed. Keep in mind our team is extremely young by league standards.
  17. When looking at this...taking into account: Position & Player Importance to this team, other FA's (can we upgrade with the same money), and what I think our mess of a front office will do... I see the following coming back - Zane G. (Needed unless we plan to draft one late) Frankie L. ..(Carter wont return over Luvu) Reddick...(Rhule guy... don't know if he accepts though) Gilmore (Team friendly but respectable deal. Extremely good mentor for Horn, Henderson, Taylor and Pride)..not to mention he still has gas left in the tank. Also predict they'll lowball Donte. He'll net us a nice comp pick. Burris wont be back. Zylstra is up in the air... Either Cam or PJ is coming back. My gut says Cam via Tepper influence. All I got.
  18. This... John Miller and Michael Jordan are nowhere near starter level. Literally EVERYONE see's this. How do you watch this film and conclude those two to be your starters next week? ... Even the center looks awful..BUT center is an entirely different beast. It has to be sabotage. I just can't calculate how you watch that and name those your as starters the next week....pick a week and watch'em. Miller has consistently been trash the majority of the season. Idunno, I just refuse to believe that this is the best we can field. The effort is laughable.
  19. This!!!!! And sadly I cant forsee him getting there before he's shown the door. He also strikes me as the jealous type who operates out of fear and emotions rather than intelligence. The whole "I could be in college making more but I'm staying here" quote along with the rest of the Athletic article uncovered to me. The DBO timeout garbage....Autograph violation wth??. These are not college kids sir. Ofcourse he's not a fan of Cam. Personality is too threatening. Makes me question alot of prior releases ...i.e, Perryman, Kerr, etc. I just cant see how you even give that man another season..esp after that article. Funny thing is, it's worse. Imagine what we don't know. Then again alot of his former players came back so something is working..it's just not working here.
  20. Lol, I was literally just thinking Rhule doesnt want Cam to break that trend. I think he has them graded somewhat evenly. I honest to God hope he wouldnt be that petty but I could definitely imagine it. I do predict Cam starts next week vs Brady though.
  21. I mean entire...as in every ounce of Panther football. We're almost there. Offense is consistent trash and ST are almost non existent. The defense atleast I can be half proud of. Even still... it could definitely get worse. Example: We basically got dog walked by Tampa playing the preseason squad....insert David and JPP + the 57% of offense they played without and things get a bit darker. This week we dont even have a center. The next two games will be very interesting. And I gotta beg the differ, the poo show started at the Giants imo. The saga continues though. The toilet is only getting smaller every Sunday.
  22. Would say RB but McCaffrey being out highlights what we lack. Then again we abandon the run too quickly. Depends on his health. It's like having Okung. When he's out there your good but can he stay out there is the question. Chubba will be better and bigger in Year 2. He has alot to work on this offseason. Esp blocking, hands, and ball security.
  23. Pretty sure Tepper is an analytical freak. Tendencies, averages, data trends, etc.. Unless we get turn into an entire poo show the next two games, Rhule will get his third year. Just based off Tepper's previous words and why we brought him here: his prior record as a coach per year...specifically year 3 turning around an org. At minimum he'll get half a season. That and the fact that the world seems to think we have the #2 defense in the league will keep him halfway safe. That's just how I see it playing out ...the only problem is we're trending down. And the team doesn't seem to fully buy in to the "process" from my perspective anyway. Also, the double qb move has and continues to make us the laughing stock of the league and too much negative or embarrassing media could call off all bets. This is his product at the end of the day. I just dont see Tepper moving forward just yet though...but I wouldn't be shocked or opposed if the opposite happens.
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