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  1. Anyone else notice panthers social media more willing to show/mention past greats Inc Cam, Pep etc. Something rhule apparently didn't allow in the past.
  2. Or exactly once in the teams entire existence?
  3. Is it posturing to put teams of the scent that were actually going to draft a qb? Off seasons is full of bs news
  4. Unbelievable throw from Brady given the circumstances
  5. Why are game going fans not able to chant without it being prompted? It's two words for goodness sake.
  6. Was it Sam Franklin who played a few snaps and had some good hits? If I recall correct on back to back plays in one game? Not saying he's starting caliber though.
  7. And requires people to act as one for the benefit of others, but that's too difficult for a number of people apparently. Their freedom is more valuable than helping others stay alive
  8. Shieeeeet! Did he? Were you there?
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