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  1. Started three briskets and two pork shoulders this morning for my in-laws 60th anniversary
  2. I have said some strange things on here when I’ve had to take pain pills, but you people are just weird.
  3. That’s probably the best Father’s Day gift a dad can have
  4. Outstanding young man, I’m glad he’s on the Panthers
  5. If he wants good Mexican food he needs to come to New Mexico that’s where the best chili is.
  6. Awesome as always. Any chance for some sad pics of Redskin fans
  7. It seems like the closer we get to kick off, the slower time moves.
  8. the next couple of days should show us what kind of GM we really have, does he go with what he has or does he find some hidden gems out there.
  9. Adopted Panther #90 Frank Alexander

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