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  1. I predict an UGLY, low scoring game. Panthers by 8.
  2. Huh? I’ve been on this site since 2010, coronabro. Unfortunately, as you know, the past several seasons haven’t been much to post about.
  3. I’m just glad football is back! They are the better team. Props to App.
  4. It was awesome to see. College football fans are not coronabros.
  5. The first sentence in your post is absurd, and not based in science. It is your hope, and nothing more. As time goes on, you’ll see pllllllenty more breakthrough cases with symptoms. There is a big difference between “symptom-free” and “not in the hospital.” Many vaccinated people show mild/moderate symptoms, and that would absolutely warrant a test during the season.
  6. Nothing that I posted could in any way be misconstrued as anti-vax. I’m sorry that my grammar triggers you. My point is still valid. If/when a team with a 100% vaccination rate has guys test positive during game week, will they still have to forfeit? It’s going to happen... the narrative will have to shift.
  7. You are aware that some “vaccinated” players will absolutely, 100% test positive for COVID during this season, right? The vaccine doesn’t prevent that, as you know. Maybe won’t happen to the Panthers, but it will definitely happen in the NFL. Wonder if they’ll still force a forfeit if the team is 100% vaccinated..?
  8. Vaccinated players are still going to test positive throughout the season. Shortsighted strategy by Ron.
  9. The guy behind him looks *this* close to asking him to sit the F down. Probably knew who it was and thought better of it.
  10. Our pass rush and our OL, mainly. Have to win in the trenches.
  11. I’ve had it. My wife has had it. Our 5 and 2 year olds have had it. We’ve all had worse, with the exception of our 2 year old, and we are all 100% fine. The statistics don’t lie. Kids (like most everyone else) are going to be fine. We all hate to see our kids get sick... it’s really hard as a parent to see it. That natural immunity will serve us all well in the grand scheme of things.
  12. It’s never going away because it has animal reserves. Just like the flu, and just like a cold. We will be able to live with it much better once the media and the government ramp down the fear porn a tad.
  13. Yeah, people who get vaccinated never shut up about it. It’s the new CrossFit.
  14. Will be interesting to see if the COVID vaccine ends up having anything to do with this.
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