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  1. Run the fuging ball. Jesus Christ actually play to win
  2. Please Christ don't drop another pass next drive. No holds, no false starts, no overthrows. Need to put these sons of bitches behind two scores
  3. The same fans who say our fans suck on here and gloat are the ones who trashed everyone last November Never 4get
  4. Who will fug up this drive and cost us? Which DB will fug up on defense next? Tune in to find out
  5. fuging sorry as hell. Worst defense in NFL history and we couldn't score if we were by ourselves most of the time
  6. Sorry fuging defensive effort. So much for a badass defense. Not even gonna bring up the wide droppers. They don't deserve the title "receivers."
  7. Not one throw to the endzone? You know we're down 14-0 not up 14-0 right Shula?
  8. I told y'all they were gonna shell our defense. They did last game. But we still should outscore them. If we don't, it's our fault. All that said, WE WON THE NFC SOUTH SO I AM fuging HAPPY
  9. I still have a bad feeling about this game. The high expectations, the being the big favorite playing in a stadium that aside from last year we usually lose in, I just don't know. I'm hopeful. I just want that fuging playoff spot
  10. I just got home as well. So much food. Had to have late-night leftover mac and cheese and pork butts. That was an excellent game and our defense, especially Luke, TD and Norman, was otherworldly good. Cam was tha gawd. One thing that really impressed me was how well we ran the ball for the most part. It wasn't breaking huge plays, but when you're getting 6-7 yards on most handoffs, you're able to control the clock. And when you aren't making mistakes with the ball, that becomes even more of an advantage. It's still barely sunk in that we're 11-0. It's just awesome.
  11. TFW you keep following the Panthers games and they keep winning and winning and winning and are suddenly six games from going undefeated in the regular season and you can barely contain your excitement
  12. God how I love this 9-0 I was just sitting there kinda laughing after the game was over, like "We're seriously 9-0. This is a thing."
  13. I want to kill everyone who complimented this team when they were up by 23972 or whatever with eight minutes left We lose this game it is a franchise-crippling loss
  14. Just in for my weekly "Hell yes that's a W! Go Panthers, I love you Cam, Olsen, Norman, TD" post.
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