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  1. The dark chocolate raisinets are the best. Dark chocolate raisinets are just behind dark chocolate-covered espresso beans in Carl’s Candy World
  2. What exactly makes Teddy a good backup? If you give him incredibly good weapons and an elite defense he can win you a game by going 13-19 for 56 yards
  3. I still think we'll draft a QB at some point. PJ Walker is not good enough as a backup.
  4. Friendly reminder for those in this thread who don’t remember: Teddy is dogshit
  5. Even a slightly educated pessimist would believe that DJ Moore, Robby Anderson and Christian McCaffrey could be better weapons than La'Mical Perine, Breshad Perriman and Jamison Crowder.
  6. I'd take Darnold and keeping our first over Lance/Fields and no first for the next two, three (hell, given it's Tepper, four) years.
  7. Do you think he was put in a position to succeed with the New York Jets?
  8. He's never once had the weapons he now has at his disposal. I'm predicting FAR fewer two-yard dump-offs on third and 6, at least. Not crazy about what we gave up, but we typically suck in the draft anyway, so it was worth kicking the tires on a guy who's never gotten a fair shake and who has some mobility as well as an arm.
  9. Decent chance I saw her at the bars at some point, then Michael Dyer and Philip Lutzenkirchen were also fabulous players. Dyer was a freshman. Cam carried the offense, though, just as Fairley carried the defense.
  10. I'll take Minshew over Teddy any day. But hopefully if we trade for him or Darnold, Tepper doesn't go brass balls and give up a first and a third
  11. I thought we got him with a compensatory pick.
  12. Poor memory then. Fun fact, Grier threw for more yards in his only full game than Clausen ever did here
  13. These are common opinions here with absolutely nothing to back them up. For what it’s worth, we’d struggle with both for sure. But Grier’s first start saw us give up two punt return TDs, which he didn’t influence. Take those away and it’s 17-6. Add two short field goals instead of going for it on fourth down twice and it’s 17-12 with 5 mins left, despite throwing to Curtis Samuel, the immortal DeAndrew White and Brandon Zylstra. Oh and if you’d like to point out his interceptions that day, as I can tell you’re salivating over, remember that only one was his fault. Wright had a ball land in his hands and get stolen like a bad basketball player. Exact same thing with White late in the game. Remember, aggressive players try to win, like you said, so he was throwing deep. I mean, it’s not like your opinion can be swayed. I’m just offering some facts to point to the contrary that somehow he’s the worst QB we’ve ever had when his numbers were not very different from Walker’s.
  14. Yes, a fourth-year pro made two really good deep throws and leaned on his defense and RB to win a game. Then, he was found out and regressed to unplayable. Spin it however you like, it's still fact.
  15. The exact same thing in every sense could be said for Grier, but he wasn't given a pass and Walker will not get one either. Walker started Week 17 1-for-10 with a pick...
  16. PJ Walker was as bad if not worse than Grier.
  17. What's changed? We knew where we were and we knew a pick ahead was open for business. This doesn't change much, unless Tepper wants to trade four first-rounders for Lance, which wouldn't surprise me at this point.
  18. I'd definitely rather sign Sam Darnold and draft Sewell or Surtain at 8 than draft Mac Jones.
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