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  1. All those players were drafted 25th, 28th, and 30th overall.... He’s talking about giving away the 8th overall AND two other firsts which will probably top 20 picks... Would you trade Burns, Brown, and Fields/Lance for Dak?
  2. How much is Ngoku going to realistically cost in a trade and signing him? He’s got the talent. I’d prefer trading and signing him over Curtis if the price is right. We need a TE in this offense BAD. I feel we can draft a guy like Amari Rodgers in the 3rd-5th to replace Curtis.
  3. People say this because he’s on Clemson’s roster and don’t actually look into his offensive personnel. This year on the offensive line he had one linemen who will be drafted this year. Also, MAYBE one more lineman who will be drafted in the NFL in the future. This is why Clemson lost like they did against Ohio State. Clemson Oline is straight garbage. This coming from a Clemson fan. Clemson has absolutely no TE on offense. Definitely not going to the NFL. Clemson also had two of its 5-star WRs injured all year. He had two WRs that will POSSIBLY be drafted. Amari Rodgers is
  4. I already said as much in this thread....
  5. All this is true, I’m not sure your point? Subject isn’t questioning CMC, his worth, and his contract. The subject is would you trade Watson for CMC. Would be an easy yes for me.
  6. I’m fine with letting him walk too. My point like others in this thread... it’s not hard finding productive RBs in the league. Super star QBs like Watson are harder to find and are a hell of a lot more important.
  7. I don’t think anybody with a level head thinks Davis gives you anything close to CMC, but he’s a really good back. I’d rather have Watson and Davis then Teddy and CMC.
  8. But we had a run game with elite rusher Mike Davis. On another note, I don’t see the Texans wanting to take CMC because they’re in total rebuild mode plus his cap hit. You have valid reasons for it wanting Watson, but other people have as valid reasons for wanting him
  9. Me personally, I want Lance. I feel he has a chance to be there at 8. If our coaches and Fitterer don’t think he will and are totally sold on a QB, I don’t mind trading the draft capital, no. I don’t want to end up in 3-4 years like a team like the Bears, WFT, Dolphins, etc who are elite at most positions except the most important. If a QB you love is there or in striking distance, you go get him. The teams above that need a QB are going to have to give up a hell of a lot more than we would if we trade with say The Bengals and just move up 3 spots.
  10. I mean, all the teams in the playoffs have QBs too minus Washington and Chicago. It starts there. You can improve your team everywhere like you said, but if you don’t have a QB, who cares? Look at the last 4 teams in and their QBs.... Rodgers, Brady, Mahomes, and Allen. You can succeed with depletion on most of those areas. You can’t without an elite QB. Not in today’s NFL. So to answer your question, no. I want a franchise QB and this is the year to get it.
  11. Well they would still have high picks in this year’s draft and a 1st next year. On top of that, they have a TON of money to spend. Watson is young. They could be competitive in 3 years. Here’s the problem.... It’s going to be hard for DW4 to end up anywhere that’s going to be a great destination for him. Texans want draft capital and probably a good player. Only teams I can really think of that would be good for DW4 might be San Francisco or Chicago, but those teams would have to give up two 1st rounders and Bosa/Mack. I know this is crazy to say, but Jets would be more ent
  12. When I see Howell play, I see Mayfield with a UNC helmet. They’re literally the same player. Same height, same weight, both can do everything good, but nothing extremely well. Both can be successful in the NFL, but they’re not going to be the reason you win games.
  13. I totally agree, but in this instance, the Jaguars were going to draft Lawerence since December 20th. The Jaguars along with everybody else in the entire NFL view TL as the best prospect coming out this year. Urban Meyer didn’t get to where he’s at now because he’s stupid. TL will be a Jaguar.
  14. What is your point here? Nobody is saying TL is going to be the greatest QB ever. People are saying he’s rated as the best PROSPECT since Luck. Guess where Luck was drafted? Number 1 overall. Guess where Luck would’ve been drafted the year before? Number 1 overall. Same thing with TL. The only chance he’s not drafted at 1 is if he dies. So I guess I’ll give you that 5% chance.
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