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  1. Incredible watch. Highly recommend everyone take the time to see it. Cam's very critical of David Tepper and his tenure - as he should honestly. He noted that any connectivity and veteran input was cut off once he came into the building, and seemed to believe that perhaps the owner was quite the meddlesome fellow and not as appreciative of locker room connectivity and veteran input. Partly makes sense why Luke Kuechly said nope and retired, and a lot of veterans seemed to distance themselves. Sadly, Tepper has absolutely ruined the culture that the Panthers had and tried putting in his own stuff, with Rhule being a propagator of such. Curious if Reich can right the course and whether Tepper has learned his lesson. So far, seems the dysfunction is continuing and it's disheartening to say the least.
  2. ^This. Y'all acting like the Texans wouldn't have pounced on Young if they had the #1 pick. He was the consensus top pick across the NFL, and it wasn't even close. Yes, Young is having a slower start due to the WRs having minimal ability to separate. The Texans WRs, while no world beaters, do separate much better. Development takes time. Young isn't perfect off the gate, and that's fine. Likely he will improve as the season goes on. The team may suck and be 2010 levels bad, but the goal is to see Young improve through that. He isn't the problem. Stroud/Richardson would also be bad with this team, as unfortunately Reich can't call a good game + WRs separation ability/o-line philosophy doesn't mix well with the offensive game.
  3. Kinda makes you wonder whether Bryce Young learning the playbook so easily was a bad sign that perhaps Reich has no idea how to playcall in the modern NFL. Perhaps it being too easy makes it a bad playbook, seems defenses have keyed in on it in three games. Yes, this team has deficient receivers. But that can be schemed around. Empty backfield 3rd and longs with long developing plays, no rubs or double moves, and nothing to help create space to open up receivers sets up disastrous results. Week three and no improvement in that regard against a bottom 30 NFL defense is NOT fun to watch.
  4. An interesting turn of events. Seems the Bears do not see value in the former Carolina runningback, instead opting for others to take the lead. Sure would be nice to have him as a bruiser, but just an interesting turn of events to note.
  5. god some of you are insufferable. how in the hell is that your takeaway? he's a rookie. scoring drive showed plenty of encouraging traits. in fact this video was very complimentary of Young. goodness gracious, the impatience some on this board have. a rookie qb isn't gonna be an all pro game one. trevor lawrence, peyton manning etc. weren't world beaters their first game. patience. young will only improve and get better.
  6. It was exciting to see that after Rhule left, Wilks picked up and the team did much better under him. BUT, you're right on target about context - we had the benefit of a much easier strength of schedule to end the year. That stretch of bottom tier rushing defenses truly inflated our win record that year. When faced against competent teams (i.e. Bengals) the Panthers one-dimensional rushing attack got shut down, as expected. It was a team that was a far cry from being worthy of any playoff disruptors. This year shows marginal improvements, but nothing that would make me think possible superbowl. MAYBE possible playoffs IF the NFC South ends up being bad, but that would imply we would limp into it with a subpar record. I have no confidence the Panthers would beat the current Cowboys, 49ers nor Eagles, who have teams with much better depth and talent across the board. It's just simple logic. This team - barring a miracle - is not likely to surprise if they reach the playoffs with a rookie QB, new coaching staff and scheme. It will still take time. This year is prime for development and that's the goal by the end of year - to see improvementc, potential and a vision taking place. Once the team starts rebuilding the weak parts of the roster, then there's that superbowl chance coming, likely within a couple of years pending things trend up. But again, it takes time and patience, and realistic expectations as well. Once that's realized, things aren't as stressful and rather actually exciting, as with the mindset of seeing development and improvement, there surely will be some fruitful results.
  7. Looks like Cam Newton is starting his own sports talk video segment. On his twitter, he announced the move, planning on dropping a video every wednesday concerning all the latest topics, plays, etc. May be an interesting watch. At the least, good to see Cam out there enjoying life, even if he's no longer actively playing (for now).
  8. Still pending it looks like. Would love to see him make the active roster and start off as a returner at minimum.
  9. Absolute steal. He's only going to continue to grow from here.
  10. @rayzorlooks like Memphis beat me by a day on this, missed the other thread. Please delete!
  11. Came across this twitter/x post recently. The o-line as a whole was impressive, but what was really remarkable was Zavala performing above expectation, seemingly solid against a decent group with the Falcons. Even had a few 1v1 reps against Jarrett. For a 4th round rookie, seeing this performance is encouraging. Of course not fully perfect and he had some slip ups, but still very well hitting above his draft value early on. This post encapsulates the great potential he has as a future solid starter. A lot to be excited for there. Hoping to see him continue to build and become better.
  12. That's what I thought as well. While the Rhule regime was a clusterfug, perhaps they saw that TMJ's route running may not be up to snuff or seemed to be progressing in a positive way. Seems he made a bunch of bone-headed and lazy route running decisions against ATL. Hoping this is more an aberration and TMJ improves in that regard. I have to say it was concerning seeing him falter this past Sunday.
  13. Seems like this is the case for a lot of the negative posters on here. Sure, it's been a long while since the Panthers sniffed success. Rhule held the team back and his influence has caused the team to takes multiple steps backwards. I get there are impatient fans out there who just want to see this team get to the playoffs already. But, it's asinine to believe that it would happen immediately after a coaching change and new rookie QB. There will be growing pains. What needs to be seen is potential, not instant results. The Bengals didn't immediately go to the Superbowl Joe Burrow's rookie year. Peyton Manning wasn't an immediate juggernaut his rookie year. Hell, for as impressive of a rookie season Cam Newton had, that team still went 6-10. It takes time to build a new foundation for success. It's not the Rhule era anymore, everything's reset back to zero. It will take time. But there's hope for improvement and growth with a new regime, and under Frank, a plan that doesn't involve a Jay-Z seven years. I have reason to believe that success may come soon, even if not immediate, and there will be a lot to be excited about.
  14. 2nd interception, just wondering if the receiver should've had a comeback on his route there. And of course separation considerations. Bryce threw away the ball a good bit, wondering how poorly the unit performed and how many deep level reads there are. Now, I primarily am concerned with deep balls that are part of Bryce Young's earlier progression moreso than potentially exist. Were there any deepballs missed that were part of Young's expected read? Were there concepts attempting to open up receivers in the short-intermediate range, and did the Falcons bite on the deep ones, or were the Falcons full-bent on putting their all on the short-intermediates and daring Young to go deep?
  15. I don't have the all-22, but for the second interception, I have a very strong feeling it may have been a lazy route by the receiver there. He probably should've come back to the ball more. More speculative at this point until I check out the film. I'm of the opinion Young just needs more reps with his receivers and understanding their deficiencies and tendencies moreso than blaming Bryce himself.
  16. Well, after the Panthers debut this regular season, they didn't come out with a win in Atlanta unfortunately. Of course, with a new scheme, new regime and a rookie QB, growing pains are to be expected. Nevertheless, there is quite a bit to be excited about, and a bit that certainly needs work. Here are a few thoughts I personally have: 1.) Bryce Young's Debut Is Very Promising Yes, Bryce Young threw two interceptions. But aside from that, he was very much a franchise level QB and way ahead of the curve compared to most rookies. His ability to progress through his reads is elite. He knew how to quickly scan from one guy to the next, and throw the ball away to avoid sacks. Very smart in his decision making. During the interceptions, interestingly enough it showed how much the coaching staff did trust him. That type of play typically is not what most coaches would give their rookie QB unless they trusted in their ability to make reads and progress. The route concept involves a complex analysis and progression that you wouldn't see most rookie QBs undergo. The level of complexity on that, as well as other instances, shows that Bryce Young has the whole playbook open for him and ready, way ahead of the curve in regards to that. Now, the interceptions were also partly Young's fault. He failed to look off and hold the safety. Part of that play's success involves holding the safety so that they don't time the route properly and jump Young. That is something I see Bryce working on. BUT, part fault also relies on the playcalling in general, and mostly on the WRs as well. The Falcons understood the Panthers had no chance with deep routes with the type of WRs they had. With no one stretchint the field, Bates simply cheated and put his cards down on the idea the Panthers would be short-intermediate all game, which made it an easier read for him to pick off. So, with that being said, that brings me to my next thought: 2.) For the love of all things holy: GET A FIELD STRETCHER. Before the game, I showed concern about the WRs inability to separate. That manifested itself quite a bit. No one could separate. It was 2017 end of year bad (When Bersin, Clay, Shepard and JAGS were Cam's options). At the time, Cam literally had to play a perfect game against the Saints in the playoffs to stand a chance, and then the "bright lights" on Funchess still caused them to lose. The WRs are indeed that bad, and Young had to make do with a lot. The Falcons had a very specific gameplan daring the Panthers to throw deep. They knew Carolina had no field stretcher and the Panthers knew that too. The Panthers playcalling was very limited resultingly in regards to the pass game because of the WRs bad ability to separate. Hopefully, this gets schemed around more in the future and Chark adds some potential in that area. Because man, it's the primary reason the offense is being held back. 3.) OLine and DLine were great Very solid play from the OL most of the game. Of course, such was expected for those understanding that preseason=/= regular season. DLine surprisingly was dominant against a retooled Falcons oline. So dominant, in fact, Ridder was extremely limited in the second half with quick dropbacks to avoid Burns attacking him. Would be nice to have more talent to get opposing teams worried other than just Burns and Brown, but very solid showing either way. Against the run needs work. Wrapping up and tackling has been an enigma for the defense since 2016 it feels like. Better CB depth would be ideal too. But, some great positive signs. 4.) Frank Reich takes responsibility Unlike a certain snake oil salesman, Carolina finally has a head coach that, well, knows how to take responsibility. His comments during the presser were very positive from a leadership standpoing, in particular on Bryce Young's play. Rather than throw him under the bus for the interceptions, he relegates the responsibility elsewhere and not on his quarterback. Extremely refreshing to see the praise in public rather than villify him. I'm sure they'll iron out any actual issues they see behind the scenes, but says a lot he won't publicly shame his rookie QB. Positive leadership direction. 5.) The Panthers were not the worse team. They beat themselves. Frankly put, the Panthers didn't lose to a more talented team in my opinion. The Falcons were worse in most statistics during the game vs the Panthers. But, of course, the W-L statistic was the one that mattered ultimately, and the Panthers fell short of that. Primarily, the turnovers were what killed the Panthers. Even though the Panthers WRs were pretty bad, the team as a whole looked and statistically were better than the Falcons. But when you have three turnovers in a game of inches, it's hard to come back from. The Falcons capitalized on all three turnovers, turning them into points. Without those turnovers, with how the defense played, seemed it would have been much harder for the Falcons to score the full length of the field. Much like the Broncos capitalized on turnovers in SB50, the Falcons did so as well. They had the worst team, but they still won, just like the Broncos were the worse team but won. Ultimately, I'm not as concerned and rather excited. The Saints LT yesterday was put on skates against Arden Key, so I suspect Burns will take big advantage of that. From there, I am being cautiously optimistic for next week's game pending the Panthers handle the turnovers and open up the playbook more.
  17. similar to how the panthers lost superbowl 50. broncos had better field position than the panthers, giving them the higher points. falcons got great field position off the turnovers for their scores. frankly, the panthers beat themselves.
  18. lol the insufferable "gotcha" takes for a week one slopfest game is funny. the bengals are getting blown out by the browns. nothing is certain in week one lmao.
  19. give the rest of ian thomas' salary to Hurst lol
  20. feels good to finally have an NFL caliber TE after Olsen.
  21. give Burns bosa money dont let him go dummies
  22. very bad to have hubbard as a rb on this team. even worse to attempt to rely on him on 4th and 1
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