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  1. Has nothing to do with workload. He’s become injury prone and can’t depend on him.
  2. He is correct. This franchise is bad at scouting players and letting young players play.
  3. People are disappointed because they are not going in the right direction. They are making moves as if they are 1 or 2 players away.
  4. Rhule and Tepper don’t know what they doing.
  5. Me either, you have to give a King’s Ransom to get him plus pay him too. To be successful in that model you have to have a great scouting department to get good players.
  6. Well said, we need to focus on the trenches on both sides through the draft and go from there.
  7. We havent won yet playing to keep the lead is crazy. All coaches need to be fired if we lose.
  8. This D needs a make over before the playoff , if not we will be one and done.
  9. Ealy should be benched till he get some sense( I think he is a bust personally).
  10. What ever happened with Darryl Williams, shame he got hurt on a FG Try
  11. Why are we running a college offense in the pros
  12. 30 yard punt , I see this being Rivera last year here because it will get bad quick
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