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  1. That game was crazy and fun …. No one was leaving their seats no matter how much rain fell
  2. No one has said New Olreans, in the rain, to win the division ….. first time I felt the stadium move
  3. That just shows that out practices are …. Don’t hit your teammate
  4. I saw that on the replay, I thought it was Elf again until I saw the 69
  5. PJ will be on this team one way or the other ….. IR, PS, waterboy
  6. Just from that pic: why does he leave Elf …. Other 3 seem to be in good position against the men, if he stays with Elf, Baker would have all day.
  7. What will be the reaction in the huddle when::: we keep Baker, Sam, PJ goes to practice squad, and MC9 goes to IR for the year with these mysterious injuries we seem to have on cut down day (last year was Fletcher)
  8. Sounds like none of the guys on the field with MC had enough reps to know the playbook
  9. Corral’s O-line LT 67 Miller LG 77 Brown C 64 Mays RG 66 Horton RT 74 Pleasants Brown and Mays might be the only one on the team …. Bottom of the 53 if they make it
  10. I wonder if any of the 3rd-4th guys got any reps …. After the score after halftime, our whole team acted like they didn’t know the plays on offense and defense
  11. It looks like the 3rd-4th OLine didn’t get reps either
  12. Rhule will start Darnold before Mayfield and the huddle will explode. But I am right there with all of you. Rhule is a terrible coach. Rhule will find a spot for his QB —- PJ (even if it’s PS) but really PJ needs to play in the USFL
  13. All I am saying is …. Don’t look for the older vets to be picked up by us
  14. I went to panthers.com and on there we have 1 listed over 30 and that’s JJ …. Not sure if the added the new guys went just signed
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