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  1. 66 snaps … 3 sacks allowed ah ok ….. I don’t think so, not the kinda name we need
  2. LOL ….. I would love to hear them say “he was the best we could get for the money we were wanting to pay” “ yes, we know he is not the best, but that’s all we could get” but as you said, it ain’t gonna happen
  3. Every question Matt gets about Brown is answered with “He is doing good and losing weight”. He can lose weight while playing guard. As bad as our guards are playing, you can tell me the big guy can’t at least play on the same level as them until he learns and loses weight in games
  4. That answer was nothing but “I have nothing good to say about his play, but I can say he is a first round pick …. Yeah that’s good”
  5. I don’t have a prediction …. All I want is if we get a lead, we don’t sit on it … aka Fox ball … I want the offense to play like we absolutely have to score 40 to even think about a win. Piss off the other team for running up the score
  6. My question is …. Emails are 2 way … someone read it and didn’t report it then … or if they did, it’s was passed over by someone. Where is the anger over Washington’s front office just letting this go. All jobs in America should be merit based … not the color of your skin
  7. Jacksonville owner, said there is no place in the NFL for anyone like Gruden. He needs to check is own team
  8. Where are all the women calling for Urban Meyer’s head? …. Honestly he should be out of the NFL too. oh, he is just one of the guys, it’s ok to treat you wife like that.
  9. As the grades have showed … Moton is the only that had a block
  10. Robbie ran a lazy route, didn’t help Darnold at all
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